To Claim: A Second Chance Bear Shifter Romance (Cascade Calendar Bears Book 2)


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is the second book in the Cascade Calender Bear series. This is the book I fell in love with, I truly believe that Tessa Rowan has found her grove and style now.

We are back again and in this book we meet the handsome distinguished Rick and the lovely Heather.

We met Rick in the first book in this awesome series we also no that his son is Kris. Now with this book we discover how Rick feels about finding another lady love after all of these long and lonely years after he lost his mate. He had lost his mate when his boys were young he therefore believes that he and his bear are going to on there own. But do the fates agree with this? whilst at work at the construction site he goes to turn in his time-card which he does everyday and finds s very pleasant surprising shock a beautiful lady from his past.

He remembers how in the past when his mate was alive how she and Heather would enjoy there talks with each other and how they got on with each other, this happened every-time they would pop into Heather’s family grocery store. Now the years have long since past and well little Heather is all grown up and simply stunning and for some unknown reason this is making Rick’s bear take notice of everything tiny little thing about her.

But the serious question is can he and his bear have more than one mate in there lifetime? will Rick ever be able to open up to anyone without him feeling like he is betraying his late wife’s memory? Will he be able to seize the moment and take this Happily Ever After that the fates have thrown him seriously?

Heather has fond memories of Rick she always thought he was special but with him being married she could never see how truly special he really is. But now she is divorced she just knows that if she ever happens to get the chance to ask him out she would seize the moment and do just that.

She has always thought that Rick was for sure the one that got away. She just knows this will not be the whole story and them together well it will be explosive . All she has to do is get him to agree to all this and of course have him coming back for more and more.

This is a stunning book I loved it so much. It shows us how we can learn from our past pain and loss and find a way to move onwards. Its never easy moving on from the loss of a spouse we have to learn so much more than we could have ever thought. We also need that much needed time to heal and learn how we can open our hearts to love once more. I adored how this book was for Rick I’m not normally a lover of parents finding love type of Romance but Tessa has converted me.

Rick is such an amazing character he has an amazing heart a great family and grandchildren yet he is missing something and he doesn’t even no it, yes his heart has be torn by the loss of his mate and Rick is a firm believer that he has had his Happily Ever After he will never get that again or will he? The fates have other plans for this bear.

I love Rick he is a giant teddy bear I am so glad he got a book otherwise I would have had to campaign for him to have one.

Heather O wow she is a love she shines bright all the way through the book, and even though she has had some a past with some painfully memories she is moving on and has her eyes set on a bear … yes a bear or Rick 😉 he is a special guy and her heart skips a beat every single time he is near or by her. What I loved about heather is how she took the bull buy the horns or so to speak and went after what she wanted.

My Favourite part in this book and the reason why I am giving it a 5 is the waterfall scene…..omg hotness the intimacy the emotions the shear passion was incredible it proper misted up my glasses…. I loved it.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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