Breaking the Bully

We’re from different sides of the tracks, but Allie James has always owned me. Heart and soul. After years of pining for her in the halls of our high school, I finally touch her one night in an open field beneath a storm, receiving a miracle I never expected—she needs me in return. Or so I think. As soon as she finds out I’m a handyman, she cuts me off. But I’m not letting the richest girl in school break my heart without consequences. She will pay…

But I’ll pay a far worse price when I find out why she really left me hanging without a word. And after unfairly bullying my sweet girl, I’ll sell my soul to win her back.

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Kara’s Journey: A collection of Kara’s Dreams with a bonus story (Kara’s Dirty Dreams Book 6)

Kara is your typical housewife, mother of 3, busy running a
house, trying to make time for a marriage that is failing and
find herself all at the same time.
At first, it starts innocent enough, simple but dirty daydreams that fill her days and nights with everything her heart longs for but is missing in her life. She feels safe to escape into those dreams, where dirty talking, dominate men take her in the shower, at home in her own bedroom for some kink, at a masquerade ball, and on the most romantic Valentines date, her mind can create.
But… what happens when your fantasy men turn into reality?
What would you do when you confront your dream men in real life? Not only run into them literally but then have to see and interact with them in your children’s school? All the while, putting yourself back together after a heartbreaking realization.
Join Kara on a journey as she discovers herself, takes back her power and her voice and discovers love along the way. As she sheds her inhibitions and becomes who she was always
meant to be.
Her journey is dirty, satisfying and full of surprises.

Included in this collection are…
Kara’s Dirty Dreams
Kara’s Menage Dreams
Kara’s Halloween Dreams
Kara’s Valentines Dream
Kara’s Christmas Dream
and a special bonus,
Kara’s New Year’s Surprise

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Fun: A MFF Polyamorous Love Story (More Trilogy Book 1)

“This is all very fun… But I am afraid we are playing with fire.”
James and Amy are finally empty nesters after twenty years of marriage. With this new-found freedom comes the opportunity to explore their most forbidden fantasies.

Heather is a quiet, independent woman, happy to be living alone after divorcing her chronic cheating, sex addict husband. After hearing some bad news and drinking a little too much tequila, Heather finds herself unable to resist the sexual advances of a married couple at the bar.

The three collide in a perfect triangle of passion, playing out sexual scenarios that are even more erotic than their wildest dreams.

When their one-night stand turns into so much more, difficult decisions have to be made.
Is James and Amy’s relationship strong enough to include a third, or are they setting themselves up for disaster?
Is Heather really falling for a couple or is she simply recreating dysfunctional patterns, believing she’s not worthy of being someone’s one and only.

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Token Phantom

Token Phantom by Kia Carrington-Russell

The monster is coming undone, and following rules has never been her specialty. But if she gives in to its voice…she may never come back. Book four of the Token Huntress Series has arrived…About the book:The vampire covens and Token Huntress, Esmore, now have one more enemy. The Human Government has stepped out from the shadows, creating a lethal, mutated species with the ability to turn humans into wolves. Their target for vengeance? Vampires. Esmore and Chase are coming undone, her dark, impulsive nature threatening to drive a deep wedge between them as he wearily borders on the verge of becoming a saber. What was once their greatest strength is twisting into their greatest weakness. If she doesn’t gain control of the intoxicating power now, it might cost her all that she wishes to protect forever.As new secrets are revealed and unlikely allies come forth, Esmore must decide who’s worth saving and what this wild gamble will cost.

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Issac’s Dark Love

Perfect for fans of the 365 Days (DNI) and Dark Syndicate series, Issac’s Dark Love, is a gripping story of a mafia leader claiming the one woman he desires. 

He’s ready to completely claim her…
…but is she prepared for what it means to fully belong to him?

Sophie Kincade is determined to get her life back on track, but one fateful night with an enigmatic stranger derails her whole world. And puts her life on the line.

Suddenly she’s dragged into secrets and dangers she never imagined, where weapons deals and a brutal mafia war fight for control in Charlotte, North Carolina threatens to destroy everything she’s fought so hard to have. 

She’s no longer in control of her own life. 

Because Isaac Galileo’s weapons deals are going south fast. And he won’t let her out of his sight until the danger to her life is past…and even then, he wants more from her than she may be willing to give. 

He wants her heart, all of her–and he’s willing to fight for it. 

But when things take another deadly turn, he must decide if love is even in the cards for them, or if, after all, their relationship has been doomed from the start…

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Mail order Majesty

Mail Order Majesty #NewRelease on #KindleUnlimited

When orphan Ella Matthews finds herself on the streets begging for scraps, she takes a chance at kindness, accepting the position of housekeeper and nanny with a single stipulation. She must marry the man. It wouldn’t be such a bad proposition, except that it came with an unexpected obstacle…Samuel Hunt had already buried his wife and refused to give up on his son, James. These desperate times call for desperate measures! His boy needed a caring touch to help him through his trials, and Sam needed a friend for support.When she finds herself falling for a man who treats her like a princess, will her heart survive one of life’s greatest challenges? Can Ella pull herself up from the ashes, rising to be everything these two broken souls need?

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Saving Their Bear

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Shape-shifters, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

Natalia Tyler didn’t expect to mate. Ever. Her duty was to the elders. It was her fate in life to stay with them and help. She’d promised her mother. As her mother passed from this realm to the next, Natalia made her pledge.

Jonas and Noah Larrington were cougar shifters that had been looking for their mate. They’d always known that they would share a woman. It happened frequently with brothers. The moment Noah met Natalia he knew she was theirs. It was destined by the Mother. There was only one mate for them and Natalia was it.

When Natalia’s bear screamed mate, she fought it. She’d made her commitment. She’d promised. Noah and Jonas knew Natalia was theirs. Convincing her of that wasn’t the problem, getting her to leave the only life she’d ever known was the challenge. When Natalia disappeared would they ever find her?

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The Bonds Of Family

Book 4 of my Redmere Wolves series “The Bonds of Family” is now available for pre-order at SirenBookstrand.

All the previous titles in the series are available at all major ebook retailers and at SirenBookstrand

.Harper Collins is a cougar shape shifter in an impossible situation. Working as a DEA agent, she is kidnapped by human traffickers and sold to an unscrupulous doctor, Jerrik Hoeg. When he discovers she heals at an incredible rate, his experiments threaten to reveal the secrets of Harper’s entire race. She’s knows her death is the only salvation for her kind.When Jonas and Gideon Schaffer find their mate is the victim of human traffickers, the entire Redmere pack help them in their mission to rescue her.Going to Denmark, freeing her from her cage and bringing her home should have been the beginning of their lives together. Her captor, however, had injected Harper with a drug that, should she survive its effects, would make him rich and powerful.When Jerrik Hoeg comes to reclaim Harper, he discovers she is no longer alone and helpless. Her mates and the Redmere pack will not let her go.

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The Deadfall (Gods of Earth Book 1)

When Dani’s divorce is finalized, her three lifelong best friends plan a holiday weekend getaway to celebrate. After a night of heavy partying, they happen upon the shop of a strange fortune teller who promises them the men of their dreams. Thinking it’s just a game, Dani, Liana, Olivia, and June play along, giving her the names of their favorite rock star, Hollywood actor, hockey player, and TV personality, but Madam Levinia isn’t a run-of-the-mill scam artist. She’s a powerful witch who brings their fantasies to life while teaching them to be careful what they wish for.

They wake to a world descending into chaos, and as each struggles in her own way with the fear that their choices led to the death and destruction all around them, they rush toward the safety of Olivia’s compound in the West Virginia mountains, meeting the men they desired along the way. At least, there’s electricity and running water at the compound, essentials for anyone falling in love as civilization comes crashing down because at its core, The Deadfall is a romance novel.

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BEAST: A Curvy Woman Mountain Man Short Romance (Mountain Men of Edgewood Valley Book 4)

An Enemies-to-Lovers BBW Mountain Man Romance

Life tried to put me down several times.
I get to my feet every single one of them.
Beast thinks he can step on me all over again.
Good luck with that. This girl has grown tough as nails.

She’s the one woman I’ve always wanted.
But I was too much of a fool to make a move.
She hates me now.
And I have one shot at making her mine.

Mountain Men of Edgewood Valley is a new contemporary romance series by Erin Havoc. Each book can be read individually. If you’re into over-the-top romance, protective men, sweet and steamy scenes, this one is for you! Reader’s discretion advised.

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