Wrong Room, Wright Girl: a full length husky man romance (Wrong, Wright Book 2)

LIVE🍩LIVE💗LIVE🍩🍩Wrong Car, Wright Girl💗


The wedding of the year just made his night.I’m not the guy who gets the girl. Never have been. Never will be. So when I’m one part of a bridal party filled with a bunch of guys who look like they belong on the cover of Men’s Health—not to mention the groom is the current ‘sexiest man alive’—I feel like the before shot. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. I feel like the husky sidekick.And I also can’t breathe from sucking my stomach in so hard. But when the tiny red-headed maid of honor blushes every time we make eye contact, I have to wonder—after making sure she’s not looking at the guy behind me—does the big guy, the funny friend, the guy with a great personality actually have a chance? Do I even have the courage to take that chance?When our hotel room keys get swapped and she lets herself into my room, fate might just make that decision for me. Maybe I’m not the sidekick in this story after all. Maybe I’m the Hero…As with all Megan Wade books, this full length husky man romance comes with her Sugar Promise. High heat, low drama, guaranteed.http://mybook.to/wrongwright2

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Lovers Lake

🔥🔥LOVERS LAKE SERIES REVEAL🔥🔥It’s summer, which means sunshine, sand and awkward tan lines.What our heroes aren’t expecting? Love.Sometimes hot days turn into steamier nights as these men find love by the lake.Brought to you by nine of your favorite instalove authors, the Lovers Lake series is the perfect summer romance binge.

**Preorder Now**Series link: https://amzn.to/34xIQRS

1 July – Deep, Deep Donuts – Megan Wade: https://amzn.to/2RLazfr

6 July – Rocky Waters – C.M. Steele: https://amzn.to/34sw2fF

8 July – Hot Water – Fern Fraser: https://amzn.to/3oZiZvR

13 July – Pier Pressure – Evie Mitchell: https://amzn.to/3c0oxkc

15 July – Sweet as Pie – Rory Reynolds: https://amzn.to/34t4K93

20 July – Rough Waters – Jenna Rose https://amzn.to/3yKOqi1

22 July – Still Waters – Mila Crawford: https://bit.ly/3yOLj8A

27 July – Making Waves – Elisa Leigh https://amzn.to/3fyGB7v

29 July – Catch and Release – Loni Ree: https://amzn.to/3vOyLMo

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The Secret in Our House

* This story is so wild that I can’t go into details here. Click the cover to check out the sample for the full juicy description! *

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Bedding the Bosshole

Pre Order Now

I’m not the sort of girl who goes for one-night stands. Or dirty hookups in bars with strangers.

But sometimes you walk in on your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend on the same day you find out you didn’t land your dream job and, well, circumstances change.

Fortunately, my father’s company is hiring, so I’ve got something to fall back on.

And it was dark in the bar, so I don’t have to worry about crossing paths with the tall stranger who whispered filth in my ear as he gave me the roughest, most satisfying ten minutes of my life.

I’ll never hear his British accent telling me what a bad girl I am.

Never get to find out how someone with callused hands ended up in a designer suit.

Thank goodness, right?

I’m not that kind of girl, anyway. I can put that night behind me.

Until the next morning, when that British accent drifts from my father’s office and I find myself clasping one rough, callused palm.

I’ve just met Landon Roth.

He bought my father’s company, which makes him my new boss.

He’s also the man from the bar.

And if the glint in his ice blue eyes is any indication, he remembers our, uh, paths crossing very well.

I am in so much trouble.

Men of the C-Suite is a steamy collection that features executive-level alpha males ready to sweep you off your feet (and maybe onto their desk)! If power suits and dirty talk are your thing, get ready to devour this hot new series from your favorite group of romance authors.

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On The Xylophone

Sexy James is totally off-limits. He’s the handsome man in charge of me and twice my age. I never dreamt he’d return my inappropriate feelings, until he presses me against the wall in a storage room of musical instruments and kisses me until I’m breathless.

It’s not long before our kiss turns into more. And even though anyone can burst into the room and catch us, James and I can’t stop our sinful act. Bent over a xylophone, I’m swept away in bliss as James claims my first time, hard and definitely without protection.

On The Xylophone is a sizzling quick read featuring raunchy, risky rough loving.

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Craved By Them: Vampire Romance


Vampire police serving the streets of London.
Hell yeah, you’d better believe it!

The Worshipful Company of the Ancient Order was created at the beginning of vampire memory. Its goal to enforce law and order over blood-thirsty paranormal existences. To do this, a secret elite group was created known as The Ancient Ones. Their word on the street goes, they are trusted to preserve human life and fight enemies to the death.

What experienced DI Corey Tatum hadn’t been expecting was that The Ancient Ones were to be her new team.
Intelligent—tick. Gorgeous—tick. Soon to be in love and lust with her—tick. This is no ordinary case, and these are no ordinary policemen.

Will Corey ever be able to return to a normal life? Or will her heart, body, and soul crave those who crave her?

*CRAVED BY THEM is the full-length novel extended from the short story in the Duty Bound anthology (no longer available).

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Big Man Next Door

The guy next door looks like heaven and smells like sin.

When I abandoned everything to move to this tiny apartment in the city, I knew I’d be dealing with rats and barely making rent.
I didn’t expect my neighbor to be a walking temptation.
Keeping a wall between us should have been enough…
Until he came to my first show.
He protected me from a creep. He swept me into his arms for a dance.
I landed in his bed.
Now the walls aren’t enough, nothing can keep us apart…
Except the reason why he’s living next door to me in the first place.
Will the truth bring us closer or tear us apart?

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Manhattan Passion

Riley, being known as The Manhattan Princess never got to leave her family’s hotels until she finally got her mother to agree to let her go on a business trip for the company and a possible merger. She wasn’t expecting to get one night without her bodyguard, and she definitely wasn’t expecting to meet someone as intriguing as him.

Jackson wasn’t happy at all when his father made him go to his business meetings just because he didn’t want to deal with the paperwork. He was getting even more irritated as he was blown off for two weeks straight until he walked into his nightclub and saw her.

Can Jackson convince her to give him a chance, even though they are so far apart? Can Riley convince her parents to break their promise? Can they make their relationship work and keep their past from destroying their future?

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Wrecked in Love 1

Josephine Herveaux is haunted with guilt over the death of her cousin. The traumatic event from her youth left an empty void she has tried to run from for the past twenty years.

Derek Owens has fought to come to terms with the love triangle from his youth. An OCD Dom, the only place he feels in control is in the safe room he has constructed to deal with his turbulent emotions. The slim thread is shattered when Josephine returns to town.

The past brings Josephine and Derek together once again, but the ghost of Josephine’s cousin refuses to remain quiet. Can Josephine and Derek come to terms with her cousin’s death, or will the ghostly voice in her head drive her to insanity?

A compelling story that will leave you craving more answers….

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Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10)

Georgina James had always strived to be better, smarter, stronger, faster.
Frankly, it was exhausting.
Drawn back to Wishingbone, she can’t stop thinking about the handsome, overprotective, entirely-too bossy sheriff.
Ed doesn’t know why he’s so intrigued by the closed-off FBI agent. But there’s something about her that tugs at his every Daddy instinct. He wants to coddle her, protect her, put her over his knee . . .
But when someone from Georgina’s past returns, she might not survive long enough to get her happy-ever-after.

This book contains an overprotective alpha male, age play and spanking.

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