Drop Dead Dirty

Oliver Kent isn’t just drop dead gorgeous…
He’s drop dead dirty too.

I haven’t seen him in a decade. Ten whole years since Oliver Kent broke my heart and we said goodbye to our teenage dreams forever.
They say he’s a crazy successful businessman now, living wild in London with a huge bank balance.
And me? Well, I’m still here living the same old small-town life, pretty sure I’ll never see him again.
Until rumour has it that he’s going to be at our high school reunion…

How the damn hell is a girl supposed to cope with the Oliver Kent effect all over again?
It’s a whole fresh round of want. Filthy, dirty want for the boy who drove me wild with his filthy, dirty fantasies. So many memories aching for more.
Just as well life sometimes gives out second chances, isn’t it?
One thing’s for sure, I’ll be jumping in to take mine.

Drop Dead Dirty is a second chance romance with hopes, dreams and small town love on the pages. The Oliver Kent effect gets pretty sizzling as the novel moves along.


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another Life



by KL Shandwick mybook.to/AnotherLife

This second chance romance, single dad, tear jerker, HEA. Standalone is LIVE!

What happens to you when you love someone with all of your heart, but that love now has nowhere to go?

Heartthrob, Cole Harkin counted his blessings with a gorgeous wife and the couple’s excitement of a first baby on the way.

Just when he thought his world was complete, Cole becomes devastated and overwhelmed when his future is ripped out from under his feet. With little choice in the matter, Cole has to face living another life…

A very different life to the one he thought he and Grace had planned.

#klshandwick #oneclick #newrelease #mustread #tearjerker#secondchanceromance #romancenovel #loveafterloss

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Deadly Addiction



Gabriella Weaver just wanted to end her marriage and be left alone. Too bad her ex-husband always seemed to find a way to bring her down when she least expected it.
Quinton Stacy, a hitman for hire had a dick of a boss and was only in the job for the cash. But when his one assignment takes him outside his comfort zone, he tries to find a way out.
Together, they form a plan to keep her alive and to get away from his boss with cash in hand. Can the two of them pull it off, or will their fate end in a deadly addiction?
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It’s Her Love



Sophia needed a vacation to get away from life and the harsh realities of winter in New York.
She never dreamed that a mechanical error with the plane she was on would change the course of her life forever.

Vince took one look at Sophia and knew she was meant to be his.
He didn’t care how long it took to gain her trust, she was worth the wait.

Take a girl with trust issues, add an over the top Alpha willing to break through her defences with a splash of fate and hold on tight. Guaranteed Happily Ever After inside!

Amazon US- https://amzn.to/2DzypAm
Amazon UK- https://amzn.to/2PxsmRv
Amazon CA- https://amzn.to/2IVoV5W
Amazon AU- https://amzn.to/2vp23Ux

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Twisted In Chains


Skye and Noah have been taken. They’re trapped and at the mercy of strangers. To survive they must count on each other—only, they’re not friends. They are worlds apart, but they must do whatever it takes to survive their new, brutal world.

Noah is not used to being at anyone’s mercy. He’s always been strong. Something is wrong, though, and he can’t fight his way out of the shithole he’s been forced into. The men who have him know he’s weak, and when they make him hurt Skye, he has no choice but to do their bidding, or she will face even worse at their hands.

They have only one chance at escape, but the instant they taste freedom, both know their lives will never be the same again. They were chained up, abused, humiliated, and they know people paid for the privilege to see them. How can they move on from this?

Is there any way for them to have a normal life? They’re twisted. They’re fucked up.

And there’s no one else they can turn to but each other.

**This is a dark book with many triggers.

Amazon (US): https://amzn.to/2G8tEPO
Amazon (UK): https://amzn.to/2WYa7qP
Amazon (AU): https://amzn.to/2D1L0Mo
Amazon (CA): https://amzn.to/2YVUh1P
Barnes and Noble: https://bit.ly/2TTvGXH
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2WIPNcZ
Smashwords: https://bit.ly/2UxfKyM
iTunes: https://apple.co/2I39CbF
Evernight Publishing: https://bit.ly/2U8k9UJ
Bookstrand: https://bit.ly/2KspKW9

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Destined By Dragonblood

Dolyn Kemmerly has found his destined mates. Unfortunately, they are more human than dragonblood. While his inner beast longs for them, his male stubbornness insists there are mates more worthy of his royal bloodline.
Due to Ashley O’Connor’s traumatic past, only the painful slap of a Dom’s toys can help her find release. A celibate sub, she’s never ached for a man’s tender touch—until a mysterious stranger follows her into her Master’s club.
When Ashley lifts one of her hard limits, Giovanni DiLoreto, her sex-therapist recommended Dom, is finally allowed to touch the flesh he’s been lusting to caress. Doing so, however, earns him a bloody nose by a hot-as-fuck stranger. Master Vanni has never touched a dick in pleasure, but the sudden desire to dominate the newcomer—while Ashley watches—consumes him.
Dolyn’s ancestors might accept Vanni for the heart of the dragon inside him, but it will take Dolyn’s complete submission to his alpha to help Ashley heal and unlock the destiny awaiting them all. ​
Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/BloodBorn2
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Daring Daniella

daring daniella



The newest set of brides has arrived in Golden River, and it seems the town is more unsettled
than ever. Convinced she’s mousy and unattractive, Daniella Abcott is terribly worried that
Caleb is no longer interested in her—so much so that she takes matters into her own hands and
misreads Caleb’s feelings for her.
And she’s nothing if not daring.
Caleb, on the other hand, is the strong and strict deputy of Golden River. In love with little
Daniella since the very first time he laid eyes on her stealing his clothes as he swam in the river,
he’s been determined to correct her mischievous streak. Now, however, the town is after him and
determined to push him into marriage. His plan to distance himself from Golden River—and
from Daniella—almost succeeds. Almost.
Will Danny discover the truth about his feelings for her? And can she accept it if she does? Will
Caleb admit his love for her? What happens when she runs away from him right after the ill-fated wedding?
Publisher’s Note: This historical old west romance contains graphic scenes and themes of power
exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.
Excerpt One
Any chance of being reasonable disappeared immediately. The deputy stormed into the
building, grabbed the bolt of cloth out of her hand and slammed it back on the table she had
pulled it from. “Now, listen here, you little brat.” His hands were planted on his hips. The
other women started gathering around to watch the excitement.
“Caleb! What’s gotten into you? I was planning on purchasing that fabric to make—” Danny’s
cheeks tinged with scarlet as she spoke, seeing an audience gathering. Perhaps she didn’t
want any of the brides hearing them having a spat.
“You can forget it. Your little sewing project will wait until I am good and ready to ask.” He
yanked off his hat when he noticed the young ladies watching him. His voice lowered, but
the brides compensated by taking a collective step forward. “Miss Daniella, I think it would
be best for you to head back to the ranch this minute. I will come calling soon. You and I
need to have a very important discussion.”
One the brides sighed loudly. “How romantic, Deputy! You’re about to propose. Though I
think it quite rude of you to settle on whom you want to marry before you get to know the
rest of us. You are in most of our top ten lists, you know. Of potential mates, that is.”
Danny took a threatening step toward the girl who had just spoken. “Well, you can all just
scratch him off, because he’s already taken.”
Caleb picked his little brat up in his arms and moved to the door, setting her down a few feet
away from the group of brides. He scowled at her. “I never thought I would have to give this
warning to women, but public brawling is not acceptable in Golden River.”


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