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Looking to ring in the new year with some Resolutions to make your body tingle? These steamy stories about taking chances and making changes are FREE on Amazon for a limited time! 🔥

🔥Resolution: Double Dare by Dee Ellis

🔥Resolution: First Kiss by Kelli Callahan

🔥Resolution: Free Fall by Fiona Starr

🔥Resolution: G String by Olivia Hawthorne

🔥Resolution: Road Trip by Sierra Hill – Author

🔥Resolution: Rock Out by Alexis Adaire

🔥Resolution: Snow Job by Laney Powell

🔥Resolution: Wanderlust by Rebecca Gallo

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In the flames



Being born with the gift of premonition was both blessing and curse. Brooklyn’s parents kept her isolated using her gift for their own benefit. Until the day she sees her death at their hands and runs. With her focus on staying out of her parents to grasp the last thing she expects is the instant attraction, she feels for not one, but two men. With them comes a blast from her past. Liam.

Aidan and Callum were hired to protect Brooklyn, only they aren’t allowed to tell her. Lying to her didn’t sit right with either of them. Between the attraction, the lies, and the history between her and their boss what could possibly go wrong?

The only thing that kept Liam from rushing to Brooklyn’s side was knowing Aidan and Callum were protecting her. Even that knowledge won’t keep him away for long. After eight years apart, nothing will keep him from the only woman he’s ever loved.

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Claimed by her Doctor



Claimed by her Doctor
Claiming Her Curves Series
by Erin Havoc
Out Now!
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Because I didn’t.
Not until I saw her.
It’s bigger than me. I have to protect her.
To have her.
To claim her.

I can’t understand this instant connection.
Love or lust at first sight, there’s one thing I’m sure of.
Aiden and I are too different to fit together.
He’ll never want a girl like me.
I can’t let myself fall. I’m already too broken.
But he won’t take no for an answer.
Free on Kindle Unlimited, $0.99 on Kindle

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Marshmallow. Every kid gets a nickname. Marshmallow was mine. And like the squishie confectionary, it stuck. As did the extra pounds that inspired the nickname in the first place.
But that was OK, the plus-size revolution gave me confidence in my curves. I learned to love my body and even show it off for the world to see. #bodypositive was my ticket to Insta-stardom. It was also what attracted him…

Carter Reeves. A model who graced the covers of several of my favourite romance novels. He messaged me with an opportunity. I couldn’t say no. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of a photoshoot, he pressed his lips to my ear and told me he wants to eat my marshmallow.
Of god
Carter Reeves wants me.
He has abs of steel and I have thighs of thunder. Is he serious?

Warning: this quick read contains over-the-top declarations, insta-love and molten hot moments between a curvy girl and a deliciously sinful man who’s even sweeter than the marshmallow he’s after.…/…/B07YC5X8Z6

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Second Chances




Second Chances
Magan, Kendal and Jariko have all felt pain, been betrayed and witnessed hurt. Brought together by what can only be fate, can these three find the happiness they deserve? Is this a torrid love affair or the beginning of something more?


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Daphne’s Defenders

Daphne’s Defenders
#on sale!!



A steamy delivery containing a headstrong baker.
A hot alpha male.
A reserved undercover cop.

They had no idea a tragedy was what would bring the three of them together.

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Daddy’s Sweet Girl (Montana Daddies Book 3)



On the surface, Kent Jensen is an easygoing guy. But underneath lies a core of steel. He’s a Dom who is looking for a sub who will give him everything.
Total control.
What he is not looking for is a Little who is in a world of trouble. . .
Abby’s life is so out of control she doesn’t even know how to begin to fix it. She’s worn out, broke and trying to pay off her brother’s debts. She also has a huge crush on the most gorgeous man in the state. Not that he’d ever notice her. Shy, clumsy and plain, she knows she isn’t enough of a woman for Kent.
But when her brother’s troubles place her in danger, Kent steps in. He can’t help but want to protect her, guide her, dominate her. With Abby, everything is different. Suddenly, he wants the things he never thought he did. To be Sir in the bedroom and Daddy everywhere else.
But can he convince Abby that he wants her to be Daddy’s sweet girl forever?

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