Sold To Venus

He was destined to claim her…she was fated to save him.

Her whole world changed the moment she stood before the fierce prince Thyron Hines and felt his gaze. Now his, Orlana anticipates what the brooding royal has planned for her. And exactly what he meant when he said she would feel his fire.

Finding his fated mate was just the stroke of luck Thyron needed to assert his rule among the scattered clans who hid their powers and their lineage to escape the reach of the dark witch Cardeira. But the magic within his mate has yet to wake, and it is up to him to make her understand that he is her dragon lord and she his white witch.

But that’s easier said than done. Claiming her body will mean nothing if he cannot win her heart. And if he fails her, none of them will live to take back the throne, and nothing will stand in the way of the death and destruction the dark witch has planned.

Find your escape with this dragon shifter alpha that fans of Terry Bolryder will call their next favorite read! Scroll up and one-click to start reading Sold to Venus today!

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Power of the Light (The Gemini Prophecy Book 1)

An ancient prophecy eternally links two government profilers from opposite sides of the Atlantic when they discover a gruesome reality—the chronicles of life, love, death, and destruction—Graeme McConnell has already lost so much. How much more can he risk?

Irish born psychic, Morgan Cunningham is familiar with the old Celtic religions and ready to accept the speculations of the prophecy experts. Graeme, a pragmatic American FBI agent is rooted in reality and despite the evidence tying him to Morgan, he’s in denial, challenging her every step of the way.

But a serial killer is murdering profilers. This time, Morgan could be the next target.

In order to stop the serial killings, Graeme and Morgan face the ultimate evil. In the process will they succumb to the old gods’ prophecy? Until Graeme can no longer deny the overwhelming evidence tying him to Morgan and the prophecy, their lives and the souls they are meant to protect are in eternal danger. Could the solution to staying alive be as simple as accepting their destiny and trusting in the other half of their Gemini souls?

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Savage Vandal

Emersyn Sharpe doesn’t belong in our world

In fact, the very last place she should be is with us. But someone is hurting her. We’ve all seen it.

We tried to ignore the warning signs. We tried to trust the people around her.

We tried to believe in her world.

Too late.

When she nearly died in front of us, we had to act.

We took her.

She doesn’t belong in our world, but I’ll be damned if someone lays a finger on her under my watch.

I’ll kill them first.

Now that she’s here… I don’t know if I can let her leave.

I’m Jasper Horan, anyone who tries to take her will have to go through me and my boys.

You’ve been warned.

SAVAGE VANDAL is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one in the series.

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On His Feet Again

Lord Alexander, heir of Viscount of Winchester, is deeply closeted and preparing to marry a woman. Until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger at his bachelor party threatens to jeopardize the image Alex has worked so hard to create.

Dr. Jasper Kelley, the new personal physician to Alex’s uncle, harbors deep scars from a mysterious past. No one would ever guess that the brilliant doctor once led a very different, much darker life. The last thing he needs is to let someone in, especially a golden boy like Alex Winchester.

But one weekend is about to change everything. And if Alex and Jasper aren’t careful, murder and intrigue won’t be the only things crashing the royal party … It just might be love.

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Dog Days (Small Town Secrets Book 7)

DOG DAYS (Smalltown Secrets) by Cat Johnson Never in a million dog days of summer would I have guessed my breaking Mudville’s pooper scooper law would lead me to the town’s bad boy. But that’s exactly what happened.He was the guy who went directly from graduation to gunfire and didn’t look back…until now.Twenty years later, he’s home. A little bit broken, but back for good. And with the help of man’s—or rather woman’s—best friend, I intend to make him mine.Can a former geek win the star of the football team? I’m betting on it. Heck. Crazier things have happened here in Mudville. Dog Days is a small town, opposites attract, romantic comedy featuring a grumpy wounded bad boy who doesn’t want to be saved, and the sun-shiny savior determined to rescue both him and one very special dog.

Available in eBook only









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When I Think of You (The 80’s Baby Series)

Mandi Locke doesn’t know yet what she wants out of life–but she has a good time trying to figure it out. Never taking much seriously–besides Ralph Macchio, the Thriller album, and Tab–her days are spent working at Pine Star Cinema and her nights dreaming of a place better and bigger than Pine Grove.

Noah Teller is ready to get out of this town after he graduates college. Until he lands a job at the Pine Grove Galleria and meets Mandi. The two couldn’t be more different but whenever he thinks of her, he sees a future. A future that he will do whatever it takes to make happen.

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What the Heart Seeks: A Psychic-Elemental Romance (Soulmate Book 5)

A love scorned.

A heart enraged.

A soul shattered.

Dylan McBride never knew pain until he lost Heaven. Driven by desire to avenge her death, he spirals into a web of darkness. As frightening new abilities emerge, Dylan is determined to make his father feel his fury. But when Layne is assigned as his daughter’s Keeper, Dylan’s deadly obsession finds a new target.

Layne Perry’s soul is shattered. Witnessing Heaven’s death broke him. All he has left now is to honor her memory by keeping her daughter safe. No matter the cost. Countless threats circle the child, and Layne is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to spare Adalyn from meeting the same grisly fate as her mother.

Adalyn has a secret. One that will shift reality as they know it. Yet, her revelation is overshadowed by a startling truth that plunges her young life into chaos. As the two men desperate to protect her square off in battle, one bitter lesson becomes clear. Those who fight hardest have nothing left to lose.

What the Heart Seeks is a paranormal romance full of suspense, soulmates, and supernatural twists. If you like vibrant worlds, mystical characters, and heart-pounding romance, you’ll enjoy this epic tale of love, light, and darkness.
**This is a new edition of What the Heart Seeks**

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Remember Patience: A Second Chance Military Romance (Healing Hearts)

Laura McNeal was searching for a place she belonged, a home. As a loner, lost in the system, she was a survivor getting by in the best way she knew how. But when her neighbor asks for a simple favor, can a single letter to a lonely soldier kindle a dream that she always figured was just out of reach?

Julio Martinez was a proud man, trying to maintain his dignity in a society that seemed to always knock him down. On top of it all, his mama is now setting him up with some unknown girl in town now. His mysterious pen-pal didn’t ask for much, just sharing parts of her life with such ease and encouraging a budding friendship between them… which was fine until he meets Laura.

Now, regardless of the struggles each of them faces, can they make things work between them when fate seems to keep them apart?

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Return to WINTER HAVEN with HAYESSynopsis:

Hayes Buchanan and his siblings are happy to be back home at Winter Haven and amongst family. The knowledge he’s gained over the last several years is immeasurable, but losing the woman of his dreams, a fiery red-head who left without a word, continues to haunt him.Will their paths cross again or will she forever be a beautiful memory?

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Add Hayes to your TBR today.Goodreads:

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Witch’s Curse: Part of the Shadow Walkers Saga (The Shadow Weaver Book 1)

What do you do when you know your world is about to shatter around you? Do you run towards the change or try to hold on to the broken pieces so that everything doesn’t fall apart?
I knew it was coming. We’d had time to ready ourselves, but nothing could have prepared us for the fall out.

No one warned me our enemies would make me the pawn in their game.
No one saw just how broken I would become.

Now it’s up to me to pick up the broken pieces and wield them against the ones who made me this way.
Believe me… they are all going to pay.

**This book is part of the Shadow Walkers Saga. It can be read as a standalone series, but will contain spoilers to the first books in the saga, and the author strongly recommends you start reading from book 1 – A Crown of Blood and Bone**

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