Adventures Of Love (Day 5)

adventure of love



RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2018

GENRE: Avid book, Mainstream Poetry Collection, Inspirational

WORD COUNT: 14,000 words

PAGE COUNT: 131 pages


The poems of this magnificent collection encompass a wide range of subjects: romance, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, and running like a bright thread through the weave of this collection, divine love. The diversity of this collection offers universal appeal, and poetry lovers will be inspired by the tapestry of complex imagery and symbolism. These verses may have the lucid and devotional quality of hymns, yet they deal with a contemporary world in a style that is easily accessible to readers.


I dream she is like a wave in a lonely stream,

She is my only love living in my dream.

I dream her heart is chained to a tree,

Her leaves are fallen, but her heart is blown to me.

I dream she is drifting away in the sea,

But I see her coming back to me.

I dream she is a rainbow sitting on the clouds,

Her impeccable beauty makes me proud.

I dream she is the treasure of my life,

A stunning beauty that makes her my wife.

I have a dream she has grown to reach the skies,

I have a dream our immortal love will never die.

Her kisses are an ice-cold wind in the stormy night,

She stole my soul into her eyes glass for me to delight.

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Gideon Sampson Cecil was born on the 9th of May 1968 in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne Berbice, Guyana. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida and a degree in journalism. He is a college lecturer and freelance journalist. He has over 300 poems, articles, stories and essays published from 1993 to 2017. He is the author of the romantic collection of poetry, The Revelation of Love, published by Outskirts Press and recently republished by Tate Publishing & Enterprises LLC.

His poetry was published in POUi X by The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, The Muse Literary Journal India, The Harbinger Literary Journal USA, The Chachalaca Review England, Forward Journal London, Thirty West Publishing House, The Blue Nib Literary Magazine, The Commonwealth Foundation and Alien Buddha Press. He continues to write poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and articles for various journals and newspapers at home and abroad. His recent collection of poems: ‘‘Psalms of a Romantic Poet’’ Published by Alien Buddha Press was nominated for the Griffin Poetry Award in Canada. He has so far published seven books of poetry and prose. He was recently appointed to be a senior judge in the Queen’s Commonwealth essay awards in London.

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Inside The Fire (Day 4)



RELEASE DATE: June 15, 2018
GENRE: Avid book, LGBT French Poetry, Erotic Fiction
WORD COUNT: 14,000 words
PAGE COUNT: 92 pages
The story takes place in Marseilles. Marseilles is a poor city in the South of France. It is a gate to Europe coming through the sea from North Africa. It was created more than 2000 years ago by Greek settlers coming from the town of Phocea, now on the Turkish coast.
Marseilles is today famous in Europe as a city of corruption and violence.
In this city was born an insane poet Antonin Artaud who wrote amazing books in the first part of the XXth century and is studied everywhere nowadays. However Artaud went mad and spent about ten years in an asylum in the last part of his life, all through WWII. Treated through intensive electroshock, he remained toothless after that.
Artaud is being referenced in the book by the nickname that his mother gave him as a child “Nanaqui,” which is also the one he uses in his own writing.
In this tale, Nanaqui comes back from the dead to visit us, with his companion Ivan (the Narrator). He is as obscene, crude, maniac, and delirious as a living dead could be. He meets a witch, Sarah, who drops by Marseilles on the way to the film festival of Cannes. Nanaqui wants to have an affair with her, but it turns out that she prefers a penguin to him (the penguin turns out to be gay actually).
The story could be read as a modern tale taking place in the blazing heat of Marseilles, by the Mediterranean Sea, a shore haunted by hundreds of years of decaying civilizations, and through Nanaqui, our hero by the spirit of both greatness and madness.
Warning: This book contains adult content, explicit language and is not suited for those below 18.
“At the second turning of the second stair,” he said like in a weird painting by Francis Bacon.
I summon the fire and I summon the dead and I call out for some weird past gone for good deep under the coast of flesh as the sea drifts away from the land like a raft and we are lost at sea for good with only the seagulls over our head and some hazy clouds emaciated under the red sun and the child and the castle of sand and the tourists turning red too as the heat builds up like in an oven soon enough we will be smoke again to circle the earth as smoke and fall back like the black atomic rain over dying heads
“At the second turning of the second stair,” I watched my own figure reclining in the staircase to pick up a broken mirror but no… it was my cut-off head no… it was the reflection of my head in the broken mirror…
Ivan de Monbrison is a French poet, writer, and artist born in 1969 in Paris. His poems or short stories have appeared in several literary magazines in France, Italy, Belgium, The UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and in the US. Five poetry chapbooks of his works have been published: L’ombre déchirée, Journal, La corde à nu, Ossuaire and Sur-Faces.
His novels include: Les Maldormants (2014), L’Heure Impure(2016), Orgasmes et Fantaisies (2016) Nanaqui ou les Tribulations d’un poète (2017) A Tale of the Insane: Inside The Fire Avid Publishing LLC (June 2018) Three poetry collections To be published “The Other Self” (2018) “La Cicatrice Nue” (2019 ) “The Open Mind (2018)”
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RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2018

GENRE: Avid book, MF, Alternative Paranormal shifter Romance, Biker werewolves.

WORD COUNT: 31,136 words

PAGE COUNT: 133 pages


All Maisy Stringfield wanted to do was to find her sister and make sure she was okay. Jasmine had disappeared before but never for this long. Something was wrong. Maisy took the job working at the Blazing Sun Bar and Biker’s club hoping to get information on where Jasmine might be.

She hadn’t counted on Stud, who was the president of the Satan’s bears and a complication she didn’t need. She didn’t need him chasing her around and interfering in what she needed to do.

Razor was the leader of the wolf pack and determined to take over the Bears and Stud’s territory. He didn’t care who he had to hurt to do it.

Stud was tired and ready to find his mate. When he saw the little waitress working in his bar, he knew she was his. Not to convince her. Keeping her safe while he persuaded her was another chore. He was surrounded by incompetents.

Could he defeat Razor, find Jasmine and convince Maisy to be his?


“I like the way you say my name, Sweet Lips. Give me a little taste.”

Stud gently brushed her lips with his, and when she felt herself beginning to respond, he swiped her lips with his tongue. When she gasped, he slid his tongue into battle with hers. He moved his hand to thread through her hair and pull her tighter to him.

“Hey Boss,” she heard one of the guys calling as she started to melt into him. Stud ignored him and continued sipping from her lips as Maisy felt his hands roving her back. “Umm Boss? We need you.” The voice said again, more insistent this time.

“Did you fucking interrupt me?” Stud asked in a quiet, normal tone of voice as he stared deep into her eyes. “I ain’t done with you Mama, but I gotta see what this asshole needs. You save that sugar for me, hear?”

Maisy felt herself nodding before she realized what she was doing. Stud gently and slowly lifted her from his lap and turned to Harvey/Swifty. “Yeah?”

“Trouble, outside now. It’s the Hermits.”

“Well fuck. Okay Sweet Lips, I’ll be back for your fine ass later. Let’s roll boys.” He leaned down and brushed another soft kiss on her lips, then he was gone.

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Rose Nickol started writing four years ago. To date, she has twenty published books. She is the mother of a teenage daughter, an eight-year-old Shih-Tzu puppy and a one-year-old kitten. She lives in Florida with her daughter and animals. When not writing, she’s crocheting, or baking with her daughter.

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The Rushes(Day 2)

The Rushes e-book cover




RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2018

GENRE: Avid book, MM, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy/Drama, New/Young Adult.

WORD COUNT: 66,480 words

PAGE COUNT: 285 pages


The Rushes is a brisk and funny tale of friendship, love and ambition set in present-day Hollywood. Aspiring filmmakers Jamie Alford and his BFF, Carson Thorne, must navigate the industry’s ruthless politics and ingrained prejudices, while also trying to maneuver the treacherous waters of romance.

For years, Jamie has been obsessing on his ex, the tortured Owen Worth. And just as he’s about to start afresh with a dashing young producer, Owen reappears to complicate his life.

Carson, who has put romance on the back burner to focus on his career (much to the chagrin of his friend and former film professor, David Mendoza), falls hard for a wildly ambitious screenwriter.

When Jamie and Carson’s best-laid plans are sabotaged by jealousy and betrayal, they must band together to help one another move forward both in their professional and personal lives. But after all, isn’t that what best friends are for?


If it had only been a one-time thing, Jamie would have written off the encounter as the byproduct of adolescent hormonal fever. Even the most devout young man can succumb to temptation. But the next night, Owen was sitting outside his cabin again. And the next night and the next.

Each evening, they headed for the lake where they swam naked and kissed and held on to one another for dear life. And each night the lovemaking got better, until Jamie couldn’t believe that a few nights earlier, Owen had been a virgin; that he’d never even been kissed.

Now Jamie finally understood what it was all about; why wars were waged, kingdoms upended, hearts decimated. All for love.

No, it’s not love, Jamie, it’s lust. You’re too young to be in love.

But what may have begun as lust was growing into something more. He and Owen shared intimacies and affection and laughter. Even during the day, whenever they were within sight of each other, an unmistakable electrical charge passed between them. It was hard to miss, and even Toby picked up on it.

“Hey, what’s up with you and Big Bird?” he asked.

Jamie deflected by mentioning the family connection, but the explanation was paper thin.

“Spare me,” Toby said. “I’ve mooned over guys before. I know the look when I see it. You’re not fooling me and I hope you’re not fooling yourself.”

It was all happening so quickly that Jamie seesawed between euphoria and angst. The most telling sign that his emotional equilibrium had been compromised came during his phone calls to

Carson, during which he did not allude to Owen, except for that one time at the beginning of the summer when he mentioned meeting him. “He’s just about what you’d expect. Total loser.”

As far as Carson was concerned, he was still hooking up with Toby. And whenever he inquired, Jamie carefully steered the conversation back to Carson, which required very little effort. Jamie had long ago made peace with the fact that Carson’s favorite topic of conversation was himself – with movies running a close second – and used it to his advantage.

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Richard Natale is a Los Angeles-based writer and journalist. His short stories have appeared in such literary journals as Gertrude Press, MCB Quarterly, Wilde Oats, Chelsea Station Magazine, Hollywood Dementia and the anthologies, Image/Out, Happy Hours and Off the Rocks. His novel CAFE EISENHOWER, was an Honorable Mention for the Rainbow Book Awards. Other novels include LOVE ON THE JERSEY SHORE, JUNIOR WILLIS, the YA fantasy adventure THE GOLDEN CITY OF DOUBLOON and the short-story collection, ISLAND FEVER. Additionally, Natale wrote and directed the feature film GREEN PLAID SHIRT, which was a closing night attraction at the Palm Springs Film Festival and played at twenty-five film festivals around the world.


Q. What inspired you to start writing?

A. My inspiration was having to make a living. Right out of grad school. Needed a job. Became a daily newspaper reporter. Learned how to write by writing every day.

Q. What was your childhood career dream?

A. My first dream was acting. But I soon learned that the downside of being an actor was having to work with other actors.

Q. What do you like to do when not writing?

A. I read. I watch movies. I listen to music.

Q. Which Author(s) inspire you and your writing?

A. Colm Toibin, Alan Bennett, Michael Cunningham, Alan Hollinghurst, Christopher Isherwood, Gore Vidal.

Q. What is an everyday writing life for you like?

A. Sometimes a pleasure. Sometimes torture.

Q. What is the hardest part about writing for you?

A. Self-doubt, procrastination.

Q. Which book was your debut release?

A. For Avid it was The Rushes. My first novella was Junior Willis. My first novel, Cafe Eisenhower

Q. Tell us about the book published by Avid and your writing process for it.

A. The Rushes grew out of my years reporting on the movie business as well as the numerous short stories I’ve written for Hollywood

Q. Which character was the hardest for you to write in the book published by Avid.

A. The hardest character was the co-protagonist Jamie Alford, who has the biggest character arc.

Q. How do you come up with the titles of your book?

A. Sometimes it’s right there in front of me. The Rushes was the most difficult because it’s metaphorical. Rushes are raw film footage that has to be edited and coordinated into a movie.

The two main characters are like raw footage and have the edit their lives together. To use what’s good. To discard what doesn’t work.

FIND RICHARD HERE: Avid Author Page: Facebook: Twitter:

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Avid Publishing

Avid Publishing
We wish to extend our gratitude to all bloggers participating in our 6 months anniversary blog tour! And to all readers as well who glimpse our books and authors. You are all amazing!!
Our Tour will last for a couple of days so stay tuned and see what we have for you!
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Avid Publishing is your Fiction Romance Publisher. We publish books in the Mainstream Male/Female (MF), Male/Male (MM, LGBT) and Female/Female (FF, LGBT) category. Our books range from all genres of fictions such as Contemporary, Paranormal, New/Young Adult, Historical/Regency, BDSM, Rockstar, Ménage/Reverse Harem and so much more Romance.
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Just in case you wish to join in on the festivity of our anniversary party which take place from the 12th of October to the 14th of October 2018, you are all invited to join us on Facebook.
There will be lots of new authors to browse through both Guests Authors and Avid Authors as well as a lot of games, giveaway and interactions between the authors and readers.
Date & Time: October 12 – 14, 2018 @ 2 – 4pm EST each day Venue:
Once again, we thank you all for joining us on this fabulous journey and stay tuned for the first of our books which will be showcased tomorrow!
Bringing Authors and Readers together in a world of literary pleasure!
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Loving Heidi Is Now Up For Preorder



AVAILABLE: Thursday, October 11th

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romance, MFMM, spanking, HEA]

After being abandoned by yet another lame blind date, Heidi was almost done.  While contemplating her loser love life Finn Wild literally runs into her.  Covered with food and embarrassed beyond belief Heidi leaves, wondering if she’ll ever see the beautiful man who ran into her again.  After a fire at her apartment, the man of her dreams rescues her and her loved pet birds.  She finds out that there’s not just Finn, but he has two brothers and they are all interested in her.  Not sure about dating three men Heidi proceeds cautiously. 

While dating and having fun with the three brothers strange things start happening.  Then, Oliver, her last lame date returns and things become even stranger.  When Oliver threatens Heidi, her best friend Brenda, and her loved pets, can the Wild brothers rescue her before the worst happens?

Preorder Link
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Lone Wolf’s Woman (Olympic Wolves Book 1)



A dark road, a raging storm. Memphis is stranded on the run. Her controlling family trying to sell her off to the highest bidder against her will. She ran when she got the chance hoping to make it to her Grandmother’s house to find shelter.
Atticus Redtree could never resist a damsel in distress. A stranded human on the side of the road was right up his alley. A pretty woman and a problem he could fix, Atticus could resist. The easy rescue was about to turn into a trail that even he wasn’t prepared for. The draw of the woman that crept into his heart gave him no choice 
With her past quickly catching up with her, Memphis will have to decide if she can trust Atticus with her future and her heart.

Preorder Link.

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