Author Interview With Rayne O Gara


I am so stoked today to have my Favourite Lady my Southern Miss, Rayne O Gara I totally stalked her on FB before we became friends, I am so honoured to have her with us today.

Tell us more about you and what drew you to your genre?

Well, I am a feisty hopeless romantic BBW. I have green eyes (my Irish heritage) and a big booty that sags way too much for my liking lol. A major player in the book reading division. A compulsive talker. And way too many voices in my head screaming to have their stories told As far as my genre, I don’t really have one. I think as myself is too new to writing to have a set genre. I do mainly write BBW because well hell, I am one, but do love writing about curvy women getting the hottie or hotties, but I have had a thinner heroine. I never really want to be tied down to a specific genre anyway. If there is a story to be told I don’t want to put it on hold or not even think about it anymore because it doesn’t fit what I do. Nope. I want to try it all!

Did you ever think you would become a writer or did your dreams take you elsewhere?

Never did I think to be a writer. When growing up I was big in music, flute, piccolo, and piano…yes here come the band camp stories, I know. lol. I have always been an avid reader though. It wasn’t until recently that my mother actually brought up the idea to try, I needed an outlet for my imagination. I gave it a shot and to my surprise fell in love with storytelling. I love writing and never want to be without it now. But I do still read…a lot. lol.

Can you share a snippet of your latest book?

Hmmm…let me see what I can pull out for you… because I love you here is a little snippet to my WIP, doesn’t even have a title yet but I do have a series name! lol here it is for ya’ll!

From her first steps Tessa had been in training to take over her father’s place once he passed into the underworld. She had been molded for twenty seven years in the ways of protection, secrecy, and invisibility. A Keeper. More like slavery, Tessa snorted to herself.

“Oh yes, thank you so very much, mother.” Tessa tried to hide the disgust from her voice, but it still came out a little flat. She pulled open one of the heavy doors of the refrigerator and pulled out a breakfast shake. Last time while her mother was away shopping, Tessa managed to dispose of the offending cans, now she had to bide her time before she could do that once again. She wondered how many she had to ingest before she could do so. Was it really that big of a crime to eat and enjoy some bacon and eggs? She didn’t believe so, but this was her mother’s domain so Tessa had zero say so. The joys of living with your parents.

“I am going to get started on the master’s guest rooms, if I have night shift I will be able to wash all the bed linens. Things to keep busy through the long boring night.”

“Yes, it needs to be done. But remember to have master’s meal ready exactly at seven this evening.” Her mother reminded Tessa.

“Of course, otherwise he just gets down right….bitey.”Tessa snickered at her own joke before she schooled her features at her mother’s sharp inhale.

“Do not joke about such things, Tessa. We are not a meal supply and to joke about that will only lead to bad things. What if he read those thoughts and took it as an invitation!? We are to serve, protect, and watch over him. Nothing more, nothing less. Remember your place, child.” Her mother admonished with a glare. “Now go, do your duty.”

“Yes, mother.” Tessa meekly left the kitchen and hefted her weight up the stairs to the back entrance of the east wing.

Just another day in servitude paradise,

What is your most favourite snack to eat whilst you write?

I don’t really eat anything while I write, but Dr Pepper is a must!

Who are your muse’s for when you create a characters and why?

I may do this backwards, I don’t know. Here is how it happens…An idea pops into my head, when I’m cooking dinner, watching a movie, reading a book, snuggling with my kidlets…nothing really sets off the idea it just pops in there. If it sounds interesting I chew on it for a while making it into a full idea. Then character descriptions. Once I have a story line from my idea and what my characters names and looks then I skim through Google (Gotta love the Google) and find pictures that resemble who I have in my head. That’s about it. Oh! But if I have a really awesome dream and I can remember some things about it then parts do end up in my books in places

Do you draw any inspiration of these characters from yourself

Sometimes yes. I can’t say that little pieces of me doesn’t end up as a character trait lol. My rambling, my craziness, and even my insecurities sometimes.

Out of all your your characters who do you love the most.

Now that’s a hard question because I love all of them. Nope, can’t pick a favorite, sorry. I think they are all pretty kick ass.

Do you draw on any of your own life experiences

Sometimes. With some of the insecurities of my heroines I pull those feelings of life experiences because I have been there. I have been bullied for my weight or looked down on or not thought of as the smartest cookie on the party tray. I think by bringing in that part of me it makes the characters more sincere and believable.

What authors do you fangirl over?

Now that’s a long list…let’s see if I can give you a short version.

Christine Feheen, J. R. Ward, Lani Lyn Vale, Celia Kyle, Kristen Ashley…and that’s just a few and not including all the authors at JK Publishing, I start doing the gimmie hand motion every release day lol.

If you or one of your characters could be on a reality show would you? And what show would it be?

I would have to say Viktor Ariea on Wheel of Fortune because he is a trickster and loves puzzles lol. Then maybe Killian Graves on Deal or no Deal because he is one lucky SOB!

Do you do any personal research for your books 😉 😉

Hmm…are we talking naughty or regular research? I will tell you yes on both accounts and leave it up for you to figure out if my ménage scenes are ones I researched lol

If one of your books was made in to a movie which one would it be and who would play lead characters.

If one were to be made into a move it would have to be the one I am working on now, I know not fair because no one knows what it’s about yet!! The actors are tricky to name…I need someone who is feisty but with a vulnerable side for my female lead and my male lead needs to be big, muscled, black haired, and resembles a Spartan warrior of old in body and temperament

Your stuck on a dessert island you have 1 song, 1 book, 1 book boyfriend and 1 luxury item. What and why

Wow, time for your thinking cap…ok, Song-Animal by Maroon 5: if we are stranded in the wild we should let the wild out of ourselves. Book-Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley: A wonderful story with no cliffhangers, no oh I have to have the next book feelings after you read it, amazing adventure with fantasy and brutal lands with such a powerful love story derived by dislike and even hate. Great book. Book Boyfriend-Have to go with Viktor: he is strong, hard worker, adaptable, and who wouldn’t want to be stranded with a hot hunk of Italian military man? Luxury Item-Air Conditioner in my tent: Yeah, dessert, I need that to survive

Quick fire time

Coffee or Tea

Iced Sweet Tea, what can I say, I’m Southern.

Read the Book Or Watch the movie

Read the book

Chocolate or Candy


Whips or Feathers

Both, lol.

Being tied up or you being tied up

Me being tied up

Tongues or no tongue


Top or bottom


Slow and steady or fast and explosive

Oh yes…very much both.

Below Are a few of my Personal Faves i found it so hard choosing.



The not so quiet, small Kansas town Librarian Jaycee is a curvy girl who just needs to get out and have some fun! Along with her two best friend, Stacy and Noelle, they venture forth to a newly renovated bar with new mysterious owners. This was just supposed to be a fun night out. But Jay definitely finds more than that when the Demon Rebels MC walk through the front door, and an altercation has the President and VP in Jaycee’s face about what is expected from women in THEIR bar. Her? A biker bunny? No freaking way!
Steel and Onyx don’t know what to think of the sexy curvy firecracker except that they want her. In bed. Between them.
Giving in to the lust every time she thinks of the two sexy-as-sin bikers, Jaycee puts them to the test against her erotic dreams. They could never be better than her imagination, right? But allowing her dreams to become reality unleashes a nightmare only Steel and Onyx can help her through. Can Jaycee swallow her pride and ask for help?

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In book one of Hearts of Heroes: After a horrendous breakup, shy and curvy Caitriona Douglass works hard to get her life back in order. Her best friend, Sofie, convinces her the best way to do that is to socialize, forcing her out of her solace zone. Cait has always been unsure of her overweight body so when she garners the attention of not one, but two gorgeous firefighters, she is surprised and a little leery of their motives.
Alex and Roman are best friends and roommates—one, soft and easy going, the other hardened and rough. When Alex forces Roman to attend the company picnic, Roman realizes it may have been the best decision his friend had ever made as the men become entranced by the woman with the full-figure in attendance. Now all they have to do is convince her they are a packaged deal.
Will Caitriona risk her battered heart to find true love? Can the firefighters convince the shy, relationship scared beauty that she needs them both to be happy? When the fire starts to hunt them, will anyone survive from being burned?

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In book one of the Landcaster Brothers: After a less than perfect childhood, voluptuous Hailey Timmons is finally able to start leading a normal life when she starts living out on her own. Her peaceful existence is soon shattered though when her father shows back up in her life with a serious problem…and in need of her help. While taking a second job to help out her father, she finds herself falling into something more emotionally shattering.
Mark Landcaster is content to just be the mechanic everyone knows him to be, but he turns out to be so much more. When he encounters Hailey, he finds himself wanting to remove the carefully placed mask he wears to keep hidden from the outside world—the mask that currently is keeping his heart intact.
As the trouble in her father’s life comes to call on Hailey personally, leaving her no one to turn to, how will she pull out of this alive? Can Hailey keep her heart safe against the man who wants to help and keep her close? Or does the price of the protection cost her heart, body, and soul??

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A huge thank you to Rayne O Gara for taking part in this interview, i adore her so much and i hope you all do too.

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