Eve’s Rescue


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review

This is the third book in Sarah Marsh Coalition Mates and you no how they say third is the charm well its so true.

Sarah Marsh never fails to amaze me every single book she writes is utter magic there is nothing that I don’t love about her books seriously they are that good.

All Evangeline Scott wanted was to let her hair down and have a fun night out after having the most awful day. But that is not what she gets, she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams that she would get kidnapped by alien slavers and on top of that she is then left alone to die on an abandoned ship.

Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn were having some of there own bad luck when they find themselves set up by an old adversary of there’s, they are trapped in a vault of a Dhuaation Pharaoh’s ship with no way out. When Khaman-Ra makes them all an offer they just cannot refuse there of, the two space pirates end up on a different kind of rescue mission, when they find a ship full of human female cargo. All three of the men are immediately drawn to one of the human females they make a between themselves to satisfy all of there desires. But there is one big giant problem, they haven’t even thought to ask Eve. and when she awakes to find not only is she alive and well but that she’s now married to not one alien but three and she is furious. Will they all be able to realise the true extent of there feelings, or will all of it be for nothing, especially know as a woman from Roan’s past is threatening to ruin it all for them?

Will they get there Happily Ever After that they all deserve?

As always Sarah Marsh brings us the best of the best, her Coalition series is out of this world I love the whole alien abduction concept its scary yet sexy the way Sarah brings these stories to us is nothing less than amazing, it must have taken allot of work to come up with not only the names but the species and such its crazy but I love it so much, I adored how the characters are brought together I love the angst the tension and omg the passion its so hot…. needless to say you no what some my favourite parts where …. lol

The Pharoh Kham was my favourite you could say my guilty pleasure, everything about this royal is spot on he is everything you would expect and more, He is gorgeous extremely considerate and a total teddy bear where Eve is consider im sure if you where to ask him he would not like me saying that … lol but its true the way he is with her is beautiful there love is so touching, but where it comes too Kai and Roan his animalistic side comes out …. swoon he is raw and passionate non the less you can see how everyone changes as soon as Kham and eve come in to there lives its a complete 180.

Kai mmm can I say yum he is super sexy pirate a swash buckler you might say… lol I no im getting to enthusiastic he has a vibrancy about him that makes him shine inside and out.

Roan awww man shiver me timbers im a goner where it comes too these three no wonder Eve falls so hard I love how tough and hot Roan is just like Kai and Kham I no he would do anything for his mates.

Eve is a ballsy character she has a normal human life then one day poof its gone and now she is with different species aliens non the less and married too three of them yes they are sexy but heck no will they get away with doing this too her, lol she fought a great fight Eve but we all new she was a goner where it comes to these sexy three they show her the kindness that she has never felt before they build up her confidence and treasure her…. who wouldn’t want that come on I no I couldn’t say no, I actually felt jealous of her ……

One thing I love about this series is how love is celebrated whether your with one person or five it is treasured beyond anything you could be in any sort of relationship whether its m/f or m/m/f and it is excepted I wish real life could be just like this I think people could learn allot from this book. Celebrate love don’t throw it away.

Favourite part when Eve has woken up and is discovering that she is married.

“Stop,” she said, her hands coming up, “Did you or did you not just use the word husband in relation to me?”
Once again the poor man gave her the confused tilted puppy dog look and she started to think perhaps it was just a translation error and that the word meant something else to these aliens, relief instantly flowed through her. That had to be it, he must mean something completely different and here she was, typical freaking out Earther newbie, losing her sh** over some grammatical error. How embarrassing, well funny yeah, but embarrassing none the less. Once he could see her relaxing he also let out a relieved sigh and smiled.

“Yes, my lady, your husband, or would that be husbands by your Earth standards? Dhuaatian mating habits do not normally include anyone other than the primary couple, however there certainly is no law prohibiting more than two persons from entering into a marriage contract. I have so many questions about your planet, we will learn much from each other over the next while don’t you think?” he said rambling on, sounding like an excited child talking about a trip to the zoo.

Eve didn’t really hear much after the word husband came out of his mouth again, oh, except for the word husbands that followed shortly after it; she for damn sure heard that!

“This better be some miscommunication Matty! Because I’m one hundred percent sure that I don’t remember getting hitched in between getting kidnapped and waking up in here!” she yelled at the old man as his eyes grew wider and wider, realizing his mistake.”

Poor Eve what a way to find out you are married shocker huh… I love the emotions that’s why I chose this as my favourite part.
If you are looking for a great read look no further, read This series its unlike anything I have read before its out of this world and has everything you want in a romance even sexy aliens 🙂

5 Out Of 5 hearts From Cariad Books

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