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Welcome to the Book Tour for http://www.amazon.com/Entice-Me-Luscious-Love-Stories-ebook/dp/B015YEHP9U/. This 9 author compilation offers something for all readers of the romance genres, leaving everyone feeling satisfied but perhaps wanting more but in the best possible way. Along this tour you’ll learn more about these luscious love stories so don’t miss a single word as we offer you peeks into this enticing boxed set!

This sweet through hot collection of love stories includes contemporary,

period, and historical romance, otherworldly romance, and romance with a

touch of magic by Award-winning and Bestselling Authors: Cindy Spencer

Pape, Marianne Stephens, Jean Hart Stewart, Janice Seagraves, Gemma

Juliana, Denyse Bridger, Rose Anderson, Paris Brandon, and Cara Marsi.


2010, author Marianne Stephens started Romance Books ‘4’ Us (All

Romance, All Genres) as a Yahoo Group. She soon enlisted the help of 19

other authors and shortly after started the RB4U blog. The Romance Books

‘4’ Us website followed in 2011. On both sites, Marianne and her 19

Member Authors host the romance industry’s finest authors and industry

representatives. Some of the names have changed over time, but the

quality of writing continues. Nine of Romance Books ‘4’ Us’ Member Authors have stories in this first RB4U anthology. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading them.

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Something Moor by Denyse Bridger: An unexpected trip to Ireland takes Caragh

McCarthy back to her ancestral home, and the past collides with the present

when car trouble strands her on the moors of Country Tyrone. When Kelan O’Shea

comes to her rescue, a 300 year old injustice might yet be set right, and a

promised future can be fulfilled.


“Where are you

heading on a night like this?”

Kelan O’Shea tucked a flashlight

into his backpack and smiled. “I’ve got to get home, Maeve,” he replied. “You know


She pouted and shook her head

before coming to stand at his side. “They can manage without you for a night,


“And here was me thinking I was

indispensible.” He grinned and held up a hand when she would have tried to

dissuade him. “I have to go.” He ignored her glare and headed out the door.

Maeve was getting a little too clingy for his liking, and despite a lifelong

friendship, he would soon stop visiting her. She ran a wonderful stable with

excellent horses, and he enjoyed his hours spent on the trails. But… he laughed at his own thoughts,

always a but to ruin things.

He reached the stable and led his

horse out into the damp evening air. The storm had been torrential, holding him

up longer than he intended. He mounted and nudged the gelding into an easy

cantor. The animal was familiar with the route, and required little guidance.

He was only a mile or so from home

when the horse deviated from their usual trail. A minute or two later, Kel

spotted why. He reined in his horse and slid from the saddle in an easy motion.

The ground beneath his feet was slippery. He paused just long enough to be sure

he wouldn’t end up on his arse with his next step, then he crossed carefully to

the figure lying in the rain-soaked grass. He dropped his pack and hauled out

the flashlight. A quick once over twisted something unnameable deep in his

bones and he swallowed the reaction.

The unconscious woman he’d found

was a stranger. Her dark hair was soaking wet and tangled strings clung to her

ashen features. Blood stained one shoulder of her lightweight jacket. He

carefully picked her up and took her to the patient horse. It took him a few

minutes, but he got her positioned in front of him and he touched heels to the

sides of the gelding.

“Come on now, boy, we need to get

home in a hurry.”

The horse agreed, he picked up his


* * * *


“How is she


Seamus Payne was an old family

friend, and he eyed Kel for a few seconds.

“Why was she out there on the moor?

Even a stranger should have known better than to attempt that.” He closed his

medical bag before adding, “Why in hell were you out there?”

Kel shrugged. “I got delayed by the


“Know who she is?”

“Caragh McCarthy,” Kelan said. “She

was headed here, but wasn’t due for another day.”

“She the one you’ve been waiting


Kel hesitated, then looked at the

woman lying unconscious in the bed. “She might be. Is she going to be all


“Keep an eye on her, she may have a

slight concussion. She hit that rock pretty soundly. The bleeding’s stopped,

and the few stitches won’t need to be in long.”

“I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Payne had just reached the door

when Kelan stopped him with a question. “Did you see an abandoned car on your

way in?”

“Half a mile from where you found


“Can Robbie tow it here in the


“I’ll ask him when I get home, but

I’d say yes,” the doctor said. “I want to see her at the clinic, Kel. It would

be a good idea to get a CT scan. I don’t think she’s incurred a serious head

injury, but I’d rather be cautious.”

“I’ll bring her in as soon as

possible,” he promised.

When the door closed, Kelan pulled

up a chair and sat a short distance from the bed. Leaning back in his chair he

shook his head. “What the hell were

you thinking?” he mused.

Denyse Bridger Author Links: Website

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