Men For Hire

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I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Men For Hire is a super sexy, hot set of short stories they all revolve around a company with men for hire for any sort of fix it job you have and well if anything else happens along the way then its a bonus right 🙂 this box set is my favourite one so far each and ever story will have you oooing and arrghing as well as fanning yourself…. I no I was.

Look no further than this book because it is everything and more that you will want.

Got Muscle? by Tina Donahue

A new country a new out look on life.

Bree’s so certain that her company transferred her to there London office because she wasn’t one them skinny twiglets from the American staff. To change that, she’s bought herself all the makings of a home gym. Now all she needs is some help to put the lot together so she can get herself nice and trim.

David has muscle to spare and the rest. He is Tall, dark, and sinfully hot, he’s doing all these odd jobs just until he gets enough cash behind him to get his start-up off the ground. As far as he is concerned, Bree’s luscious curves do not need improving at all, all she needs is a man who can appreciate them. He knows just the right man for the job….. him, he will definitely give her all the exercise and more including all her needs.

A super sexy story I loved how the attraction and chemistry was bursting through the seams, David is a fabulous character he is the man all us BBW want as he appreciates our curves. Bree well she is exactly like you imagine she is self concious of her image but has a heart of gold.

And when these two are together wow explosion…..

Tina as always gives us the best of the best she is a master at her craft.

Ménage at Mealtime by Bella Settarra

Naomi Powell is wearily setting up everything for a dinner party where she hopes that she will be able to get her hands on a lucrative deal with a new publisher. Her ex, Richard, is also attending unfortunately with his latest bit of fluff, but this one is a killer as its her ex best friend, Paula.

When she hears the sound of a bird stuck in her chimney she places an urgent call to ‘Men for Hire’ for help. Unbeknown to her two of the most handsome gorgeous men, Aaron and James, come right in time to her rescue. Not only do they solve her problem, but they also woo her guests and give Naomi the most amazing hot time of her entire life…. yes it includes them all ménage-style!

However, a problem arises when Richard announces to them all that he wants Naomi back, will she follow go back to him or follow her heart?

I loved this book ménage is my favourite genre and I discover a new author as well big thumbs up from me.

Aaron and James are total swoon worthy fellas sexy as heck and good with there hands too boot…. the mind boggles I totally fell for them and loved how they helped Naomi claim back herself and maybe a happily ever after for them all.

Naomi is one of those character you root for right from the start she totally needed these two in her life and its such good fate on her part.

Bella is a super sexy magical writer that makes your heart go boom boom boom.

Calculated Risk by Michelle Roth

Stella Whitman has inherited her mother’s beautiful country home. But when she finds it in complete and utter disrepair she is in shock, luckily her cousin gives her the best suggestion ever that she call Men for Hire in search of a handyman to help her. When he turns up, she’s in for a shock especially when she stares in to his deep sexy chocolate brown eyes his rugged handsome self is giving her some incredibly inappropriate naughty thoughts.

Although he is instantly attracted to Stella, Ian Starling has told himself that they both need to keep everything strictly on the professional side. He has been hurt in the past and has vowed that it will never ever happen again especially for him. But everything Is soon too change especially now with Stella, it is becoming increasingly difficult as he gets to know the real her.. Then one night everything changes the heat becomes impossible to ignore and there flames ignite together as they become one.

Will these two be able to over come there pasts to create a brighter future?

I am a super huge fan of Michelle Roth everything she writes is just golden too me, not only that but she is so talented no wonder she has so many fans.

Stella she is a kick butt lady she is full of oomph and drive, but just like all of us women we have a past and some secrets. And opening up once again is hard for women and men that’s why I love the way Michelle writes she is able to connect with us the readers in such a fine way.

Ian aww bless him he is a little bit of emotional mess he totally had me from the start I was so invested in him, he is such a handsome sexy gorgeous swoon worth man….. can I have one like him please.

Marital Duties by Jennifer Denys

Delighted that her business ‘Men for Hire’ is doing really well, Jennifer had never expected that several of her clients would fall in love with her employees it astounds her. But heck at least they were all having a better intimate life than her. She is married and doesn’t even get the most basic of husbandly duties.

Then one evening an idea comes to her, and she completes one of her own employee request form, In it she asks for her husband to do his marital duties every single last one…. and she wants them all.

Rob is totally stunned beyond belief when he gets the request form which has been mistakenly sent out by Jennifer’s own assistant. Well, if his beautiful wife wants him to perform all of his manly duties, he would totally do that for her . Only, these would be different duties than she is asking for… and she is going to be shown how a true man looks after his wife.

This is the book we all wanted the one where we get to no the master mind behind Men For Hire and Jennifer Denys brings this too us brilliantly its artfully written in a way you can feel how much it drives the main character crazy it is like we are there watching it happen.

Jennifer is a busy business woman but yet lonely she misses her busy husband, her idea is genius yet she is about to embark on the most maddening few days of her life.

Rob is a typical over achieving man he does way too much and needs to step back and smell the roses. He has no idea how lonely and needy is wife is….. yes im sure we are all sighing typical man hear lol but he is totally and utterly in love with his wife so he sets about changing things.

I totally loved every single book in this box set the characters are all outstanding and the stories are all equal parts love and equal parts romance and intimacy. Yes I will admit I had my favourites Michelle Roth and Bella Settarra but every author is outstanding in different ways.

Look no further than this box set as it is utter perfection.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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