Love At Long Last


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Nichole Saints is a new author to me I always get excited before delving in to the book as you don’t no what your going to get and whether you will fall right in to the book and love the author. Well with this book Nichole Saints sucked me right in to the story I found myself saying one more chapter one more chapter and before I new it I was finished.

Sam has decided enough is enough he is going to take matters into his very own hands, in the hope that she would let up and finally tell him how she really feels. And if he that they will be riding of into the sunset together that easily …. then he was in for the shock of his life.

Mandy has all these feelings which confuse her she couldn’t have been more surprised when she found the very comfort she had been longing for in the last place she would have ever thought.

Tucker has always found himself taking a step back when it came to the love of his life Mandy. But not anymore. He gets up the nerve to finally take the chance that he has been waiting for, to make her see that there was more than just one man for her. And all she has to do is to open her eyes and see what’s right in front of her.

Caught in between two men, they find the perfect yet unconventional solution to there problems. A way for all of them to be together. But before this new found relationship can take of someone tries hard to get them back for a past wrong that they didn’t know had existed. They will all have to pull together and fight for there love and the very life they want to live.

This story does not disappoint at all Nichole Saints is a true master with words she brings to life such a touching beautiful romance it held me right from the start and the twists and the turns had me on the edge of my seat. I simply adore how Nichole brought all of the characters together it was spot on.

Now as for the characters they were everything you wanted and more you have Sam, Tucker and Mandy will give you everything seriously you get ton of emotions love and twists, what I loved about them all was how this wasn’t like your normal ménage it came together as a true union of love for one another.

Sam well he Is the typical stubborn man hot as hades and he of course he doesn’t see what is right in his face, this guy is totally loveable but yet he gets his idiot moments …. lol well don’t we all I loved those moments because it made him more real and easier to fall for.

Tucker now he is a man and a half he is totally sweet protective handsome as sin and well he is totally in love with Mandy he has always taken a step back and watched from afar but now is his time and yes the course of his plans change when Sam is included as well but well it all works out for the best, Tucker is the sort of character every girl wants and yearns for including myself I adored his soft side …. Swoon.

Mandy has always been in love with Sam things change quickly when Sam makes an idiotic mistake but that only opens her eyes up further and she sees Tucker…. how couldn’t she have seen him earlier and fallen for him not Sam, well she takes this on the chin and then some and soon learns that all good things come in three’s not two’s…. lol she is a brilliant character she is strong resilient and totally lucky as hell seriously I need me two of what she has.

Favourite excerpts there so passionate and sexy.

“He could feel her body being pushed firmer in to his. As he let go of her lips, he saw Sam at her back, gathering her long hair in his hands and moving it away from her neck. She arched her back, leaning against Sam’s chest as he kissed and licked at her shoulder and neck. He attacked the other side of her neck putting some space between their bodies, giving Sam room to maneuver “

“Do you know how beautiful you are, Mandy Baby? Do you know how much we want you?”
I need to add I loved the pet names they had for Mandy normally I hate them but this time I loved them they were sweet and endearing.

Seeing as this is Nichole First book I just don’t no how it can get any better she has so much talent, If your looking for a great read look no further.
This reviewer is hungry for more 🙂

5 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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