Lyric’s Accidental Mate


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

So we are back again with another book from the fabulous Elle Boon and not only that but it is a new series which I thought was no is unique and super sexy.

This new series is the Iron Wolf MC Clan.

In this book the primary focus is on Lyric Carmichael the ballsy beautiful she wolf who totally needs to get from under her brothers thumb and live life have fun.

We also meet Rowan Shade he is a smoking hot human who use to be a member of the Special Forces, he has had to fight many battles in his time been like this.

When a pack of rogue wolves attacked Lyric, she knows that she would have to fight for her very life. No where in her wildest dreams would she have expected help to turn up but in the most peculiar of forms…. a human male

Rowan wades right on into this fight to rescue the most gorgeous woman ever, this was second nature to him. But being bitten wasn’t, Lyric had too in order to save this human from a fate worse than death, Its not long before he finds out that there are super natural beings, and this takes a back seat to the instant bond he is feeling for this spell binding she wolf.

There Love may be new but fate has a funny way of bringing us what we truly need.

Now as Rowan and Lyric are exploring their new found relationship, the danger to there pack is escalating.

Even more so now when they find out that one of their own has betrayed them all, Now they will all need the strength and help of the entire MC pack in order for them all to survive and come out from this victorious.

What a brilliant start to a fantastic new series Elle Boon brings it every time she is super talented. As always Elle did not disappoint. The story twisted and turned and held my attention from start to finish.

Lyric is fearless and a force to be reckoned with she is so full on and a burst of wild hot energy. She made me laugh and blush and got me totally invested in her I love her potty mouth and how sassy she is especially to her brother even though she has too toe the line at times as he is the Alpha she knows were she can push his buttons. When she meets Rowan I found it amusing as she doesn’t realise this human is totally fearless as well.

Rowan is such a great night in shining armour he wades on in too help Lyric with no thought for his own life he is a true hero in my eyes. He adapts so well to his new life almost as if he was born in to it and his utter devotion to Lyric is simply stunning it truly brings tears to your eyes.

I have to mention Lyric’s best friend I totally adore her Syn is a total kick butt lady with the world as her oyster I cannot wait to see who she ends up with.

My favourite part well I would have to say its when Lyric’s brother finally notices that his sister has a mate the way Elle writes this is so amusing and fun its like your a part of the book watching in on this as it happens.

This story has a bit of everything suspense,romance,angst what more could you want and need than this book, I for one cannot wait to see whose book will be next fingers crossed I get my wish as im rooting for Syn.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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  1. Roxana Planck says:

    Hi Heidi I love reading your reviews, you have turned me on to so many books. Thank you!


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