Hot In The Saddle


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Randi Alexander is a new author to me I have often wondered what her books were like, and having this opportunity to review for her was great.

In this fast paced short novella we meet the ever so sexy Treven and the beautiful speed demon Delta, sit back enjoy how there story unfolds.

Treven Arnett is a horse wrangler and an off-duty firefighter, he happens to be the person that is the closest to Delta Pennington’s race car when it goes up in to a ball of flames and spins out onto the infield. Without a second thought for his own life or his own safety, Treven springs in to action Hurries over and in to rescue her, he manages to pull her to safety just in the nick of time as her stock car is engulfed by fire.

When Delta opens her eyes and looks straight up into the face of her rescuer who had risked his own life to save hers, but she notices that in his rescue of her he has been badly injured himself. So she decides she has to help him. So she stays at his home and helps working his small horse ranch until he’s recovered as well as helping him, but this hot cowboy makes it nigh on impossible for her to keep away from his hot passionate type of loving.

Now as these daydreams are coming to her of relocating to this beautiful peaceful part of Texas comes as a huge surprise to Delta especially now as they are growing ever so attached to each other.

But just as things are going great Treven learns a secret that Delta has this huge ulterior motives for her visit to his beautiful town, his anger gets to him and he explodes and kicks her out and tells her not to come back.

But someone else is even angrier with Delta and its not Treven this person is so incensed that they tampered with her race car. Does Treven really care enough for Delta to overlook her lies and step back up and into her life to help her find the very culprit that is after her?

Will they both learn from there mistakes and forgive?

Whilst I liked this book and I loved the story line and I fell for Treven I just felt it fell short of something its not because it was a short story which I learnt later on, it just felt a bit flat I needed more oomph and excitement in the middle and a bit more of lead up to the bad guy. Another thing which I found confusing was the words used for Trevens erection… a chubby I had to ask some of my American book friends if they had ever heard of it, if it wasn’t used in the context it was I would have had no idea at all.

Delta she is a kick butt woman she has racing in her blood and a whole load of gumption, but as much as she loves racing I could feel the longing inside her for more. She is a great character and a lot of fun. Even though she made me want to strangle her at times but then that’s what makes reading her even more fun.

Treven is a delicious cowboy as well as being a firefighter….. can I say yum he is a fantastic character and a hero I just loved him, he is hard soft yummy and everything you want in a man as well as being everything you want in a character even though he has faults and a temper.

I think Randi Alexander is a good writer and although I had a few things I didn’t like about the book im sure others will love it, I think I would like to read a full length novel of hers to compare.

3 Out 5 hearts From Cariad Books

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Hi Everyone! My name is Heidi and I hail from the beautiful city of Cardiff. When I’m not lost in a book you can find me crafting. I love to make and create unique and awesome author swag as well as custom designs, Jewellery and just about anything else that I can teach myself. I’m also a total film junkie, too. I love romances (obviously!), comedies and Disney films. My true passion in life, though? Reading. I love the way you can pick a book up and get immersed in it. While I read romance of all types, I especially enjoy menage and paranormal and all the naughty taboo books. I’m planning to blog most days of the week. It might be a cover reveal for an upcoming release I’m excited about or teasers. You’re most likely to find a review. Authors, if you’d like me to review your book, be sure to contact me!
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