An Heir for the Billionaire Werebears: A BWWM Paranormal Shifter Menage Pregnancy Romance


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This book was completely new to me just like the author and when I seen it tagged as a BWWM I immediately had to head to google too see what it meant …. I soon learnt lol.

Zeva has certainly had better days, especially before her father passed away. Now she is broke not just the normal kind either she is broke broke, she has been kicked out of college evicted from her home and is utterly poor. It hits her her hard and the damn bursts she breaks down in a flood of tears… Life for sure has done a complete turn for daddy’s princess. No longer can she spend to her hearts content.

It is gravely unfortunate, that her father had leveraged just about everything before he passed away. Now there is nothing at all left and the way her mother copes with it is found with copious amounts of alcohol. Out of nowhere she is rescued the most sexiest man alive, she follows him home and there she meets them both, Asher and his twin Xavier where they offer her a deal . But there is a catch? They are werebears and want Zeva to have their baby. In exchange she will have a year in their home which she can call her own, as well as education and enough money to get by with ease.

They may only be asking for a year, but will this time be enough when you’re talking about your mate? Or, will a year be just about the perfect amount of time to get to know each other well and to Strive to make this a lifetime together?

Maybe if the two were not having the struggle of there lives to continue being the leaders of their bear sleuth, they could of had the time the luxury to court their mate slowly and be romantic. But all of this is not the point when they just don’t have this luxury or the time either. Instead, the sex they have is raw and passionate and O so intense. Know there is certainly no question at all that this is love. Along the road is a rocky path that they will have to deal with together as well as a very unhappy jealous sleuth member that is up to no good at all.

Getting Zeva pregnant is the fun part, but having this heir and living happily together as a family will have its challenges and then some, but if these three stand together strong they will be the better for it.

This is a short and quick read and I really wish it had been a full length book because then it could have matured more and not crammed everything in so quickly and bounced around from one thing to another so quickly. Whilst I loved the concept of the book I really believe there was too much crammed in to it. Its hard to balance so many things where if this would have been kept simpler and not so much going on I believe this book would have had so much more potential.

I did love Asher and Xavier they were very sexy and intense and hard to read, where one was softer the other was harder sort of the yin and yang it was a perfect balance to there trio.

This is a good book and im sure with a fuller length novel I would fall in love with Alyse Zaftig, I hope in the future I can have a chance to read another of her books and see how her writing could and hopefully will progress.

3 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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