Unconditional Devotion


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

I had this book a few months back and I cannot believe I left it for this long….. silly me, Kayleigh Malcolm is an awe inspiring writer this book really brings home some hard issues that we have to go through in life.

Hannah Robinson has been battling depression it has destroyed Hannah once busy rewarding successful career as a defence attorney. But she cannot shake this relentless dark cloud of utter despair that hangs over her it makes Hannah truly question whether this fight for life is worth going on for much longer. That is until a very unexpected request from her upstairs neighbours leads her to a new-found joy which brings new life into her once dreary existence.

Soon there chemistry burns through and passion burns high for Hannah and her sexy as sin neighbours, but even fate is not as easy as that, as this new found trio will need far more than just erotic satisfaction from her, even with her struggle with mental illness.

Craig Ledet and Daniel Mire’s have been as close as brothers could ever get since their fateful days in the same neglectful foster home, There friendship has stood the test of time. Their bond was cemented upon the arrival of a child that neither of them ever knew about before the day she arrives on there door step. There family is now an instant one with so much bliss that the guys could have ever imagined, they are soon tormented by an unexpected vicious trail of unfortunate events that leads them to courts.

I cannot get over how amazing this book is it fills me with so much more than an everyday romance yes they are a trio so that is not the normal but Kayleigh Malcolm is a genius she is able to bring forth one of the most afflicting illnesses of today that so many of us have fought and battled with It is done in such a sensitive and gentle way for us to understand her plight. I just love how she has given us so much to think about mull over and for sure there where some brilliant twists and turns especially near the end which I thought was an amazing touch.

Hannah has had a tough life her parents are not the normal kind they are in the most kindest words I can think of… terrible they treat there beautiful daughter like poo, it truly killed me seeing how much strain they put on Hannah and they way they speak to her and about her omg I wanted to jump through the book and slap them silly. Not just that her job…. and what happens grr proper riled me up. The emotions Hannah brought forth to me where unlike any character I have ever read and that’s not even including what I felt for the men or little Amelia.

Craig and Daniel well these two men are something a force to be reckoned with that’s for sure they have had allot thrown at them and then some but they still keep fighting, after all they have there daughter to look after. Where one of the men is tough the other is softer there the yin and yang that every woman searches for. The minute they see how there daughter takes to Hannah they are entranced she doesn’t just take to anyone, they just no that she is worth everything and more so they offer her a babysitting job. They soon build up a support system for her like no other which captured my heart.

Favourite part of the book was when little Amelia goes over to Hannah and asks her to read a book for her I found that this scene was beautiful it was the little something that Hannah needed to pull herself out of her misery.

I also loved the peeks that we get in to the other people who live at Peacock Terrace Apartments the characters seem to have hearts of gold and truly want to support one another
I highly recommend this book and I am crossing my fingers we get another instalment from The Peacock Terrace Apartments in the near future.

5 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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