Trouble Walked In


I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

When I heard that Michelle Roth had a new shifter series coming out I was elated I just love paranormal romance and the fact that I no what an amazing author she is.

Trouble Walked In is the first be in The Forsaken Few Series.

From the very first moment Moira Devereaux saunters into shape shifter Ronan Kelly bar he just knows that this lady is going to be big trouble. In no time at all she proves him right, no matter how utterly tempting she is, he is not going risk the very safety of his makeshift pack they may be different but they are a family of sorts. He has every intention of sending her away… that is until he hears her story which makes him stop and re-evaluate the whole situation.

Moira’s father is the mayor of there town Lorelei, when he tries to force her in to marry a man she doesn’t even know , she does the only thing she can think of…. she runs to the very place her father won’t ever go. A local shifter bar. Nothing at all could have ever prepared her for what happens next … the pull the immediate and instant deep down attraction she feels for this man the owner of the bar, Ronan.

In a split second, Ronan decides to offers her a job in the bar as well as a place to stay he just cant seem to let her go. To his ultimate shock he discovers that Moira is his mate he cannot believe this chance encounter and he has discovered the other part of his heart and soul.

Will he ever be able to persuade her that he is worth the risk or will he have to let her go?

Every time I pick up a book by Michelle Roth I get so excited, her books are just the best they are so engaging loving romantic sexy titillating …. I could go on and on but I guess you all get the picture, This new series will capture the hearts of many it reminded me of all the lost causes the strays all banding together as one dysfunctional family.

When we first meet Moira we are all led to believe that she is a ballsy lady who is trying to con some of the shifters out of there money, but we soon learn she is nothing like what we first think. She is a lady on the run from her rich mayor daddy who wants to control her. She is not going to stand for any of his nonsense at all so going to one place her dad would never go to to seek refuge from his utter nonsense. Will she be able to find the right balance to her new found life or has she missed the obvious staring her right in the face.

Ronan is a lovely guy he appears harsh on the outside but all he wants is a peaceful life just how he has managed to build it, he has had such a painful past full of complications. Ronan is the type of character you want to hug the heck out of he is such a tough nut but he has a heart of gold, even though he new Moira was trouble he just couldn’t help himself stepping in to help after all he knows what it is like to have your world ripped apart as well as your hopes and dreams.

I just loved both of these characters I adored Moira’s Fierceness and Ronan how he doesn’t push her is truly remarkable and shows his goodness that radiates he saves her from such an awful fate. And I have to mention how much I totally hated her father I wanted to reach in to the book and smack him silly ……

My most favourite parts had to be. When Moira and Ronan are talking about mating mark and she freaks out your not peeing on me your not peeing on me…. lol it had me giggling like mad. And omg the love scene in the office will have you fanning yourself …. it is beyond sexy as hell.

This book stole a part of my heart it is truly outstanding so well written, it shows you how talented Michelle Roth is and how spell binding her books are to one and all. I truly hope we see more of Moira and Ronan as these two are a pair to be reckoned with.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books

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  1. Thank you for the fantastic review, Heidi ❤


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