Their Treasured Bride


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is the fourth book in the Bridgewater Menage series you do not want to miss out on any of the books in the series they get better with each book that Vanessa Vale brings to us.

Rebecca Montgomery had never expected to leave London and out to the American West, but this was a much needed adventure after her brother sweeps in and saves her from an imminent marriage of convenience. She also never would have expected her brother to go as far as marry her by proxy to a most trusted friend before he has the most unfortunate accident and dies on the journey.

She quickly has to discover that the Montana territory is totally different from England, and so are the expectations of a wife at the Bridgewater Ranch, As Rebecca soon learns she is married not just to one man Dashiell, but to his friend Connor MacDonald too say she is shocked is an understatement.

Dashiell McPherson had never expected to find himself wed to a woman let alone to one that he has never met, especially not to a prim and proper lady who has been raised to believe that her sexuality is something to be ashamed of and hidden behind clothes doors and in the dark rather than to enjoy it. Can a shy reserved woman truly accept having two husbands?

It is going to take ample amount of Scottish brash, a fair amount of persuasion as well as assurance and plenty of hot carnal pleasure to truly free Rebecca of all her inhibitions and show her how utterly loved and treasured she is.

Will Rebecca be able to get over her shy state?

Another heart stopping. sexy, panty dropping, delicious, western erotic ménage from Vanessa Vale. This book is truly a master piece not only did I connect with all of the characters as well as loving the interaction with past characters but I felt like this story was something new and fresh.

Rebecca wow she is a prickly little cactus …. lady I should say when we first meet her she is so prim and proper and O so English refined, she has had a difficult journey and her brother dying it such a senseless accident doesn’t help so she is all alone in the big old world. I thought Rebecca coped tremendously yes she was nervous and who could blame her but she went with it and was able to over come soo much with a little help of her new sexy husbands of course.

Dashiell and Connor mmm man O man they are sexy as sin dominant protective and mmmm did I say sexy I just love them both. I found them charming sexy and so patient even I couldn’t have that’s much patience as they have but I also got why they were so patient as Rebecca really needed it and with time the men they are able to get her to blossom and bloom and to get past her staid prickly properness.

My favourite parts of the book well I loved how when Rebecca questions Dashiell and Connor about there honour how where able to turn it around to her and to tell her how have we dishonoured you all we have done is show you love and care,it made me grin as it seemed Rebecca had her aha moment. My other fave part was how Rebecca just could not say certain words the f word seemed the big no no and how it took her till well I wont say as it would be a big spoiler, but she says it and when she says it I found myself laughing I had this big old smile on my face.

O and watch out for the surprise well two of them near the end of the book…. they are real good.

5 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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