Bound To Me


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

I just love finding new authors the excitement before I flip the pages of there books still grips me every time.

This is Piper Flynn début novel you do not want to miss out on this epic romance.

In the past whilst Katherine Robertson tries to explore her deepest darkest desires it fails completely and ruins her marriage. So she packs up and moves back to the small town she use to call home to rebuild her life with out shame. She is utterly content in this new life that she has built around her friends and family or so she thinks….Yet she pushes away her need for something more, something rather dark and taboo, Until one fateful day when a flat tire puts her in the very path of the one man that could meet all of her needs and much more.

Jack Kincaid has come from a very long line of dominant men. And his need for having full control in the bedroom calls for a very special kind of Lady. He cannot believe his luck when he stumbles upon a sweet and sassy, submissive Katherine she is changing a tire in the dead of the night. He has an pull towards her this petite sexy vixen, He vows to have her to bind her to him body and soul.

But a darkness is coming upon them both one that they are very much unaware of, this enemy has put them in the path of a psychotic killer who is intent on having Katherine for himself.

Will Jack be able to save her in time or will this new-found love end before it has even started…..

This book is a sinfully sexy Romance brought to us by the extremely talented Piper Flynn. I just love new talent and this book brings forth just that. So its no big thing to see me reading a hot BDSM book but this one offers you something completely different, in most of the BDSM books I read the women are the ones that are the ones to pursue or get gently persuaded in to the life style but in this book Katherine has tried and been told that what she longs for desires is not right. That is where divine intervention or maybe karma steps in with the sexy Jack Kincaid I am not going to give away any spoilers but I will say you will be so surprised but in a good way. You will be both excited and thrilled with this page turner of a book.

O Jack he is a man and a half and one I fell for him like so hard he is super sexy successful Dom he has been searching for the right special lady to complete him as well as his lifestyle. What I loved about Jack was how he would not give up on her he was determined he wanted her and he would have her even if it meant a sweet kind of persuasion, he is not the kind of man to be blown of. I just loved him he is a hard nut on the outside and with his lifestyle but he is also a teddy bear on the inside and he just knows how to treat Katherine in the right way which both made me smile fan myself and awww at his love for her.

Katherine is a determined lady she has been hurt in the past, told she was wrong for wanting these dark taboo things and basically used and abused. Now she has a new life she is relaxed and content but deep down she still yearns for her darkest desires. What I love about Katherine how she just doesn’t realise what a catch she is… yes all us women go through these spells even I am guilty of it but when she catches sight of Jack her world as she knows it changes for good, I Just adored how she fights Jack every step of the way its utter delight to read she sure is a feisty one.

My Favourite parts well I love the opening scene how Jack pulls over to help Katherine and how she is determined not to have help yet she really needs just that. The sexual chemistry is a humdinger and then some.

“The look on your face tells me you’re going to be stubborn about it so you have three options; stand there patiently while I change your tire, call an emergency service and I’ll stand here with you until they arrive or continue to attempt to change the tire and find yourself over my knee… and I’m still going to be the one changing it when I’m finished. Choose.”

omg the intimate scenes are to die for seriously….. so artfully written

“You’re the most beautiful thing when you let your pleasure take you.”

I also have to mention the villains wow they were super scary they made me want to hide seriously iv never had that before.

A big well done to Piper Flynn you were able to bring out so many emotions from me which goes to show that you are one incredible author.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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