Love Is In The Air

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I was gifted a copy of this wonderful anthology in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

When I heard these three amazing authors where doing an anthology together I was overjoyed I just new this would be the best anthology of the year. I love these authors so much.

He Should Have Been Mine – is the first book in the anthology.

Bradly has been given but a short timeline to get married he decides on an unusual plan and collaborate with Fiona who is a mutual friend to finally have the woman he has always loved and treasured to finally have the time to plan his wedding.

But who is the true bride?

Planning what would seem to be Maryanne’s very own wedding, she must hold everything back including her own emotions. To watch her two very best friends get married will very well ruin her. She has always loved Bradly & Fiona her lifelong friend. Can she really see it through?

It seems that for Maryanne, keeping her own emotions in check had reached its boiling point finally. And after she had beaten up the groom, and taken the engagement ring, as well as being left with a ruined maid of honour’s dress.

What will be of the wedding?

Who will be getting married after all?

A charming first story to this anthology it was a lot of fun but I found it rather scary as well in a good way Gods if he had done that to me wow……. the stories I would wind him up with for years and years to come lol 😉

I really liked the characters and found them very unique.

Holly Laffin is such a great writer I no you all will fall in love with her and want to read more.

Instant Family is book two of the anthology and I have to say it was my favourite, it is the story of Stephanie and Damin.

Stephanie Adams had always hoped that her life would change for the good. But things all change after she has to take responsibility for her niece and nephew, after her sister suddenly passes away. Her life becomes interesting to say the least.

One Day Steph just needs some help so she picks up the phone and rings Damin who she has a connection to that you will not expect. Damin proves to be all and more than she could have ever hoped.

Damin Hashwood knows that now he has Steph back in his world he will do just about anything to get her back in his arms for good. When he is given some new information, he begins to double no triple his efforts to get his one true love back with him forever.

This book made the whole anthology am telling you, Decota A. Jaymes is amazing, yes this is a short story but it packs allot of punch. and being that m/f genre is not her normal genre, Decota has seriously impressed me. It had everything and more in. I totally fell in LOVE with Damin he was such a humble rich hottie with a huge huge heart and then there was Steph she lost so much but fights back and gains a heap more. Can you tell how much I loved this story.

Bella’s Fairytale Is the third and final book of the anthology,

this book is a kind of fairytale romance that every girl dreams of.

Bella use to have a dream…. a gown that was made of the most finest silk… and most of all a man who loved her passionately and a life filled with pure happiness, loyalty, and most important of all ……. true love.

Unfortunately, dreams are very hard to come by now a days but Bella is determined.

She has been forced to experience a lot of pain and heartbreak on her long journey of trying to find “the one”. But little does she know, that her destiny has other plans for her when she meets not one man but two Adam and Stephan. These two men are a force to be reckoned with they set there eyes on Bella and now they no what they want and its her.

But is her heart really capable of loving two men.

This is the first book iv read by Samantha Potter and I am impressed. She has weaved a magic spell over my heart and I no now that I am a life long fan.

This is the only Ménage book in the anthology and yes they are my guilty pleasure for sure but I just loved everything about it. The characters were so strong and stand out in such a way that its easy for them.

Adam and Stephan are so different one a Doctor the other a policeman…. yum men in uniforms …… but they both want the same thing one woman that can love them completely.

Bella is a great character she goes out on the hunt for one man yet she ends up having feelings for two she has allot of challenges ahead but I loved how she over comes them.

The ending of this book is O so sweet I loved it.

I only wish I could give this anthology more than a 5 as it deserves it.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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