Penalty Play


I was gifted a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is Book Three of the Power Play Series.

When i read Lynda last book i new she was an author to watch out for in the future so when i got picked to review this book i was so happy to be back with the Glaciers.

Minnesota Glaciers’ starting defence man Henrik Grenick is good at two things, hockey and sex. He has it all the career, the body, and the babes. But this steady parade of women through his life and bedroom just leaves him stone cold and wanting something more. Until he meets the lovely Jacqui, she awakens a hunger he never knew he craved.

Jacqui Polson is so Fiercely independent and has no time at all for this sexy seductive hockey player demanding her full attention. she is more band Geek than bimbo, she is so different, and growing up with her four hockey mad brothers has left her with no real interest in that world. But Henrik is so hot. And when it comes to sex, she knows exactly what she wants and needs.

As their relationship heats up, Henrik knows he needs much more than just Jacqui’s touch, but of her. Jacqui soon discovers there is so much more to Henrik than just his gruff façade.

Both of them have had a lifetime of fighting their own battles, neither has let anyone ever get so close. They both soon find out,that needing someone is far from a weakness, it’s the only thing that matters …. love.

I was ecstatic to be back with the Minnesota Glaciers, i fell hard for the players in book two of the series, now in book three we have another unique story which is set to pique all Lynda’s readers curiosities.

That is just one thing i love about Lynda and her writing/story telling abilities.

Henrik has everything or so everyone thinks he starts of as a complete push over with a grumpy gruff exterior but that is a mask he wears underneath he is in a world of pain and a past full of regrets, His character cries to me, You no he just needs a good woman at his side.

Jacqui wow she has had it tough her life has not been easy at all she has suffered something fierce, she is a music major with the world as her oyster. then she meets the sinfully sexy Henrik even though she turns him down Henrik does not give up, he gets what he wants. She a strong woman and has such an amazing family.
I loved the banter between Jacqui and her family it made me smile you can feel the love pouring out of them, and her brothers made me laugh out loud.

I can see how Henrik fell for Jacqui, she is different not like the bimbo’s who made him a pushover she is his equal his other part of his soul.

One of my most favourite parts in the book was when Jacqui brothers ask Henrik to play guitar with them and how everyone including his team mates bet that he cannot play. and heck he shocks them all with how incredible he is. Vanessa made me laugh smile emoticon

be aware there are sometimes this book may cause you to shed a few tears…. i no i did, i sure love books that bring out your emotions. Now im sitting not so patiently for the next instalment from this series.

4 Out Of 5 hearts From Cariad Books

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