A Thousand Years Dead

I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

So im a Mega Huge Fan of Ashley Malkin, I devoured all of her books from the Eminence series, when i finished Jordanna i messaged Ashley asking if Aiden would be getting his own book i was delighted when she said yes.this book picks up where we left of with one of the characters Aiden whom we met in the last book Jordanna.

Aiden O’Connell has waited such a long time for his mate her discovery is both a pure joy and a huge revelation. She brings with her a secret that will threaten the entire vampire race and maybe even him.

When Kaitlyn Winters leaves her home to embark on a new career, but this career doesn’t bring her what she thought, what it brings her is a terrifying frightening reality that vampires do exist. She escapes them but just barely and all while she is seriously injured, she soon finds help even if she passes out, now she must learn to trust another vampire as he claims that she is his mate.

When a call for help is answered by Mountain lion shifter Sean Marland, He finds not only has his world changed but he also finds his mate and he learns that he is not her only mate, he is to share her with a creature he never new existed.

As this trio grows closer together they all learn to accept their differences they fall deeper and deeper in love. they find that not only is Kaitlyn’s secret out but it puts her at an even biger risk from her attackers, but it also makes her a target for all vampires.

Can this trio love survive?

How amazed am i that Ashley can create such a unique story as well as include two different sets of men that are totally different one being a vamp and the other a shifter, what a great mix up i loved how these men came together as one to protect there mate.

After meeting Aiden in Jordanna i new he needed his own book,he was crying out to me i sensed his sadness and how lonely he truly was, yes when he meets Kaitlyn at first he is a bit of a douche but i think he was truly confused,Sean soon puts him in his place especially after he see’s how his words have effected his mate.

Now Sean he is a sweetie so handsome and just as protective as Aiden, i love his sweet side how he cares for Kaitlyn and how he can open his heart and life for not just his mate but Aiden as well you can see the bromance starting as they work in sync to bring down these rogues after there mate.

Now Kaitlyn she is just working when she gets attacked and then she finds not one but 2 mates….. her world is about to change as well as finding out some information from her father ( wicked twist 🙂 sorry no spoilers) i found her endearing and quite lovely, as well as feeling a little bit sad for her having no mum.

I so wanted to kick those vamps butts who hurt Kaitlyn i found myself becoming so riled up oooo how i wanted to hurt them ……. see thats how much emotion Ashley can bring out in her readers.

We are also left with a little cliffhanger Meg who is Kaitlyn’s friend 🙂 o Meg don’t fight this love i will have them if you do not want them lol.

Another Fantastic book from Ashley i am on tenter hooks for the next book…. yes i no i am such a greedy reviewer.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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