Taming Two Fires

I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is book one of Hearts of Heroes.

Rayne O’Gara is a totally new author to myself and when i got offered the chance to review this book i jumped at it, within a few pages i was a goner, I just new it was going to be a long night as i had to finish this amazing book. Not only did i love this book but i was glad to see POV for each character i no its not to everyone liking. .

After a horrid breakup, shy and curvy Caitriona Douglass works extremely hard to get herself and her life back in order. Her best friend, Sofie, convinces her that the best way to do that is to get out and socialize, forcing her out of hiding away.

Cait has always been so unsure of her curvy body so when she get’s the attention of not one, but two sinfully sexy handsome fire fighters, she is shocked and a little cautious of their motives.

Alex and Roman are best of friends and roommates,one is soft and very easy going, the other is hardened and rough around the edges. When Alex pushes Roman to attend there company picnic, Roman realizes it may have been the best decision that his friend has ever made as they both become enchanted by the woman with the curvy luscious figure. Now all they need to do is convince her that they are a packaged deal.

Will Cait risk her heart to find true love once and for all? Can these sexy fire fighters convince the shy, luscious beauty that she needs them both to be truly happy?

But all is not as it seems when the fire starts to hunt them, will they all survive from being burned?

This story is a romantic one with an edge of thrill and suspense and some wicked humour which will make you LOL, i no i did. My most favourite LOL moment was when Cait discovers a certain tattoo smile emoticon

This book is different to some of the other ménage books i have read as it has POV which not a lot of writers use i first came across it in another authors book so it is not new to me, but what i did like is that the characters name was at the top each chapter so it was easy to follow.

As for the characters they were spot on Cait a curvy red head with insecurities and a horrible past with men so no wonder she is cautious, i loved how she broke free of her mould and embraced loving these two sexy men.

Alex well he certainly made me laugh, what a sexy sweetheart where he is soft, Roman is hard with a past that has made him so tough, But Cait is able to break him free of the ice surrounding his heart.

I also really liked the secondary characters, especially Cait’s bestie, Sofie. She was such a spitfire i so enjoyed her sassy attitude. She is someone you can totally relate to as well as wishing she was your bestie.

I must not forget Cait ex mike what a total a hole i wanted to crawl in to the book and smack him silly, i totally loved the epilogue where karma totally bites mike on the butt smile emoticon ( evil Grin ) who doesn’t love a touch of revenge.

A truly sexy fantastic book i cant wait to read the next book in this series.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Book

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