Revenge & More

I was provided a copy of this fantastic book by the fabulous author herself, in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Siren Books are my guilty pleasure they have some of the best authors ever and Tanya Kelly is no is just that amazing, she was a new author to me so when this book opened up on my kindle i was truly excited.

This is the second book in Tanya new series it follows on from Lace & More it can be read in order or as a standalone.

Kim Morrison knows she has a few indulgences in her life that cause tongues to wag, with her fondness for sexy stiletto heels, Good wine, loud music, and hot as sin guys.

She loves her single life. Monogamous relationships and happily ever afters just dont work for her they are just fairy tales. Kim once made the biggest mistake of her life she fell in love, and she doesn’t ever plan on repeating it again. But a girl’s got to have some real male company she can’t rely on just toys.

Damon Black is back, he has changed allot since his time in Beechfield he has made something of himself he is a Millionaire land developer, he has one purpose on his mind. Revenge. From the very moment he sees Kim, the one woman who betrayed him, he is engulfed by the memories he thought were long dead and buried.

Determined to get his vengeance one way or another, Damon sets about on a course of destruction. But as the passion once again re-ignites between them, Kim is convinced that she can enjoy just the mind blowing sex without getting too emotionally involved.

But when there past collides with the present, they must re-evaluate everything especially Damon… Will his hatred cost him his one and only love?

What an entrance sexy Damon makes he not only made me shiver with excitement but he thrilled me from my head to my toes this is one Millionaire that’s on a mission but is it really revenge or love, Damon was wronged by Kim’s parents and he has a grudge a score to settle. Damon screams wealth sex appeal and an edge of loneliness which creeps through even more when he see’s Kim again.

Kim always believed her parents and that Damon was a thief she never though otherwise even though she lost a piece of her heart the day he left town in such shame and disgrace. now all these years later hear he is an even sexier version of what he used to be and all filled out in the right places.

I Love how pain and passion brings these two back together there chemistry is wicked hot, it made this reviewer melt especially reading the intimate scenes. The pace of the story is great its so easy to follow you cannot miss anything or get confused. I also enjoyed Kim’s friend Lacey popping in and out of the story.

Im leaving you with one my favourite excerpts from the book which will make you melt.

“Umm, dinner?” she asked, personally not giving a shit about eating. The only thing she was hungry for was him. “I’m starting with dessert,” he replied in a hoarse voice before lifting the hem of her shirt and yanking it over her head.

This reviewer cannot wait for more from Tanya Kelly.

5 Out Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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