Consumed Part Three by Cee Cee Houston & Mia Sparks

Release Date February 25th

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Consumed Part 3 LIVE NOW!!!!

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Cole finally gets his girl. It’s been a long hard battle to get them here. But, the satisfaction will be worth the wait.

Cole and Sierra are madly in love but, Cole doesn’t quite realise it… yet. Everything is going great, they’ve had a fantastic summer. At least, until their parents come home. Then they have to get inventive.

Sierra thought that making love with Cole was hot and exciting before. Now, it’s even better as the thrill of being caught heightens every tiny moment they share!

But, during a trip to Vegas for Cole’s 21st birthday, something happens and it threatens everything they have built together, however tenuous that might have been.

Cole is forced to make a hard decision and to take responsibility for something he didn’t do. When Sierra discovers the consequences of his actions, she does the only thing she can.

Cole will have the biggest fight of his life to make things right.

Can he fix all the mistakes? Or, will he lose everything?

Truths and lies will be brought out into the light. Will they survive the storm?

Or will they be…

Consumed by lust…

Compelled by honour…

Or Captivated by love…

Now and Forever.


Growling to myself about teaching her a lesson, I stepped out of my shoes and tugged my socks off, then stood up and slowly began to unbutton my shirt cuffs. By the time she’d swum the full length and came back to where I was standing, I was onto my shirt buttons.

The water splashed as she turned onto her back and I smirked, waiting for her eyes to open, which they did, and then fell on me. Her body jerked in surprise making her arms windmill as she righted herself. Once she had regained her balance, she floated in front of me with rivulets of water streaming over her forehead and cheeks.

“Hi,” I smiled benignly down at her and undid more buttons. Sierra’s eyes snapped to what my hands were doing and unveiling, then she averted them as heat coloured her cheeks.

I pulled the front my shirt free from my pants, the back was already hanging out courtesy of her frantic fingers earlier. Shrugging out of it, I turned slightly and tossed it onto the lounger behind me.

Sierra had finally lifted her still pink face when I turned back, so to make this a memorable moment, I gave her a sexy body builder pose that made her giggle. Feeling charged with excitement I reached for the button of my dress pants.

“Cole?” she whispered, her eyes going wide with uncertainty as she gazed up at me. “What are y-you doing?”

“What does it look like,” I replied with a smug grin. “You wanna do it?” I tapped the fastening suggestively, then ran my hand over my swollen cock. It jerked against my palm as I cupped the shaft and squeezed it, running my hand down then back up.

Sierra’s eyes closed as she muttered. “N-o-o, I don’t.”

“Aww, come on, I was looking forward to that.”

“Huh, you were?” she asked and opened one eye but when she saw I was still half dressed she opened the other. She stared up at my bare chest as hers rose and fell above the waterline.

“Of course,” I stated plainly. “I like it when you touch me.”

The button popped and I pushed the zipper down inch by torturous inch, feeling a smile tugging at my lips at Sierra’s gulping reaction to the realization of what I had planned.

“A-aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked, swinging her head anxiously from side to side as she searched the pool area.

“Nope,” I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”

“What about your swimwear?” she gasped.

“Nah, I don’t need any,” I laughed. “I’m totally fine going without.” I gazed down at her and felt my smile grow wider at her shocked expression.

“S-so you’re just…” She trailed off and just watched me with disbelieving eyes.

“Coming… in,” I elucidated for her with a mocking tilt to my brow. “Naked.”

“C-c-coming?” she squeaked, forgetting the ‘in’ part in her agitation as she swam backwards away from me.

“Fuck, baby, I like hearing that word from your pretty little mouth, you make it sound so dirty,” I said in a deadly earnest voice as my gaze flickered over her pink cheeks and shocked eyes. “So, yes. I am coming in.”


About The Authors


Cee Cee Houston is a stay at home mother and full-time author with 2 grown-up children, a hubby plus a dog and cat. She spends her days in her book world writing what her characters tell her to. She likes to cook and make pretty things not just stories.

She published her debut novel, Run From Me in February 2015 and since then has gone on to write and publish 5 more. Three of these books, Consumed Parts One- Three of The Hots Studs series are co-writing with Mia Sparks. Follow Cee Cee and keep up with all her latest news on amazon, Facebook and twitter.


Mia Sparks, is a part-time author and full-time mom. She has a husband and 3 kids. Dogs and cats abound in her household. Life is never dull around her. When she’s not writing super sexy stories, Mia can be found at the gym or the store and most often, chauffeuring her kids to and from school time activities.

She loves arts and crafts. She loves to eat but isn’t so keen on the cooking side of things. She loves music and of course, reading. She loves nothing better than to curl up with her kindle in a quiet spot and get lost in her books. Even in her basement, which is where she goes to write. Follow Mia and keep up with all her latest news on her books and goings-on.

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