Captive Desire


Jack and Morganna are at it again, tag teaming up a set of stories for you! In our first tale, Laurel McGovern is a timid woman who’s been raised by her overbearing uncle, Albert. Even as an adult, he kept her under thumb, working for him and living in one of his buildings. But all of that is about to change… Mark is used to having his way with women. When one catches his off-guard and ties him up, a mixture of anger and lust form inside of him. He needs his mystery Goddess, in many more ways than he can explain. What happens when he discovers the timid waif Laurel is his fierce Goddess? For our second story, we find ourselves in New York, circa 1962, following the Lust demon Roxanne yet again. Her master, Beelzebub has sent her here with one task in mind – to execute the assassination of JFK. Now what she does as long as that task is performed is up to her. With New York and Dallas as her playgrounds, Roxanne rediscovers the humanity inside of her that one Captain Argus Fletcher helped cultivate centuries prior. Will Roxanne submit to her master’s will? Or will she find the inner strength that’s always been just beneath the surface? Red With Lust answers all these questions, and more!
*Publisher note – Captive Desire is a re-mastered edition of a web story first published on author’s blog. This book contains spanking of adult women and sexual situations if this offends you do not buy this book.
Excerpt 1
“Now, what was it that I promised you exactly, Goddess?” She felt heat fill her neck and spread slowly up into her face. Laurel wanted to look away from the intent in his eyes but found she couldn’t. “I … I …,” Laurel was surprised at the high squeak of her voice. “You can tell me, Goddess,” he waited, looking at her expectantly. “I …you said …you said that you’d spank me…” she blushed even deeper and finally managed to look away, unable to say the rest. “Yes, I said I would spank your sweet ass, but … what else did I promise?” Laurel shivered helplessly, caught in the web of her own desire, “You said you’d … you’d take me until I begged you to stop.” “Then I have a busy night ahead, don’t I, Goddess?” “But you already spanked me!” she cried. Mark chuckled, “A few love taps hardly constitute a spanking Goddess. Don’t worry you’re going to get everything I promised you and then some.” Helpless tears began to gather in her eyes, as he grabbed her firmly by the waist and lifted her slightly, freeing her cuffed hands from the hook above her head. Slowly, he lowered her, letting her body slide down the front of his, causing her to gasp anew at the delicious friction. Grabbing her face gently between his hands, Mark studied her with a soft gaze as he used his thumbs to wipe away the tears that had begun to trickle slowly down her cheeks. Her breath caught at the tenderness she saw in his face and some of the tension coiled deep inside released. Mark wasn’t going to hurt her; she was safe from any real harm. In that moment Laurel made the decision to accept whatever the night brought. She could deal with the fallout later…for now all she had to do was feel. Mark placed a soft kiss on her forehead when he saw acceptance and submission to her fate.
Excerpt 2
With a gentle tug to her bound hands he guided her naked form across his strong thighs. He marvelled at the beauty of her rounded bottom, a little pink from his earlier attentions, running a hand across the full cheeks almost reverently. Laurel squirmed in delight at the gliding caress. “You be still,” he admonished with a sharp smack to her left cheek. She stilled with a hissing gasp at the hot sting. “Good girl. You know you deserve a spanking, don’t you? You’ve been terribly naughty.” The feeling lying across his thighs, naked, with her bottom, arched high for his attentions was indescribable. The fact that he was still fully clothed made her feel helplessly vulnerable and nervous. He raised his hand high and brought it back down on her other cheek leaving a biting sting in its wake, “Don’t you agree that you’ve been terribly naughty, Laurel?” Several more stinging swats accompanied the question. She yelped and jerked across his knee as her bottom began to fill with heat. “Yeeeesssss,” Laurel finally managed to hiss from between her teeth. “Yes, what?” More crisp smacks placed low on the under curve of her bottom brought her head up with a jerk. What did he want? She was suddenly frantic to answer his question correctly, “Yes, I’ve been terribly naughty!” His response was to pull her in tighter and began to spank harder, “Sir. Yes, I’ve been terribly naughty, Sir.” “Yes, I’ve been terribly naughty Sir!” she yelled, as he continued to pepper her bottom with searing heat. Mark smiled at the urgency in her tone as he ran a hand across her hot bottom. It was now a lovely deep shade of pink. Laurel bit back a moan as his hand rubbed across her stinging backside. Suddenly, the stinging heat was almost a pleasure spreading its warmth to other areas. She couldn’t help but to lift her bottom against his hand, needing something more from him, but not quite sure what. “What happens to naughty young ladies, Laurel?”
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