Precious Cargo


Squeals a new series from the amazing Sarah Marsh Gimme yes that was my response when i got this book only last night. Every book i read by this author is amazing i can see how much her writing has progressed and gotten better and better with each new book she brings out.

Alison Baker has woken up too a nightmare… she has been kidnapped by monsters. She is in utter shock yet she has too deal with it in the best way that she knows how to…one day one step at a time.

When it comes to her future, Alison will have to learn to open up her mind as well as her heart if she has any hopes to survive this strange new world that she is in.

When Clan Drogan’s ship gets attacked by pirates, their spoils of war come in the most unexpected of all packages. The Clan have never met any female like Ali before, she is a human and that’s a biggie in itself but she also has all these qualities about her she is sweet has a very caring nature and draws them to her like moths to a flame.

But the men have their own commitments. Will they all be able to decide once and for all if the woman they’re promised to is the right one for them? Or will they take a huge risk on there attraction to Ali?

Ali knows that Conn, Kal, and Tannen are all spoken for, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have feelings…. right? she just cant seem to help herself. They all introduce her to so all this pleasure that she’s never even imagined.

So how can just a taste of this ever be enough? Will Ali be able to find the ultimate of strength’s to stand up and fight for what she wants or should i say the Clan she wants or will she lose the three men that she loves so much.

So what can I say about this amazing book which can show how much I loved it well the fact that Sarah Marsh is one of the queens of Sci Fi Romance helps as well as the fact that readers no that the author does not write weak story lines…. yes she is amazing the whole world building the descriptions of the Clan right down too there skin colours…. you feel like you are there that you can actually see with your own eyes what is unfolding in front of you…. well its nothing short of epic.

The characters are just all awesome I loved each of them for different reasons Con well he is the captain the strong fearless leader Tannen the hot Doctor and Kal the flirt the one too make you laugh and swoon all at the same time as well as being a risk taker…. mm its so hard too choose a favourite, It really is. But one thing I love about them all was there unity there love for one another they are a team/Clan. And there is Alison she was just an ordinary woman live a normal yet boring life on Earth but now she is on the adventure of her life and then some… wowza, see what I loved about her is as much as she was scared was as much as she was fascinated with the guys the way they were travelling and the very things around them her curiosity was an added bonus an extra for us the readers too see it through her eyes.

Hear is one of my favourite excerpts I loved it because of the sheer passion and the flirtatiousness of Kai.

“I see I’ve arrived just in the nick of time.” Kal smiled as he walked up to the couple and ran a finger gently along Alison’s flushed cheek. “Is there room for one more?”

He loved the way her blush got brighter as she bit her lip and nodded yes to him. Conn lifted his head from nibbling on her neck, and Kal slowly leaned in to take the other man’s mouth in a sultry, deep kiss. Alison’s breathing became even more rapid and her eyes went heavy with lust as she took in the scene before her.”

A truly amazing read one which will have you glued to your seat for hours and keep you reading and reading till you get too the end where your left with a happy yet sad feeling that the book is over… And now you need you want more. I do hope there is many more books too come.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books.

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Hi Everyone! My name is Heidi and I hail from the beautiful city of Cardiff. When I’m not lost in a book you can find me crafting. I love to make and create unique and awesome author swag as well as custom designs, Jewellery and just about anything else that I can teach myself. I’m also a total film junkie, too. I love romances (obviously!), comedies and Disney films. My true passion in life, though? Reading. I love the way you can pick a book up and get immersed in it. While I read romance of all types, I especially enjoy menage and paranormal and all the naughty taboo books. I’m planning to blog most days of the week. It might be a cover reveal for an upcoming release I’m excited about or teasers. You’re most likely to find a review. Authors, if you’d like me to review your book, be sure to contact me!
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  1. Heidi I’m so glad you loved it! Thank you for a great review!


  2. Reblogged this on Sarah Marsh and commented:
    The first review for Precious Cargo! Thank you to the wonderful Heidi Rundle at Cariad Books for a 5 out of 5 Hearts review!


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