Kellen’s Tempting Mate Review


We are back with yet another amazingly yummy instalment from Elle Boon’s Iron Wolves, this is the book I have been waiting for after seeing the characters love and lust from afar I was overjoyed that finally its there turn….. and o mama you are in for one saucy delicious and tempting rides….. and not just that we have Vampires and Fey thrown in too the mix as well and a cross over with Elle other wolves…….. squeals amazing amazing.

Laikyn O’Neil has been in love with Kellen for years. Thinking that she could to prove her love to him, she set out on a mission to learn how she could be the perfect submissive, only to find herself needing a saviour.

When Kellen Styles turns up at the club and does a double take as he finds Laikyn there…..its the last place he would have ever expected to find her, of course he swiftly rides in to her rescue, but then doesn’t stop his dominant needs from taking over.

Sure that he has moved way too soon, he gives in and backs off to give Laikyn the time to come to terms with the fact that they are mates. Instead she ups leaves him, thinking that he just doesn’t want her.

Kellen is knows he will claim his tempting mate… he has to… he will earn her forgiveness, and nothing and no one will stand in his way as he goes about getting her back.

When their comfortable world as they know it is suddenly rocked off its axis by vampires, fey and well more, the whole pack will have to unite as one with not just themselves but with these strangers in order to bring down and defeat the very beings that threaten themselves there lives and those they love the most.

Will they unite?

What will happen with Kellen and Laikyn?

Omg this book is superb I truly do not now how the author does it but wow she blew me away with her witty writing her cross over between her books and all the different species she used…… Miss Boon certainly spiced it up and then some.

And the characters…… o the characters we have Laikyn the super smart witty Doctor she ran before from everything her friends her family and well.. Kellen she just didn’t know how too handle things. But now she is back and has matured smartened up and opened her eyes too more, she knows Kellan is her mate but will she have the guts too reach for what she wants?

Kellen is the Alpha he is super sexy and knows he let the best thing in his life get away from him, so he seizes the opportunity when he hears that Laikyn is in need of help…. yes he still wants too tan her hide….. but she is his and he will prove that. See he is a good man yes he had a major brain fart when he let his mate go but he learnt his lesson and he will not make that same mistake ever again.

Not only are the main characters just brilliant but we also have past characters that pop in through out the book and we have new ones like the Vamp twins and omg…… I so have a major crush on these two…. fingers crossed we don’t have too wait long for there book assuming they will have one as I no I will lose my heart all over gin just as I have with Kellen.

Hear are some my favourite quotes from the book

You make all my good intentions fly out the damn window”

I’ll always protect you, You come first,

middle, and last in my world. My every

waking breath will be filled with your


The last one is my personal favourite it makes me shiver and swoon all at the same time.

Kellen’s tempting Mate wasn’t what I expected it too be … it was a whole lot more and then some I loved how we got too see how Laikyn and Kellen fall in love it was more Kellen falling and well Laikyn catching him as if it was always meant too be.

A truly magnificent read.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books.

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