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new adventure in science fiction romance begins…

The New Earth Series, by bestselling author Felicity
Kates, is a serial science fiction romance story set in a futuristic dystopian
world, where hope for the future of humanity is in danger of being lost to
despair. At times humorous, and filled with sizzling chemistry, the series will
take you on a journey through intriguing twists and turns, smiles and tears, as
Dr. Peyton Chase and his android companion, whom he affectionately calls Hell,
must discover the true meaning of love before they can reach their HEA.
Each part of the story is meant be read in sequence.
The series of books are scheduled to be published on a monthly basis beginning
January 2016.

Doll—Part One 

January 6th, 2016
  The beginning part
of the series where the conflict involving the New Earth colonies is introduced
and Peyton and his android Doll meet.
Genre: science
fiction romance
Tags: android, dystopia, post-apocalyptic, futuristic,
cyberpunk, short story.
Length: 20 000 words approx.

For readers aged 18+. Contains sexuality, adult
situations and graphic language
epub, mobi. Paperback TBA. Audio is not available at this time.
cents US/UK/CA/AU

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isn’t what the doctor ordered, but she’s just what he needs
1000 years after
Earth has been devastated by a viral plague, the few survivors turn to genetic
engineering and advanced robotics to ensure the future of the human race. But
not everyone is happy with artificial life living amongst humans, least of all
Peyton Chase, a doctor with a harrowing past.
When he’s
‘gifted’ with a state-of-the-art companion that he can’t send back, Peyton is
far from pleased. She’s sentient. She’s sexy. She’s everything he doesn’t want
complicating his life. He nicknames her Hell. She nicknames him lots of
unladylike things, at least in her mind. Because there are rules to a
relationship like theirs. Master and Slave. She’s supposed to obey him in all
things. But if that’s true, why can’t she stop meddling in his life?
time is running out for Hell. Her own desperate past is about to catch up to
her with deadly results.


“You saved my life when it would’ve been easier to let me die,” said
Hell. An incredible realization, especially considering killing her had been
the thought most on Peyton’s mind when he’d initiated the scan. “Why?”
The warmth of his arm pulled away, but his comforting scent lingered. He
picked up a nearby cloth and busied himself with wiping down the scanning
array’s control panel. “I swore an oath once, to help those in need regardless
of personal opinion.”
“But you don’t practice regularly anymore. Doesn’t that relieve you of
clinical obligation?”
A flush spread from the deep “V” of his tunic and up his neck. His gaze
snapped to hers, hot and hard. “Would you rather have died?”
“No.” Ignoring the numb tingle in her limbs, she twisted so her feet hung
off the scanner bed and touched the icy floor. “I’m grateful for your help. But
I don’t want to be an obligation. I’ve caused you enough trouble already.”
Chest suddenly tight, she sucked in a breath. “Is there someone else here that
I can stay with?”
“You want to stay with someone else?” He tossed the cloth down on the
scanning bed, his lips a thin line.
“No, but I figured it’s what you wanted.”
“What I want—” he snapped, then stopped. He turned away from her, his
body rigid as he thrust his fingers through his dark hair. His face was set in
hard lines when he turned back to her. “What I want is to keep you safe. You’re
the most important thing that’s ever happened to humanity, and those bastards—”
He stopped again, as if whatever the bastards in question had done was too
difficult for him to say. He shook his head and tried again. “I got a call from
Markus Willbright from The Factory, just before you woke up. They’re looking
for you, Hell.”
Willbright. Willbright. “Wait…” She clutched her temples as she slid off
the scanner and stood. “I remember him!” She glanced at Peyton and caught his
grim nod. But the excitement, whisking through her at the fact she could
actually remember something, quickly faded. Why did that name make her feel
uncomfortable? She had a vague impression of a quiet man of mixed Asian
ancestry who’d come to see her in her glass-walled room. He’d only ever looked
at her and tapped on his tablet, recording whatever it was that scientists
recorded, then disappeared again behind closed doors. But Peyton obviously
hated him by the anger flaring in his eyes.
“What did you tell him?”
“I lied. I told him I’d never heard of a Bio-roid before, let alone seen
one, and said I was quite happy with my new Factory-made sex doll, thank you
very much.”
He’d lied to protect her? She sat back down on the scanner with a thump.
“Did he believe you?”
“Probably not.” Peyton’s attention was fixed on retrieving a data cube
from the scanner array, the handsome planes of his face set hard. Clearly all
of this was a burden to him that he’d rather not carry.
“Wouldn’t it have been easier to have just told him the truth and sent me
The flush deepened across his cheeks, giving his tired expression a
fevered cast. “No.”
“Because of this.” He held up the translucent blue data cube for her to
see before closing his fingers over it again. “I managed to piece together some
of the fragmented engrams rupturing your hippocampus.”
“And?” she prompted after it became apparent he wasn’t going to say
anything further.
“And, like I told you before, you’re never going back to The Factory
soon…in February 2016! The New Earth series continues.
Doll—Part Two

Peyton has his hands full in part
two…and Hell likes it. A lot. Mostly. Especially when he’s holding her. But is
there a place for her in his life? If it’s not enough that the revelations of
her past at The Factory threaten to break their relationship apart.  Betwee

n the appearance of Peyton’s meddling Aunt Joanna, a truly horrible
breakfast, a chance encounter with an ex-lover, and the crack of a whip on his
ass, Peyton may not survive to see what life with Hell has in store for him

Peyton’s Doll—Part Two:
the truth won’t always set you free…is coming in February 2016.
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the Author~

Felicity Kates is a mild-mannered manager by day. At
night, she trades in her high heels for bunny slippers and lets her imagination
run wild. Felicity enjoys writing fun, flirty fantasies that combine humor with
strong characters who have super-sexy desires. The setting can be any time or
any place in the universe as long as it sets her mind on fire.
Felicity lives off of coffee and dreams and enjoys
going for walks along the shores of Lake Ontario, taking pictures of whatever
catches her eye. A romantic at heart, she loves to snuggle under a blanket with
a good book to warm up the cold Canadian winters. When not writing, can most
often be found enjoying the quiet company of her husband and son, whom she
loves very, very much.
 She also loves to
hear from her readers, so please email her at:
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Kick-Ass Series

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