Taming Forever


I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

We are back with one my all time favourite series Hearts Of Heroes This is book three and you are all in for a treat, Rayne O Gara brings us another delightfully hot steamy romance, In my eyes she can do no wrong I always no any book this author brings out I will fall in love with time and time again.

Bronwyne Marks is a curvaceous lady she likes staying in her own world and wearing what she wants it keeps her rather withdrawn inside of herself. She’s neither a daredevil or risk taker either …. well except in her own mind. However, it all soon changes after a run in with a certain drool worthy handsome twin and his equally hot Army battle buddy at her sister’s wedding. It has her ready to break free and go wild…

Viktor Ariea has finally found what he really wants in the luscious curvy Bronnie, but without having his best friend on board with his plans for her, nothing can happen. You never leave a friend behind, and Vik has no plans to ever do that to his partner, even though he feels that this woman could be their future.

Killian ‘Reaper’ Graves has had a tough life he sports scars on the inside and outside, he doesn’t want to let anyone close in fear of getting them hurt…or even worse, dead. There is only one person he trusts that’s Vik, but now Vik is saying that he needs to open up more to let one person in that he can trust this one woman, he craves her he wants her more than the air he breaths.

Will Killian be able to let his guard down and trust himself to be with Bronnie before they lose her forever?

Will Bronnie ever get herself out of there friend zone and into their bed where she wants too be ?

Rayne O Gara is a kick butt author she writes the most amazing romances and is able to interject humour in as well which you dont expect but when you get to it you will have a major LOL moment or three.

I really connected with Bronnie I see a lot of myself in her and found that I identified with her so well her fears where so much like my own even to the point of staying in my own world which I do with the love my books. Bronnie is amazing so loveable and kick butt.

Vik and Killian are total panty droppers each in different ways but both equally as yummy and equally as intelligent as the other, Killian is the brooding wounded warrior who needs to let his guard down and his heart open for love and Vik is the charmer the more resilient but fun one he has this deepness that you fall in love with instantly and being a twin as well has its perks. Both these men had me from the very first time we meet them they both scream to me that they need the love of a good woman and Bronnie is just that, I adore how they bring Bronnie out of her shell its just the best I cant explain all as it would give away too much of the book.

My Favourite scene well its from the beginning when she first meets Killian and Vik I just love how her emotions shine through her needs her wants and desires come rushing out you feel everything she does

I Love love love this book from the first lol moment to the most amazing sensual sex scene Rayne O Gara gives us it all I urge you all read this series you cannot go wrong at all.

5 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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