**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This was my first book by Marnee and the premise completely intrigued me. I knew I had to read it and am very glad I did. The premise, while frightening because we all know shady things happen all the time, was very unique. Yes, I was sad so many had to die due to one person’s evilness and eagerness to play with people’s lives, yet, with everything they experienced and will continue to experience, you have to wonder which group of people were the luckiest.

Blueberry, aka Blue (yes, her nickname quickly grew on me), has not had an easy life, has always felt different than everyone else (and others were all too happy to make sure she knew that), and is continuing to struggle as she’s constantly working to help support herself and her Grandma. But she doesn’t once bemoan the fact that she lives with and cares for her Grandma. She loves her unconditionally and knows that her Grandma saved her when she took her away from her Mom. See, Blue’s Dad committed suicide as he was essentially in the wrong place at the wrong time and betrayed by his business partner, and her Mom went off the rails into hippie-land.

Then we have Seth, who is enjoying his last days before starting Special Ops training, by taking a solo bike ride to meet up with his friend, Nick, as they’re both joining the same team. Seth stops over in Glory, Blue’s hometown, and questions that decision as he gets violently ill. The illness stops just as suddenly as it started though, and as he’s walking around, he can’t help but stumble upon the dead bodies of the townspeople. It seems like not everyone survived the illness, yet he doesn’t put the pieces together until he sees Blue and learn they were both sick the night before. Blue also experiences some abilities that she didn’t have before and they will definitely have to work to trust each other.

As Seth and Blue start working together and slowly start trusting one another, and both feel the attraction between them, they find three more survivors, people Blue has known her whole life, Kitty, Luke, and Jack. The thing is they’re all experiencing some abilities that they didn’t have before, Seth included.

Now this group of altered humans needs to escape from Glory, learn to control their abilities, work together to find out what happened, deal with a betrayal that has far reaching consequences for one of their group, Seth and Blue need to figure out what they mean to each other, and Seth needs to learn that he doesn’t have to control everything. He needs to trust in Blue and her abilities. Thankfully, they also have Seth’s friend, Nick, who is all in and has Seth’s back in whatever he needs. Psst…Nick also seems to have the feels for Kitty. Yes, this book does end in a cliffhanger, though we do learn that Seth and Blue are now a couple. I’m eagerly anticipating book two and have a feeling that story will involve Nick and Kitty more, as they explore their feelings for each other. But first, they need to rescue Kitty from the evil genius responsible for their alterations. What, wait? Ha, that’s all I’m saying. You want to know more? Read the book, you’ll like it and become just as invested in their story as I have.

**5 out of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books*

Reviewed By Elizabeth E. Neal

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