A Bear’s Rrotection


A Bear’s Protection (Shifter Country Bears #1) by Roxie Noir

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

So here we have Cora who is literally trying to outrun the crazy. As in her ex, though they only went on a couple of dates and never even kissed. No, I’m not kidding. Two dates, no lip locking, and he’s all about her being the one and he’ll make her see that he’s the one for her. See, told you, he’s screwy. Cora leaves her sister and her life behind and travels to the state of Cascadia, the shifter state. She’s accepted a job, with some fudged job experience information, and is feeling the weight of uncertainty and fear leave her a little more with each mile she gets farther away. Phew.

Well, that is until those flashing lights pop on and Cora realizes she’s getting pulled over. It seems Ash caught her speeding and once he starts talking to her, he realizes two things. She’s obviously scared and his bear is very intrigued. After letting her go with only a warning, wow, was she lucky, Ash later meets up with his mate, Hunter, a veterinarian. Ash is all set to tell Hunter about the woman he met and his suspicions about what she’ll be to them, when the lady herself walks into the same establishment. I’m mentally picturing fate here and it’s thinking “I refuse to let you men mess this up. I’m going to make sure you both notice her and do something about it.” LOL

The chemistry flying around the three is so strong it’s a wonder the other patrons aren’t walking into it. Once she leaves, Ash and Hunter are flustered in more ways than one and need to *ahem* blow off some steam. *wink*

So Hudson, because Ash moves a little slow to his way of thinking, asks Cora out, she says yes, and away we go. Woohoo! The date is going great, flirting is happening, the attraction is strengthening, life tidbits (I said life tidbits, not those kind of bits you dirty bird. LOL Yeah okay, that could possibly happen later. Ooh la la.) are being given, and dances are being shared. Let’s continue this date in a more private setting. *bow chick a wow wow* So close. Jerk face stalker decides to send a little message to Cora, through an innocent errand boy, that bluntly lets Ash, Hunter, and Cora know he’s there, he saw their show, and he’s not happy about Cora leaving without telling him. You know, because every woman that’s running away from a stalker leaves a forwarding address. Geez, what a doofus.

Everyone keep calm. Let’s think rationally and…yeah, too late. Ash has shifted and gone sniffing around for you know who. Unfortunately for them, he’s unable to find him and now Ash and Hunter activate Operation Keep Cora Safe. This plan involves Cora staying with them and they’ll keep her safe. Yeah, that’s pretty much the plan. LOL Well yeah, there’s some sexy times to be had during the plan’s implementation and fun is had by all three. *eye waggle*

But Neil is a little more clever than they gave him credit for and he’s able to get Cora away from the guys and decides there’s only one way for them to be together like they should be. He wants to Thelma and Louise it. No, not the part involving Brad Pitt. Goofball. The whole cliff scene. Yeah, that’ll leave a mark. LOL

Can Ash and Hunter track down Cora in time to save her from Neil and his plan? Will Ash, Hunter, and Cora have a chance to fully complete their triad and start their HEA? What about the sister and life that Cora left behind? Read now and find out. I know once you start this series, you’ll want to read all five of these books. I highly recommend that you follow that instinct and get to reading. LOL

**4 out of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books.**

Reviewed By Elizabeth E. Neal

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