I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Two of my most favourite authors and a new Author to stalk…. equals one hot book, all three stories sizzle from start too finish.

Sue Lyndon’s His by Law.

Lucia, has found herself homeless she is so weary tired and cold that she makes ultimate decision to trespass in to someone’s house, Know that she has entered this beautiful home of a wealthy person who is a stranger to her she finds she cannot go back. But she certainly finds allot more heat than she could have bargains for when she comes upon handsome, sexy, dominant Jackson McNabe.

Jackson can see the full potential in this beautiful waif, for he is in much need of a wife. But what all seems at first like a grand fairy tale for Lucia well it comes with a price, as Jackson demands a certain kind of wife he wants her obedience and plans to enforce it with lots of spankings. Will these two find the love they always wanted and craved? Or will a something sinister try and tear this new found couple apart before their holiday marriage can ever take place? will they survive this evil plot?

Sue Lyndon is a great author and a new one too me i loved her characters and mmm Jackson is super hot suoer sexy yet i can tell underneath his hard exterior is a man you could love forever.

Ava Sinclair’s The Christmas Fig:

A Tale of the most sexy Victorian Correction, Millicent Hargrove is a pretty spoiled lady, she has no patience at all especially for waiting to see the very contents of her gifts. Know her husband Edward, whilst he is lovingly indulgent, he is also very firm and he warns her not to even think at peeking at her presents.

But can she resist this urge?

But she disobeys his orders, And Edward finds out and decides that for her her disobedience it warrants more than just her usual tame spanking, he plans on introduce her to the very practice of “figging.” In the hopes that such a punishment is sure to always gain her obedience.

Will Millicent ever be able to forgive herself for being selfish and violating her husband’s trust and ruining his very special surprise?

Or will Millicent surprise you all? I no she did for me.

A super sexy read I fell in love with Edward he is such a special husband and he also has such a patient side that made me swoon. where say Millicent she annoyed me to the very end where she made me think twice. as always Ava Sinclair ups the aunty with ever single magical book she pens.

Vanessa Vale’s Mistletoe Marriage,

Julia Belmont has always dreamt of being married and having her happily ever after, but she would have never ever thought it would be taking place in a jail of all places and to a man she despises. But whilst she is being forced to the altar through his under hand trickery it doesn’t stop the feelings she has for the one and only man who has her heart forever.

But luck or fate may be on her side as when Garrett Rivers learns that the woman he loves has been forced to marry a dangerous criminal, he knows deep down he has to get her back and he will not give up without a fight he will save her from the most horrid kind of man ever.

But will he be able to heal Julia’s heart and awaken her passion that lays deep inside of her? especially now that they’re back together once and for all? Will a Christmas miracle occur for this young couple?

Vanessa Vale is the queen of romance she sure knows how to thrill us and romance us all at once. This story is short and passionate one of utter hope and fight as well as desire, Garret was my favourite character and I loved how strong he was his determination had me from start too finish.

A stunning anthology one which will keep you o so warm on these cold nights.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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