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I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

We are back again with the second book In Michelle Roth’s Transfigured Ones, this series just gets better and better and I keep falling in love every time. She has this great knack of drawing you right in to the folds of her story so much so that you believe you are there a spectator/part of the story watching closely from the sidelines.

Meet Magnus Corbett well he is the world renowned head chef for Usquebaugh, Its a very popular restaurant and whiskey bar inside the Foxwood Hotel and Casino. He is so certain that it is his status as one of the Transfigured that has put him firmly on the map. As well as his bold flavours and his relentless work ethic that keep him going. And, yes he is a tad on the blunt side but well if it means getting things done? So be it.

Bar manager, Caroline Lundquist, has developed an inspiring line of cocktails to breathe some fresh air and life into the Usquebaugh drink menu, she is fixed on having a new gin-inspired range of dishes to pair with them.

They may have started of on the wrong foot but things change quickly for the both of them now that they are collaborating together. Caroline cannot help but fall for this seriously sexy side of Magnus that people just don’t see. He is beyond sweet has such a compassionate side and cares which is more than she has ever had before no wonder she is falling hard.

Just as they are starting to work through the riskiness of a vampire-human relationship, their pasts come back up to haunt them, and it is threatening to destroy everything that they have worked O so hard to build up together.

Will this destroy them? Or will it bring them closer together?

An outstanding read full of everything you want and more in a paranormal romance book and yes lots of pure yummy sinful intimate scenes which of course add to the heat. I am literally hanging on to every single word that Michelle Roth writes.

Magnus is a dominant sexy man he likes things just so in and out of the kitchen ….. and the bedroom * wink wink * the world is his oyster especially with his incredible skills in the kitchen. But he has not had life easy Magnus has had learned a few things in his life some that were life altering. The first was finding out that he was and is one of the Transfigured. And well the second which was a sad reality and a direct result of the first, being his diagnosis which has cost him the love of his family. Yes they were still there in the physically sense, but not the emotional sense that he desperately needed, they essentially abandoned him. Yet he is still a walking talking sex on sticks and now he has clasped eyes on Caroline he knows deep down that she can repair him inside and out and be his forever….. swoon I love this man he is such a sweetie and I would totally let him boss me about …. lol

Caroline she is a kick butt lady she has a ton of sass and gumption she totally holds her own yes she has some insecurities just like any of us women especially us BBW after all life throws us many lemons. She like Magnus has many of the same problems the main one being her family she herself was emotionally abandoned but physically she was shattered by them mainly her mum who is such a nasty horrid person. I totally wanted crawl through the books and smack her silly…. I found myself so angry enraged, But all is not totally lost as she has her Grandma, who is spunky as and she supports her granddaughter, loves her more than anything, and she totally gets her, which is just what Caroline needs. Caroline is the type of lady I wish I could be she has such guts she goes for what she wants even with her doubts she doesn’t waver ….. until someone tries to destroy them but I am not saying anything there 🙂 No spoilers from me.

As well as the main characters I loved the interaction from the past characters too me it always adds a little extra something to the story. O and of course cant forget Grannie I love her seriously and her potty mouth giggles.

Favourite excerpt from the book it had me fanning myself….

New rule,” he ordered, his focus single minded. “You don’t get to play with yourself unless I’m supervising.”

Caroline made a pouty face. “Not even a litte bit?”

Not at all, sweetness,” he corrected. “And I never said you could borrow my shirt, love. I’m going to need it back now.”

Sorry,” she replied, giving him an unrepentant grin. She pulled the shirt up inch by tantalizing inch until he realized she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

That’s it, love,” he said scooping her up and setting her on the edge of the island counter top. Then he picked up the hand that held her cell phone and suggested, “Read me a review. One of the longer ones because we’re going to be here a while.”

Did you just swoon … I no I did see how much Michelle gives us. I totally have to read this book again I am hungry for more, as well as being really curious who will be next.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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