Broken Surrender


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

There is no doubt that I am a hardcore Lori King Fang, why you might ask well that is easy Lori is one heck of an amazing writer not only is she super talented but every single book she brings out is simply spectacular. This book is a corker it shines so so bright, you will fall right in love and learn so much.

One bullet has made Sarah Bryant life rather impossible, especially in the way of her dreams of a long and fulfilling military career. But she is sick of all her family’s sympathy it’s stifling her, so she escapes to Stone River, Texas, she is determined to rebuild her life to the fullest and maybe along the way she will find a new dream a new hope for her life.

Silas and Jeremy are brothers who are as different as two sides of a coin. One is a fuelled filled adrenaline junkie former Army medic, and the other is a very laid back kind of guy and runs a tow truck. The brothers have but two main things in common? They know that they want to live there life in a ménage relationship, and that Sarah is the only woman for them.

Sarah has such an uncertainty about herself, this causes her to believe that she cannot be enough for one man let alone two men. Can she get over her fears and doubts? Will these these souls ever find what they need to grow together? or will there never emotional scars be too much for them?

A beautiful story brought to life by a beautiful writer Miss Lori King she sure knows how to bring the story alive and to bring out so much emotions in her characters and for her fans/readers. I just love this book it really brings to life how much our hero’s really go through whether its still being in one of the forces or when you are out. I want to say Thank you to everyone that has joined up in order for us to be able to walk the streets in peace today.

Sarah she is a wounded warrior she has a heart of gold and a past of pain, hurt and sorrow yet she is trying too rise above it all and claim her life all over, yes she is uncertain of what she will do but she knows something perfect will come up for her soon …. and it does and not just in the form of two sinfully attractive men who want her … seriously want her. What I love about Sarah is well everything even when she has her silly moments you totally no where she is coming from, this woman is a force to be reckoned with and then some.

Silas and Jeremy two totally different guys but both having the same objective well on two things in there life, I loved how they were both so different yet so alike in certain ways one harder one softer its just what Sarah needs a complete unit of love support. And that’s exactly what they do its simply beautiful and so touching to read. Don’t we all want men like Silas and Jeremy don’t we all want to be the centre of our men’s universe whether it being a real life man or our book boyfriends.

I have to share this excerpt with you it is so beautiful so moving it totally stood out too me.

Listen “

Frowning down at him she laughed,

To What?”

You’re heartbeat. That tells me what a

warrior you are, Love. The fact that

You’re alive and here for me to love

is all that matter “

if you are looking for great read look no further than hear seriously stop everything this is the book for you.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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