Flames Of Desire


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

We are back again with the sheer delights of Decota A Jaymes this book will have you at the edge of your seat and fanning yourself in delight.

Colin, Justin, and BJ have this secret and it is a doozey. When Colin falls head over heels in love for Sierra, they all know they will have to tell her there secret, but will this be too much and chase her away?

Sierra, she is a divorced mother of two, she guards her heart and locks it away, after she experienced the worst pain ever she was totally unloved and treated horribly. Whilst she has build a wall protecting her emotions, she has other things to keep her occupied her two beautiful children.

But fate has a way of messing with her as a series of crises bring her so much closer to the three men who have the potential to leave her utterly destroyed.

These men just won’t stand at all for being held at an arm’s length they want it all. And they will do everything in their power and more to get her too feel all of their love, whilst of course protecting Sierra and her amazing children.

Between all of the crazy circumstances they have to face, the men have to find a way to explain the very thing that could break there bond between friends.

After finally taking her life back, Sierra discovers that she has the sheer strength and determination that she needs to be her very own hero just in time to defeat her biggest nemesis. No one will ever tell her again how she can or cant live her life ever again!

Will she be able too still have the future that she has always wanted and dreamed of? And will it be with the three luscious men ?

Another great book from Decota A Jaymes each and every book she puts out you see her growth and talent shine. This story will astound you in many ways some good some bads and some complete twists that I didn’t even see coming. The characters are all very well written I found that the men seemed to have more emphasis in to them than Sierra our lone female which made me connect to them more than her.

Sierra she is a fighter and a half her life has not been the easiest and then some but she has fought through it all to come out alive at the end of it. Sierra has such an edge to her and she totally could use a loyal female friend, man I was totally jealous of her three amazing hot men loving her protecting her …….. damn girl

Colin, Justin and BJ need I say more than there names …. swoon 🙂 three gorgeous men each has a different persona and edge one is tough the other softer and well one that is a bit of everything but three things they all agree on, there love for Sierra there love for one another and there complete and utter devotion to Sierra children, heaven help any one dating those two little ones when they grow up. I connected with all of the men in such different ways and I fell for them all but I will say I have a soft spot for BJ 😉

Favourite excerpt because I just loved the chemistry and the tension.

“Oh sweetie, if only we had time to show you everything. Unfortunately we don’t, as much as I love your legs around me, we should get ready before the munch-kins get the pitchforks.” Warm hands unhooked my ankles. I was put on my feet and I have to say, I was extremely disappointed. My inner hussy pouted. I felt Justin, and as hard as he was, I knew he didn’t want to stop. God, he was like a steel pipe, only more enticing, and was pressed against my neediest part.”

An exciting read one which will leave you warm and glowy inside and out.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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