Guarded Hearts


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Bryce Evans is one of those writers you just no that you will read every single book that she releases cause she is that talented and I am totally a fan girl now.

This is the first book in her new series ( Royal Guards )

This book is about so much more than love its about the fight to be what you want and to achieve your dreams.

Lilly Laurent has had this dream for as long as she can remember she wants to become the first woman of the Royal Guard. She has read every single rule in the rule book and has practised all of the events for years now. She has prepared for nigh on anything, except for an interfering wolf Prince who is way too hot wit for his own good seriously this man is beyond sexy.

Prince William Asher, AKA “Knox” knows that he has to give every single wolf that is competing an even fair shot at qualifying for the guard. The last thing he ever expects is to be instantly entranced to one of them. He is much more in luring this captivating beauty in to his bed than have her become one of his guard, unfortunately this woman is determined and so was he.

Can Knox ever make her see that he is much more than just a spoiled royal? Will Lilly ever be brave enough to show everyone that she deserves to be a guard? Will they be able to come together as one, or will there new found love be ripped apart by the growing force among the humans?

What a beautifully written book a sort of modern day Cinderella but with a paranormal twist and edge, This story has a wonderful cast of characters and it paves the way for more exciting tales to come.

Lilly well she is a very strong willed lady and shifter, she has goals and she wants to meet them head on she will be the first woman in the Royal Guard. After all she has trained for this all of her life and is unwavering not to let anyone at all hinder her from her dream. Lilly is such a likeable character she is the person you want to be friends with and someone you no would be loyal for life, but there is much more to her than everyone sees she has gone through so so much in her young life losing her parents having to fight her way through it all. I just love the shift in her when Knox comes in the scene she goes from young lady to sultry sexy woman.

Knox well he is the prince yes he has been spoiled and had everything he has ever wanted but one thing he has always longed for he has yet to find…… his mate, even though his parents are trying to persuade him to marry his friend he knows that he could only marry for love, for his true mate, his beloved, his destiny and he finds that in the way he could never have expected. As a character Knox is everything we want he is suave charming incredibly sexy and damn I lost my train of thoughts he is that amazing.

Another thing I loved about this book where the secondary characters like Holden and Sloane I am dying to learn more about them they are really intriguing.

My favourite character had to be Marcus poor him he has had to go through so much and hiding who he is from Lilly must have killed him a little maybe even a lot on the inside, I am so rooting for him he needs his Happily ever after, even though he has said he wont get it I think we need to persuade…. cough Bryce Evans too change that. I am totally enthralled with this new series and I cannot wait for more.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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    It is nice to discover new authors and books


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