Mistletoe Menage


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Mistletoe Ménage is a hot sizzling romantic tale and really the title says it all. Molly Ann Wishlade is a brilliant writer every book she writes is outstanding in so many different ways.

It is the year of 1816. where we meet Anne Blackburn is a wealthy and curvaceous thirty-two year old widow and she moves in the highest of social circles of London’s ton.

Anne has sworn she is never ever going to marry again. But she has this yearning deep down inside of her to find and learn more about the very pleasures of the flesh. She has but once felt that very kind of passion that use to burn inside of her to be set free it had happened six years ago before she married.

Edward Moore had once loved Anne with all of his very being. Then he leaves London to get his father’s approval to marry her, unbeknown to him Anne is approached by Lord Moore’s lawyer. He tells her that she has to forget Edward or he would run the risk of being disinherited. So she marries Alfred Blackburn to set her true love Edward free.

Now there is this incredible artist in London with a very mysterious secretive patron. Mr. Guy Harper he furnishes the ladies he paints with more than just a pretty canvas with there image he gives them …. erotic extras…. Anne knows her life needs spicing up and on the advice of a friend she commissions a portrait of herself and gets so much more than she could have ever bargained for.

But will this mistletoe ménage become an embarrassment or lead her to her very own happy ever after?

A sexy sinfully decadent book with a painfully yet beautiful written romance, Molly Ann Wishlade sure knows how to get us all hot and bothered and riled up all at the same time. I just loved this story line and the setting it was set in, you don’t get over whelmed with all the modern day ifs and buts it allot simpler but yet more dangerous. And the character’s O my they are simply divine.

Guy is a sweet endearing loveable kind of man I found he had all the qualities that we women find easier too fall in love with. He has a big heart and yes he falls in love with the very woman his patron wants revenge on….

Edward is a man bent on revenge at first he seems so cold and heartless then we learn why he is the way he is and he learns quick why Anne did what she did. He soon changes and love shines through beautifully.

Anne she is so naïve and sweet she wants to have some fun and cheer up her drab life which she soon does and then some, she learns quick. I adore how she takes her new adventure of the erotic arts to the fullest. Yet deep down she is missing something … no someone.

My Favourite excerpt,

Where have you been?” Edward snapped as he sprang to his feet.

Guy laid his hat and jacket on the chair on top of Edward’s then offered a conciliatory smile. “I have begun to seduce her, as you wished.”

Edward stared at the younger man. His face was flushed and beautiful with youth and happiness, and his eyes sparkled silver-blue like the snow under the crisp winter sun. He reached out and caressed Guy’s cheek, rasping his thumbnail against the stubble on Guy’s skin.”

I loved everything about this book in fact its left me wishing for more.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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