The Trail Back


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

There is no mistaking that I am a massive fan of Ashley Malkin I think no I no that all of her books are spectacular and yet she writes another and…. OMG its even better than the last, I seriously don’t no how she does it.

This is the third instalment in the Pine Falls series.

In this book we meet three brothers that had such a traumatic childhood it still effects them to this day even when they meet there mate read on and see what unfolds…

Brayden and his brothers Josh and Shane Walsh are wolf shifter, Brayden has spent the better part of the last fifty years trying with all his might to bring his brothers back to the brink of humanity after everything that they have suffered through.

Now their mate, Abbie Lake id there finally with them, she had been set free from the wicked clutches of the evil vampire Selwyn Graves, and bought back to Pine falls. he realizes quickly that he must find a way to get his brothers too finally shape up and fight for their own lives as well as there mate.

Abbie Munroe was abducted from her own home and held captive by some brutal utter evil vampires for well over a month because of her wolf-hybrid genetics. Then she is rescued from her hellish imprisonment, It soon brings her the discovery of a lifetime her mates along with that she has this deep pain because she can never be able to claim them….. or can she?

As this newly found trio has a fight on there hands to find there own way through for one another to make there love work, But just as they are finding there love there passion together evil rears its ugly head and threatens the whole of the pride as Selwyn Graves comes out of hiding to claim his hybrids.

Can the pride band together and use all of there supernatural powers to once and for all be free all of their mates from evil?

OMG I cannot express how much I love this book, wow it had me on the edge of my seat all the way through. O Ashley you are a true master at your craft.

This book offers us the readers so much and if you have read the other books in The Pine Falls series you will see what I mean, Ashley brings us another fantastic tale this one has a huge load of suspense and an edge of mystery as well as despair and the characters O my gawd the depth the feeling the utter emotions we get from them is spot on. But don’t let that word despair fool you as this book ash everything and more…. can you tell I loved it.

Abbie is such a terrific heroine she was just a normal lady going about her daily routine when she gets abducted from her home which in it self is OMG but even more so with what she had to suffer through to barely survive her hell, then she is saved and set free, I was totally cheering on her saviour rooting for them both . Then a miracle happens she has a mate but not just one she has 3… now she has to fight for not just herself but her men as well. Abbie character cut me deep to the core I cannot imagine how she survived her hell but one things for sure she is a brave brave lady with such a kind heart, I just love her she really stood out for me.

O Brayden what a sweet sweet man his character shone bright her radiates kindness to the core, he has it all now a mate a new life but he has a few things that need to be resolved and not just protecting his mate but giving brothers the kick up the butt they really need, see Brayden he suffers but he does it in silence unlike Josh and Shane. I just wanted to hug the heck out of him seriously how no one else saw past his exterior to his silent pain is beyond me. But then Brayden is loyal to the core and deep down he knows that his brothers will find the light… the love in there mates arms and together as a whole.

Josh and Shane these two wolves are in a world of pain and then some, unlike there brother their pain is clear for everyone too see they just cannot break there cycle of pain or horrific memories that is with them every single day year after year, and whilst Brayden attempts to get on with his life Josh and Shane do not want to do on living …. * sniffs they so made me cry* until the day comes and there mate appears and now its not just them that is in a world of pain or danger its Abbie. Damn these two put me through the ringer at times I wanted to hug them and cry with them but I also wanted to smack them silly and scream at them look what’s in front of you look at your brother….. arrrghhhh men I swear. They pulled so much emotion out of me its incredible I have never had such characters effect me so much.

What I loved so so much was Brody omg that little guy is amazing he was my favourite in the last book, I totally loved having his as well as Aiden’s points of view in this book it gave me more of an insight, and aww Brody’s mates * sniffs so so cute *.

My Favourite Excerpts I choose these ones I particular because of the raw emotions.

What the fuck did they do to her?” Shane hardly recognized the voice as his own. It was harsh and deep as he pushed it past a constriction that had formed in his throat. He felt a foreign pain deep in his chest. So I have a fucking heart after all. Who knew?

Of course. My apologies,” the female vampire said. “We can catch up later, if Kaitlyn is agreeable to this.” She smiled at her daughter and turned to look down at the injured wolf, Brayden’s mate.

Aiden spoke directly into Shane’s mind.Your mate, too, young wolf. Your heart led you back here.”

Shane didn’t want anyone in his mind.I may kill you. Just to shut you the fuck up, vampire.”

But you know that would hurt Kaitlyn, and you like her.”

Not that much.”Shane could see, from the small smirk on the vampire’s face, that he knew the threat to be an empty one. The rest of the pride believed him and Josh to be completely feral and without emotion. Aiden saw the truth—they were just very angry with the world.”

Another of my favourites 🙂

Abbie let Shane carry her to the shower, and all her men surrounded her as they washed her hair and body. She felt so scared. What would she do if two of her mates died trying to protect her.

We’ll all die if you do, Abbie,” Josh said. “I can feel your fear. You know that if they take you from us we’ll all die. We have to end this threat, or we’ll never have a life together. This is simply what must be done.”

We want a life now, Abbie,” Shane said. “And we will have it, all four of us.”

She tried hard to bury her fear. Her hard, muscled warriors with their hearts of glass surrounded her, kissing her neck, touching her breasts, and igniting her desire for them. They were steel on the outside. Warriors sculpted from the years of running wild. Their souls were newly bonded to hers, and she could feel the threads holding them together growing stronger with each touch, each caress.”

An outstanding heartfelt romance I only wish I could score it higher as it for sure deserves. I cannot wait for more from the master that is Ashley Malkin.

5 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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