Author Interview With Michelle Roth


We are Honoured today to have the one and only Michelle Roth. she is Totally amazing and one of my personal favourites, I could not believe that she would agree to do an interview for me …. I seriously Fang girl over her.

Michelle Roth is a Paranormal Romance Author Who puts the R in Romance and the H in Heat.

Lets start of with a naughty question to get all our hearts pumping have you ever been with the opposite sex? And if yes have you used it as inspiration in your book?

Yes, and yes. There are a few scenes in my books that are pretty true to life. I won’t tell you which ones, though. 😉

Tell us more about you and what drew you to your genre?

I’ve been a huge, huge romance fan since I was young. My grandmother gave me two garbage bags full of old Harlequin books and I fell in love with them. I’ve been addicted to romance ever since. With over years of being a romance fan, it wasn’t a large stretch for me to decide to write a book. Luckily, it turned out pretty well so I managed to get it published.

What kind of sex scene is the hardest of all for you to write?

The edgier stuff is more difficult for me to write. It turns out that I don’t enjoy writing alpha characters as much. So it’s definitely a stretch for me to write a dom type character in a sex scene.

Can you share a snippet of your next book?

An unedited excerpt from Bite Me (The Transfigured Ones 2).. coming in October 2015..

He worked his way down her body, his hands gently exploring her, until he finally pushed the dress over her hips and down to the ground. She saw his gaze rake over her from where he knelt in front of her. He reached up, tracing a finger around the elastic waistband of her panties. “You’re even more beautiful than I imagined.”
Her breathing shallow, she asked, “Did you imagine?”
“Yes. Quite vividly,” he admitted, grinning. Then, reaching up haphazardly, he tugged the cups of her bra down under her breasts. “Caroline,” he whispered reverently, rising slightly.
Before she was able to react, his mouth latched on to one of her nipples. She cried out when he drew the tight bud deep into his hot, wet mouth. Arousal shot through her with every  swipe of his tongue. Arching her back, she reached behind her to fumble at the catch of her bra.
Once her bra fell to the ground, Caroline tunneled her fingers into his shaggy hair and held him firmly against her. At the slight nip of his teeth against her sensitized flesh, she tightened her grip on his hair and moaned, “Magnus!”
He released her swollen nipple with a pop and slowly worked his way down her body leaving a trail of hot open mouthed kisses in his wake. When his mouth drifted over the soft skin of her belly, she had to lean back against the wall for support. He was systematically nibbling his way downward, inch by devastating inch, and it was driving her insane.
When his mouth finally reached the elastic band of her panties, he looked up at her. His eyes cloudy with desire, he asked, “May I?”
A broken laugh spilled from her lips as she said, “Please do!”
Magnus managed a smug grin even in spite of the fact the sexual tension was palpable.  “Patience, love,” he reminded her. His hands slid up her thighs until his thumbs brushed against tops of her thighs. He must’ve felt the moisture there, because she could see his eyes dilate with lust.
“Please,” she moaned. Her clit throbbed. Her pussy involuntarily clenched, desperate to be filled. Now wasn’t the time for patience.
He stroked his fingertips along her slit through her soaked panties. When she whimpered involuntarily, he murmured, “Oh, you’re in a bad way, aren’t you?”
“Oh god, please stop teasing,” Caroline groaned when his hands drifted  up to the waist band of her panties and then paused.
In response he pulled her panties down her legs and then helped her step out of them. “Put your leg over my shoulder,” he commanded, his warm breath wafting across her throbbing cunt.
When she complied, he leaned in and began to lap at the juices trickling down her thighs. “Christ, love. You taste so good.”
Her legs shaking she begged, “Magnus, please. Stop licking my thighs and start licking my pussy. I’m going insane.”
“Fuck,” he groaned, burying his face between her thighs. He used his fingers to part her labia, then licked from opening to clit and back again.
Caroline shuddered against him, when he moved a hand down between her thighs. She cried out as he slid two fingers into her tight channel. He had barely even touched her, and she could already feel that familiar tightening low in her belly.
Magnus curled his fingers slightly and massaged her from the inside as he flicked his tongue against her clit. She could no longer hold back the involuntary whimpers as the pleasure began to overwhelm her. The combination of his tongue and fingers was driving her to insanity.
He seemed to realize that she was on the verge of coming, because he groaned in what she assumed was pleasure. Then he redoubled his efforts. Using the flat of his tongue, Magnus licked slow, firm strokes right across her aching clit.
“Oh god,” she cried. “Just like that. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”
He kept the same steady rhythm and began rubbing his fingers directly over her g-spot with each pass. The sensation was enough to bring her right to the edge but not quite enough to push her over. Perhaps sensing it, he sucked her clit into his mouth flicked the tip of his tongue against it rapidly.
The orgasm that was slowly building suddenly hit her like an avalanche. She felt her whole body begin to pulse as she shattered to pieces. Her knee buckled as she began grinding herself against his face in release. “Fuck,” she cried out as the tension stretched on.
Magnus quickly reached up with his free hand to steady her as she began to shake. He gentled the strokes of his tongue until she finally stilled, slumping against the wall. “Holy shit, Magnus,” she panted.
He wiped the evidence of her arousal from his face with the back of his hand and then gently shifted her leg from his shoulder. When she swayed, he scooped her up and carried her to the dark room at the end of the hall. “This,” he explained, turning on the light, “is the bedroom.”
Caroline couldn’t help her satisfied grin when she said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I had no idea it would be so hands on, though.”

Do you draw on any of your own life experiences?

Yep. Definitely. I can see my moods in what I’ve written sometimes. If I’m fighting with hubs or having a bad day, sometimes I need to go back and make my work less gloomy the next day. 🙂

If you had a free pass to date, sleep, or marry any celebrities who would it be?

Date: Edward Norton.. he seems like such a nice guy
Sleep with: The Rock because.. yeah.
Marry: Ryan Gosling

Have you ever written anything that you wouldn’t dare to do in real life?

Not really. I try not to write about things I’ve never experienced. That’s part of the reason I don’t really write menage or MM. I don’t think I could do it justice, ya know?

Do you kiss and tell … or do you write and tell?

There are a couple of scenes that are inspired directly by my own experiences. The people know who they are, and some of them have actually read the scenes. I wouldn’t ever share with the world at large about what those scenes are or who they were with. 🙂

Is google your friend while researching?

Heck, yeah. I’m constantly googling. Girl.. If you could see my search history. Elephant births, nipple clamps, kidnapping across state lines, Baker Acting. You never know what you’re going to get.

How open are you at admitting that you are an Erotica Writer to people?

No shame in my game. I’ll tell anyone who asks. Some people are more embarrassed when they find out than I am to tell them. I made a grown man blush once and it was fantastic.

Quickfire questions

Top Or Bottom – Bottom

Black Or Red – Black

Being Tied up Or You Tying Them Up – Tied up, please.

Thong Or No Panties – Who needs panties?

Paddle Or Whip – Paddle. I’m a little bit of a pain wimp. The idea of a whip scares the bejeezus out of me.

Hard Or Soft – Hard.

Dom Or Sub – Sub

A Huge Thank You to the amazing and o so talented Michelle Roth Cariad Books Love you so much.

Be sure to pick up your copies of Michelle’s Books, Below are a few of my personal favourites.



When Lilly Ferguson narrowly avoids being mugged after work, she’s shocked to find that she’s gotten the attention of Talan McKenna. He’s the sinfully handsome owner of the Foxwood Casino and Spa where she works. There’s only one problem, though…

Talan is one of the Transfigured. Like half a million others across the globe, he possesses a very specific genetic mutation. It leaves him with the inability to age, an aversion to sunlight, and a thirst for human blood. When he learns of her tragic past, he worries that it’s an obstacle he’ll never be able to overcome.

Despite her heartbreaking history with the Transfigured, Lilly immediately senses that Talan is different. Where her fears once lay, there’s only a sense of peace and comfort. Just as they begin to build a love made to last several lifetimes, a shadowy figure from her past emerges and threatens to destroy everything

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The moment Moira Devereaux walks into his bar, shapeshifter Ronan Kelly knows she’s going to be trouble. No matter how tempting she is, he won’t risk the safety of his makeshift pack. He has every intention of sending her on her way until he hears her compelling story.

When Moira’s father, the mayor of Lorelei, tries to force her to wed a man she doesn’t know, she runs to the one place he won’t follow. The local shifter bar. Nothing could have prepared her for the immediate attraction she feels for the owner, Ronan.

In a moment of weakness, Ronan offers her a job and a place to stay despite his misgivings. No one is more shocked than he is when he discovers that she’s his mate. Will he be able to convince her that he’s worth taking a risk on or will he be forced to let her go?

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While working undercover in the Cynertex development department, Private Investigator Rick Diamond finds himself taking a very personal interest in one of the lab technicians, Tessa. He’s completely shocked when he later discovers that he’s falling for his prime suspect.

Tessa Fitzsimmons is immediately drawn to Rick Dante, the new intern at work. She’s captivated by his charm and his nearly heart stopping grin. All it takes is one incredibly passionate night together and already she’s beginning to see a future for them.

Rick knows he’s taking a huge risk by dating a suspect but he can’t seem to help himself. If she’s guilty, it will absolutely tear him apart. And, if she’s innocent? She might not be able to forgive him when she finds out who he really is.

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