Moon Dances ~ A Reader’s Choice Tale (Moon Series Book 2)


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Kenzie Mack is new to me and I was intrigued with this story seeing as its readers choice.

John and his mate Ebony continue there adventure with one another. by continuing to further his initiation into the pack. In this story, we see how John must try and bond with the some of the female pack members two in particular Daniela and Anna.

Now during the pack ritual, John finds out more about the pretty female wolves as well as learning more about himself. He also finds out about the dark d Dangerous force that could very well threaten him and all of his pack.

This story is different and very unique it brings us romance with a super hot ménage, it gives us the insight in to Daniela’s past which leaves us on a super suspensive note.

being that its readers choice you have the unique ability to choose Ebony’s gender as well as hotness. but that’s what I couldn’t get passed even though I no why, I like my characters to be there from the start and not to choose to me that’s writers job. But I did enjoy Kenzie Macks way with words she is obviously talented.

3 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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