Taming Her Past Protecting Her Future


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

We are back again with another thrilling sexy romantic instalment from Rayne O Gara hit series Hearts Of Heroes.

This is the second book Book in this wonderful series and omg it is a for sure a page turner.

Rayne O Gara never fails to amaze me she has such a wonderful way with words and imagination unlike no other ever book she writes is pure magic.

Luccas Ariea is a Detective and one who lives and breathes for his job, until the day he gets his orders to go on a much needed vacation…he is so not too happy about this at all.

He believes that nothing at all could make him angrier than leaving a pile of cases on his desk, But that soon changes when realizes how very wrong he could really be when he literally runs into the one woman he knows that he has this loves to hate….. thing going on.

Harmony Saint-Marks has had a childhood that has hardened her heart on all and any relationship. So when her secret hidden desire and sizzling attraction for her long time enemy, Luc, bursts right to the surface at such a fast rate she is left in some seriously uncharted territory…. What will she do?

Can she let go of her past in order to gain her happy ever after that she has always dreamed of ? Or will she let her past cost her the dreams of a modern day fairytale life?

As always Rayne O Gara brings us such an amazing funny, witty, and sexy romance she has such a way with words which will get so many people hooked on her.

This book focuses on Harmony and Luc and how they are both so independent and headstrong but there’s this magnetic pull for both of them and they just cant seem to stop it.

Harmony is a fantastic character she brings so much to the book and more, she has a loving family and a good job but is missing one thing her one true love, her knight in shining armour is right in front of her face but she doesn’t seem to want to take notice. I just loved her the way she came across was like she is someone I no or want to no and be friends with.

Luc …. sighs he is a smoking hot detective and is fighting his need his want and desire for Harmony she is everything and more, but she is also his bosses daughter and there is the fact they have this on again of again dislike for each other but this just brings out more chemistry to the forefront of this rocky relationship. Luc has this passionate nature about him which I fell for hard.

My favourite part of the book just shows the raw passion and heat between them.

“Is that first option completely off the table?” I ask him in what I hope is a seductive tone. His eyes flash fire and I swear he growls a little. “Don’t push, baby. I’m trying to be nice.
Your body needs to rest a bit, we worked it out quite a bit last night.
Plus, there is always something fun to do outside of the bedroom.”
Luc winks after his last quip. “Yeah, I know that. There’s the bathroom, living room, kitchen, back patio, and don’t you have a weight room downstairs?
We can have lots of fun that doesn’t have to be in the bedroom.” I quip back.

Fans myself I want a Luc of my please Rayne I need one 🙂

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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