Sweet Justice


I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Vanessa Vale has brought us another exciting tale of Western Thrill,Excitement and Romance.

This tale will have you Tantalised and wanting more and more.

Piper Sinclair has not had an easy life what with having no mother to care for her and just a father and two brothers that couldn’t care less about her, she longs for a better life.

But when Piper finds herself hauled away and in jail by this handsome bounty hunter in connection with some crimes that her family committed, she thinks that the sheriff’s word that she wouldn’t be involved should be enough to make this stubborn bounty hunter let her go.

But Wiley Easton isn’t going to buy it at all. He’s heard time and time again that a woman is involved in this crime spree that has left many people including his own father dead. If the sheriff won’t do anything about it then he will just have to wait till the judge arrives. He decides he will just have to keep her captive and butt naked so she can’t escape him.

But everything changes when the judge shows up the next morning, he side’s with the sheriff and explains to Wiley that Piper wouldn’t be involved, and not only that but he is furious to find that Wiley has kept an innocent young lady naked in his hotel room. Because Piper has been so dishonoured, the judge orders Wiley to marry her and to return her honour to where it should be.

Wiley Easton had never considered himself the marrying kind of guy. But now he not only has a wife that is related to his father’s killers, but he has one that is beyond determined to help him track down the very woman who had very nearly sent her to the gallows in a case of mistaken identity.

This chase will not be an easy one, and along the way Wiley will have to learn that his new wife is just as headstrong, stubborn and passionate as he is. Along there travels he awakens her to a whole new world of carnal delights, as well as becoming fiercely protective of her.

But when the only way to track down this notorious female criminal means putting his wife in harm’s way, will this stubborn bounty hunter be strong and determined enough to risk her very safety by going undercover in a brothel?

This Book is beyond amazing I loved it from the very first page I just new it was going to be a sexy page turner.

Vanessa Vale sure knows how to draw you in to her wonderful worlds she is able to create it gives us the readers an awesome opportunity to live vicariously through her characters.

Wiley is for sure a strong stubborn character he has a good heart deep down and is only doing this because they had killed his father he was seeking the justice he deserved. I loved his stubbornness how he thinks that having a wife wont change anything …. but it sure does and I think it opened his eyes to the real world as well as opening his heart to love.

Piper was my favourite for sore she has a strong nature and a passionate way about her you can tell how loyal she is and how she truly wants a new life with love in it and someone who really cares for her. I adored how she is determined to help Wiley with his case and how she is willing to risk her own life to bring justice for Wiley father and all others that lost relatives or a loved one from this awful woman.

My favourite part of the story is how Wiley awakened Pipers passion and how electric they both are together.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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