I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

It has been such a long time since i have read a series as good or as unique as this one, Sara Andersen brings us a Futuristic sexy Hot Alien Romance

This is the first book in the Warriors of Dareen series.

Kara Johnson has learned life the hard way, she has no one but herself. Her father passed away, and the man she thought she was in love with has cheated on her. Since then she has built huge walls around her tender heart to make sure no one can ever harm her again.

Then one day whilst she is in work at the sheriff’s department, a smoking hot FBI Agent shows up he goes and turns her whole world around and upside down. She spends her days fantasizing about all the ways he could force her to submit to him, not believing he would ever be interested in her.

Joran has come down to earth to hunt his enemy. whilst there he catches sight of Kara, and suddenly she is all that he can think about. He wishes he could have her for keeps, but their laws are crystal clear that all humans must remain unaware of their very existence.

But then Kara is attacked, and Joran is forced to reveal his true self. Joran there in gets his wish to keep Kara for himself. He has allot of work on his hands that’s for sure as he uses dominance and his alien senses of truth seeking and empathy to win her heart and soul as his.

Ok so yes this is a totally different style of romance but yet it works in such a way i was gob-smacked, can you imagine leaving earth to be with a hot alien…… beam me up baby, and him being a dominant Dareen warrior wowza.

Kara has allot to get use to for sure and a new way of life one in which her man wants to take care of everything for her, after all she is from earth so nothing is that easy ….. or is it? I loved her she is so raw and so edgy i loved how defiant she was and her punishments …… omg i blushed.

“Do I need to start your lesson all over again, Kara?” Joran asked in an ominous tone.

Joran he is a strong sexy Alpha male dominant warrior who thinks he can get this beautiful lady to bend to his will fully ….. mmm well he is in for some fun teaching her that’s for sure smile emoticon

“Oh, you can, and you will,” he ordered her as his golden eyes bored into hers.

I loved this book hard, yes in between some these dominant men made me want to be all defiant but that’s the nature of the beast and how the book brings out so much emotions in us, I personally adored how Joran cared so hard about Kara he wanted to help her over come her worst fears and to help her find an outlet as well. Another thing i loved is the unique names that all these warriors have and even the baddies have cool names as well. watch out for the scary Shara soldiers…..

What i am most looking forward to is learning more about Laura and all the other sexy Dareen warriors. a Fantastic start to a great new series.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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