Berserker’s Rage

I was generously provided with an ARC of this amazing book by the author Elle Boon.

(SmokeJumpers, #2)

Ever since we met Hal in Firestarter i just new he had to have his own book, after all he is a gentle giant and is only searching for just that one special lady to complete him.

Hal Aldridge has always had a hidden half, but when he come upon a woman that has been beaten beyond all recognition, he embraces his other half his inner berserker. This woman calls to his soul.

Felicity has been hospitalized for months now, One thing that she holds onto is the only thing that seems so real to her….. A magical voice of a man who has kept her sane throughout the darkness.

Finally after months apart they come together as one, they soon realize that this love they could in one another’s arms.

Their scorching passion flares brighter and brighter each passing moment, and know there is certainly no turning back.

But danger once again rears its ugly head and finds Felicity, Hal and his team of friends and supernatural beings will do anything and everything to bring her home safe in his loving arms.

This book takes you on a wild loving journey there are plenty of twists and turns and ones you so dont see coming, Elle has out done herself once again with this sinfully delightful book.

The characters in this book are totally and utterly amazing, especially Brax i so have my eye on him …. o Elle cough hint hint smile emoticon

Be still my beating heart o Hal what a complete and utter sexy man….. pouts nope he is not mine mores the pity lucky Felicity.

Wow what a great heroine Felicity makes she is beaten almost to death has to over come a heap load of changes not only to her image and self worth but to her whole life, Thank god for Hal he is for sure a ray of sexy Viking sunshine.

One thing i love is i can so picture Elle writing this book, you can sense her humour and bits of herself peeking through.

( My Favourite Excerpts )

A tear fell down her cheek, and then her hand grabbed his under the table. “I kept dreaming about this larger than life man who saved me. Every day and every night I would hear your voice and I’d wake up missing someone I’ve never met. So if you’re crazy, then I’m crazy, too.”

“Yes, and you are mine.” She was his when his berserker had led him to that alley, maybe even before that. His nana had said their other halves were created just for them. Either way he would cherish her for the rest of his life. Her soul called to his, settled his other being. Making him complete.

Elle please hurry and write Brax’s story pretty please smile emoticon

I highly recommend Elle’s Smoke jumpers series its so sexy and unique.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Book

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