The Darkness Calls

I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

When i got offered the chance to review this book i jumped at the opportunity, i just new i was going to be set for the evening and glued to my chair reading. Michelle Roth has weaved a sexy magical romance and has brought a unique new set of vampires.

When Lilly Ferguson very narrowly avoids being mugged after work, she is shocked to find that she has got the attention of Talan McKenna. He is the sinfully sexy handsome owner of the Foxwood Casino and Spa where she works and has been for a while now. There’s but one problem, though…

Talan is one of them the Transfigured.

Just Like half a million others across the globe, he possesses a very specific genetic mutation. It leaves him with the inability to age, and an aversion to sunlight, as well as a thirst for human blood. When he learns that Lilly has a tragic past, he worries that this is an obstacle he will never be able to overcome.

Despite her devastating history with the Transfigured, Lilly has immediately sensed that Talan is different. Where her fears use to lay, there is only a sense of inner peace and true comfort. now Just as they are beginning to build a love that is made to last lifetimes, But a shadowy figure from her past emerges out of the shadows with a menacing laugh ,and threatens to destroy everything that they have and have built together.

Massive kudos to Michelle for thinking outside of the box i have to say how impressed i am this is not your normal bog standard vampire romance this book is unique its set in a time where we and the Transfigured live together side by side in some what of a harmony.

The story is set at a great pace one which is easy to follow and not get lost, i loved the beginning how we meet Lilly, she has so much sass and spunk i found her so rewarding not to be one them women who hide away and be meek and mild because of her past, she is out there earning a living and learning.

Talan swoon he is one sexy man he had me right from the beginning it was as if he was speaking to me and i was Lilly…… well a girl can dream huh, Talan was a fantastic lead character i love how from the moment he meets Lilly he senses there is something more something he wants from her and not just a night between the sheets, but something he never thought he would find.

I thoroughly enjoyed Talan and Lachlans banter there friendship made me smile you could tell they were the best of friends and had each others back, the first meeting between Lilly and Lachlan what a hoot look out for it, i had a huge grin on my face and chuckled like mad.

As a couple Talan and Lilly are brilliant they mesh so well together there chemistry was sublime i adore the build up with there romance.

My Favourite excerpt from the book just shows you the depth of emotion Michelle can bring to life between her characters.

” he waited until her eyes met his before he said, But I know you feel it too.”

” Talan had been her rock. Her North star.

if you like sexy Vampires you have scored with this book not only will you be getting that but you will enter a whole new world of uniqueness.

Michelle please tell me Lachlan will get his own book because this reviewer is lusting after his gorgeous self…..

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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