I was Kindly gifted an ARC of this amazing book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

The minute i saw the cover for this book i was hooked I have tried other MC Books in the past and have never got on well with them but from the moment i started reading this book i was lost and no one was getting me out of this book.

In a small but busy Kansas town Librarian Jaycee is a voluptuous curvy girl who really needs to get out let her hair down and have some fun! Along with her two best friend, Stacy and Noelle, they venture out to a newly renovated bar with mysterious new owners.

This was just supposed to be a fun night out. But Jay finds so much more than what she bargained for, When the Demon Rebels MC walk through the front door of the bar, and a quarrel between herself and one of the members has the President and VP right in Jaycee’s face about what is expected from any women in THEIR bar.

Her? A biker bunny? No freaking way!

Steel and Onyx don’t know what to think of this sexy curvy firecracker of a woman all they can think of is that they want her…… Badly and In there bed between them…… Pronto

She just cant get these two sexy Bikers out of her mind, she cant help giving in to her lustful feelings every time she thinks of them, Jaycee decide once and for all she has to put them to the test, will they live up to her dreams? or be something out of this world.

Now she has allowed her dreams to become reality, she unleashes a nightmare that only Steel and Onyx can help her through. But will Jaycee be able to swallow her pride and ask for a little help?

This Book is amazing not only do i love the way Rayne writes but i love the way she uses POV for her characters i always find it means you can connect to each character on a deeper level. There is so much i want to say about this book but i cant spoil it for you all, trust me when i say this book has it all. Watch out for the delightful twists which even i didn’t see coming.

Normally i can choose which of the characters i loved the most but i find myself in a dilemma …… i just cant choose, so we have the gorgeous Jaycee she has the most awesome funny friends who i can totally relate to.

” About Damn time hooker i was about to leave your ass hear,” Stacy says with a wink”

She is also a great pool player and she has so much sass and gumption i bout near peed myself when she stuck up for herself against Jackal …. i just love her.

Now Onyx he is super sexy stubborn to a fault does things without asking drives Jaycee insane in life and in bed and doesn’t hold back from protecting what is his, i loved the show of emotions from him and insecurities that popped up, it made him even sexier to me.

Steele meow he sure got my pulse racing he is Sinfully sex just as protective and stubborn but has a slightly softer edge to him, Which of course had me smiling. man o man that shower scene will leave you seriously fanning yourself.

Can you now see my dilemma? we also met some great secondary characters Wood, Caveman , Tech and a few others i just loved Wood not only did his name make me laugh but his bratty but cute/sexy attitude, and his nickname for Jaycee smile emoticon ….. mmm i wonder what nickname i would get.

Watch out for the A hole bad guy, omg the nerve of this guy i was seriously thinking of ways i could get revenge on him How Dare he mess with Jaycee …….. ( cleansing breath )

Now for a favourite excerpt of mine.

” Hope to see you again,
I’d love to get that ass of
yours all pink to match your
Blushing face.”

Overall im totally in love with this book it so deserves to be on the best sellers list, Please Rayne we need more of these books …… hears me hoping and prayingsmile emoticon

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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