Dreamwalkers Duo

I was kindly gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

I just no when i pick up Gracie Meadows book that it will be an amazing read you cannot go wrong with her books at all Gracie books are a dream to read, She is a truly gifted writer and i cannot stop gushing enough about her.

This book one of the Hidden Pack series and OMG what a book.

Becky Butler lives in a very small town of Misty Falls, And being juts a quiet simple girl, that works at the local coffee shop, and she also writes articles for the local paper. People do tend to avoid her seeing as she is the daughter of the police chief. And of course he happens to be the pack Alpha as well. But Luckily she does have two amazing best friends whom she shares everything with as well as her most deepest secret. But Becky believes that no one will truly ever accept her for who and what she really is, and after being burnt By love once she is resigned to not fall in love again and guard her heart.

Dmitri and Nikolai Daciani have been as good as there word and have been staying under the radar since the very day they were both told that they were the chosen ones of the prophesy. After all the constant moving around to avoid danger and any detection, they both take up jobs as police officers in a small town in South Carolina. These brothers had of course learned a heck of a lot in their ninety odd years, but nothing could have prepared them for this the spunky, shy, sexy, small blonde with blue eyes that could melt all there worries away. Their world as they both no it is turned upside down and back to front, And all they can do is hold on tight as they will never turn away from her. She is theirs! and theirs alone and if it means facing off with this evil that is trying to end the prophesy before it can set the magical and shifter world right once again they plan on being the men for this very job.

Murder comes to this quiet town and runs amok now answers are needed asap to solve these riddles left behind. Becky’s own dreams become real just like a horror story and the men must be able to stop the murders before they finally come for her.

Will Becky’s very own secret be her undoing? Or will her secret as well as other, be the key to vanquish all evil.

But most importantly will love conquer all?

OMG I loved this book it is amazing and everyone needs to read it like its a must!

This book is funny as well as being amazingly Hawt and every single page had me wanting and panting for more Gracie knows how to weave a magic spell over us her readers and always leaves us wanting more.

Like for instance my favourite scene which had me in stitches.

The silence in the room was almost unbearable to deal with
but on cue, Millie blurted out,”well fuck me, that is a hell
of a thing to deal with. i say we drop a house on the damn
witch and then go shoe shopping
because red is not Becky’s colour”

The room erupted in to laughter and all things
evil seemed to be put in to a different category.
I just have to add how much i fell in love with Dmitri and Nikolai they are so fierce and loyal and ever so sexy as well as sinfully delightful between the sheets.

I Love you Gracie and i just wish i could give you more than 5 stars as your books are well worth more.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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