Get Lucky

I Received a copy of this book from Netgalley for my honest thoughts and a review.

This was a fun pact sizzling anthology with 6 juicy stories to get your teeth in too i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nicola Marsh brings you a heart warming sexy tale to life and brings out the inner aww in you.

Finn is a young man on his own in Australia, Unfortunately Finn is just not a tough guy, Poor Finn is having a hard time of it not only has he had his money stolen but his passport as well. Finn almost takes on a group of undesirables when out of no where he is saved by Kye. a street smart tough angry man with a kind heart. he sees something in Finn and senses he needs a friend as well as a job and a place to stay. enter Ellie the tough and very smart ballsy bar owner, who is unsure about Finn but gets talked in to helping him.

Can Finn convince Ellie that age is but a number and that his love is true?

Kelsey Brownings brings another hot sizzling story to life.

Liv left her home town and her high school romance for her career. which she know has and one with a very successful erotic romance author Sadie Leigh. But liv wants more and sets out to prove to Sadie just that.

With an exclusive garden party planned for Selection of Sadie Leigh bloggers and friends, Liv needs allot of help and fast to change a ramshackled garden in to a haven but of course with a twist. and who better to help her than old flame Cody.

Cody is all grown up now and hotter than hades, he knows this is the second chance that he has always needed.

Robin Covington Brings to life Leighton and Jonas, out of all the books this one struck a cord with me and my emotions.

Leighton is stranded in the airport and her flight is cancelled with no where to go she rings her brother who sends help in the form of Jonas. her new years one night stand. when she sees him she feels guilty for leaving him, with no hotels free she has to spend the night with Jonas.

Leighton has the strength that Jonas needs right now can they both realise it.

Avery Flynn brings a modern day spin on Red Riding hood, this was one of the books i could not quiet get in to for some reason. even though it was well written.

Red she runs a massive fencing operation for all sorts of fairytale treasures out of the back of Granny’s Pub. But when she comes into possession of the Caladbolg sword things get dicey,Its the one possession that sexy hot Liam MacTíre the werewolf needs.

Sara Humphreys weaves a spell and brings to life these wonderful characters.

Declan was Banished to the mirrored realm for hundreds of years, he has had nothing but time to plot his revenge and mourn his wife. But then a stunning human woman, with a very familiar amulet, stares into the very mirror he is in…. is Declan’s luck about to change for good.

This book leaves you on a cliffhanger it would have been nice to have more chapters to this story.

Kimberly Kincaid sizzling cooking romance is hot to handle.

Sasha is thrown a huge curve ball, her twin is getting married and not only that but in Ireland. with a cynical view on love and marriage Sasha is dreading this event especially seeing her divorced parents… and there spouses. so she gets some help in the form of her culinary school partner Sully who can act as her boyfriend and take the pressure of her, But Sully doesn’t want to act he wants this for real.

overall a fantastic lot of books to read and well worth any price set as there are such fantastic authors in this anthology.

5 Out of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books

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