Winter Wonderland A O Malley Christmas

I want to thank Michelle McLoughney for Kindly gifting me an ARC of this wonderful book.

We are back with the amazing O Malley family just the family you want to be around at Christmas Time, This is book two of Michelle McLoughney heart warming romantic series, If you haven’t read book one Juice The O Malleys i highly suggest you do as once you read Juice you will be hooked like i am.

In book two we meet the lovely Tess O’Malley all she really wants is a family of her own. To find Mr Right. Surely its not that hard or Is it? Maybe the one she’s looking for is right there already.

All Burke Nason wants is the lovely Tess who he has known all his life. but does he want to jeopardize their friendship by making a move? Or Maybe it’s time to change all that.

Will Burke and Tess get it together in time for Christmas? Will they find there happily ever after?

I am so hooked on Michelle, Her stories are pure magic this reviewer surely knows i will be a life long fan of hers,

As with book one Michelle’s style of writing immediately reels you in i fell in love with the characters who couldn’t, And little Lucy awww what a sweetheart she is so lucky to have an amazing dad like Burke,

i have a number of favourite parts in this book but the two that stand out are when Lucy asks her dad to do her hair in the way all her friends have it so he asks Tess if he can practice on her, i had the immediate awww affect from reading this it made my heart melt,

The part that made me laugh out loud the most and am sure it will make other readers do the same was when Tess is reminiscing about her ex and a particular one where her cousins sent a lovely picture message to him of a cow doing what cows do, * i wont spoil it for you readers but am sure you can get what i mean * 🙂 but this interjected some brilliant witty humour.

There is nothing in this book that i did not like in fact i loved it all every single page, After all what more could you ask for at Christmas but all of this and an amazing family to boot, Can i have one of The O Malley men please Michelle 😉

I cannot wait to read the next instalment from The O Malleys

If you love such writers as Diana Palmer or Nora Roberts STOP as you have now found your new reading Nirvana and her name is Michelle McLoughney.

Proceeds go to an amazing cause.

5 Out of 5

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