Juice The O Malleys

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Get your tissues ready for a Romance unlike no other Michelle McLoughney leads you on an emotional journey of loss life and true love.

When one life ends another begins, especially for two families on the ill fated day of April 23rd , when Harry Evans tragically passes away due to a tragic car accident. He gives a gift like no other a double lung transplant to Aoife O Malley who has Cystic fibrosis. Things change for both families through the years as we are taken to them three years later where Rory O Malley is on a mission to help Aoife to find her donors family. What starts as a journey ends up with Rory coincidentally meeting Cassidy, who is struggling three years on to find her way.

Cass is now an artistic consultant in London hoping for her next consultation when Rory appears bringing a new problem to her horizon. She feels attraction unlike no other to him her new client, Rory has his own secret that he is hiding, and not just the obvious attraction to Cass but the truth of why he really wants to not just help Cass but his sister Aoife.

This book has been so tastefully and well respectfully written i was amazed at how much emotion the prologue brought out in me, Rory was a real trooper through out this book; the true love he had for his sister, the willingness to do anything he could for her made me want to be part of his family and to have him fight my corner as well. Rory is a great business man but most of all a family man. i loved the way the characters all worked well together. I adored Rory Grandmother she made me laugh a lot. This story kept me on the edge of my seat trying to predict what would happen next.

My favourite part of the book was when Rory and Cass are talking about Harry’s death, I, myself, was truly taken in by the depth of this authors writing and the way her words made me feel through Cass and Rory conversation.

” He looked at Cass and wanted to take away her pain, it surprised him how deeply she affected him, he didnt even no her and yet something deep inside of him seemed to listen to her hearts rhythm.

through out the book i very much enjoyed the Irish proverbs which were a joy and a chuckle to read.

“Here’s to a long life and a merry one”.
“A quick death and an easy one”.
“A pretty girl and an honest one”.
“A cold pint and another one!”

There is nothing at all about this book that i disliked. the only tiny thing i could not get is why the book is named Juice? strange but the content of this marvellous story truly makes up for the title,

Book one of The O Malley series is masterful and sure to bring in the masses of romance readers, for this touching and loving book i recommend this as Adult read only and for anyone that has gone through what Rory and Cass have experienced. I am sure you will love the way Michelle McLoughney has brought this book to life. If anyone loves Authors such as Christine Feehan or Emma Holly you will be taken in by Rory and Cass story. This Reviewer cannot wait for the next story from the O Malleys series.

5 out of 5 Fangs

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