The Hansons

Book 1

Two lovers a year? Just right for a busy career woman. Until she meets her biggest competition and her greatest love…
As a top-class divorce lawyer, eldest Hanson sister, Brianna, has seen the worst of relationships. Add to that her father abandoning the family when she was just a child, and marriage and children are off the cards. She figures she has things just right to keep her satisfied until her hormones head for the grave. At least until she meets Cole. His loveless childhood has left him craving a relationship and family. He wants to give his future children everything he never had. He wants that with Brianna and he can be every bit as stubborn as she is. When an unusual complication pits them against one another, it takes a dog named Ollie, some advice from an unexpected source and some painful home truths to steer them on the path to happiness.
Brianna’s siblings, Skye, Hannalore and twin brothers, suave Luke and hunky Brock, share their stories in future books. Travel from a Los Angeles plastic surgery office to a busy soap opera writing room and even a safari lodge in Africa, as you follow their journeys to love. Mom, Sarah, is the glue that holds them all together, despite facing challenges of her own. With Luke and Brock constantly at odds, Hannalore guarding a family secret, and Skye finding a new path to love, Sarah has her hands full. Sexy, successful, stubborn and sassy, you’ll soon feel part of the family.

Book 2

Her husband is gay. Her new man is gorgeous. One is her best friend. She’s falling in love with the other…
Everyone loves Skye’s husband Jaimie…and everyone knows he’s gay! Why are they together? Does she know he’s gay? Is she still a virgin? Will she ever need more?
Skye has to ask herself what a girl’s to do when she’s finally ready to explore her sexuality but her husband is gay. As Head Writer on a popular soap opera, she is drawn to the new stuntman on set. Zach Madrigal screams sex appeal and he screams danger. But though she’s found a hunky new man in Zach, she doesn’t want to lose her best friend.
Is Skye brave enough to navigate her way out of her comfortable marriage and face her own truth? Is her husband, Jaimie, ready to do the same? Does Zach need her as much as she needs him? And how will she handle a family bombshell her sister Hannah is about to drop on her? All this in between planning sister Brie’s engagement party, getting a promotion, and coming to the rescue of a forgotten diva.
Youngest Hanson sister, Skye, continues the family saga. Her siblings, twin brothers—suave Luke and hunky Brock, share their stories in future books, along with sister Hannah. Travel from a Los Angeles plastic-surgery office to a safari lodge in Africa, as you follow their journeys to love. Mom, Sarah, is the glue that holds them all together, despite facing challenges of her own. With Luke and Brock constantly at odds and Hannalore chasing a family secret, Sarah has her hands full.

Book 3

The hotshot plastic surgeon who flits from woman to woman can’t possibly fall for a down-to-earth nurse, can he? Becca is everything Luke needs in a nurse and everything he doesn’t want in a partner—straight-talking, committed, and not afraid to tackle the hard stuff—the stuff he never wants to face, the truth about himself that he’ll never be able to run from. After all, he’s a doctor, he knows you can’t escape your genes. Still, he can’t get Becca out of his mind and his dreams and somehow he keeps finding her in his bed!
There’s nothing about him Becca likes—not his reputation, nor his chosen profession. Pity he’s so delicious, so kind when he’s around his family, so caring when it really matters. But she’s nothing like the women he usually dates. He could never find her attractive. And she’s got a past that could get her fired on the spot.
Everything’s stacked against them, yet they are irresistibly drawn to one another. An unexpected illness, old wounds between brothers, new ones with his mother, a family wedding and the magic of Mexico might just pave their path to love.

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