Cheeky’s Legacy

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RELEASE DATE: September 28, 2018

GENRE: Avid Book, MF Contemporary, Erotic Fantasy, Science Fiction, BDSM Romance.

WORD COUNT: 64,975 words

PAGE COUNT: 256 pages


Rachael used the avatar, Cheeky, online in the many sex and spanking chat rooms she explored. When the brilliant scientist took ill, she created AI Cheeky to care for Doc and their new age spa set in the wild California coastal mountains, where events that sweep the world in altered consciousness often begins. When the naughty AI computer decides the President needs a good

spanking, trouble grows. First, Cheeky must lure Brandy, that nosy redheaded reporter, to the spa, so she can meet her perfect match in Doc.

With Doc now quite distracted, Cheeky sets out to see how a dose of the strap restores virtue to the delinquent Republic. The spa residents feel her immerging reign of spank power as they bring paddle to bear in curing melancholy, addiction, longing and so many other maladies.

Romance gives way to magic, as the spiritual force of the spa awakens the old gods. Cheeky and her followers set forth to create more perfect unions among men, women and an unsuspecting nation.


Brandy thought she looked smart. Pin-striped blue-to-gray formal women’s business outfit, as uniform as any corporate attorney. At 5’1 and 26 years of age she felt any edge by dress an advantage. Hence the heels.

She specifically arranged a rental with voice-controlled internet.

Once clearly free of Monterey airport, she voiced it on. “Tony,” she called.

“Here, Littleone,” came the mercifully prompt response.

“Better get used to calling me Brandy.”

“Yes, Brandy.”

“And you.” She hoped to learn his non-screen name.


“Are you there?”

“I’m here, Brandy.”

“Will I see you?”

“It’s not exactly like that,” Tony replied.

“Are you at Spanktown?”

“Best not to call them that, Brandy.”

“Okay, are you there?”

Pause. “Yes, but you won’t see me.”

“Is there a way I’d know you?”

“I’ll be watching out for you,” was the only reply.

Brandy let it go a minute. “Can you tell them where I am?”

“Yes, Brandy, I’ll let them know. You are about twenty minutes out.”

She paused. “Are they still angry?” She asked.

“A little. Just be yourself, and everything will work out, but probably best not to mention me.”

Brandy drove on in silence. She was long past the blue bay now, well into the rolling hills that gave way to the famed Ventana Wilderness. She came to the staid original gatehouse and was politely waved through. From the first, she knew something was wrong.

“Tony, you told me the place was a dump!”

She waited, clearing the entry, gardened grounds opening before her. Stately old hotel set further back.

“I wrote that!” she hollered. Only then did she see a gathering of people looking at her car, the reception team.

“Well,” Tony’s voice explained, “it is compared to what I hope for it someday.”

“I’m in so much trouble,” Brandy shrieked before composing herself. “Remember, you are an adult,” she recited to herself three times before opening the door.

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David and Teddi Baggins have been married for more than a quarter century. They sailed around the world together, with David lecturing world affairs for Semester at Sea. They have driven their van Silver on countless adventures throughout the Americas. They raised two children together.

David is Professor Emeritus at California State University in Political Science. He is the author of three books in public affairs: Knowledge as Power; Drug Hate and the Corruption of American Justice; and The Question of Privacy in Public Policy.

Teddi is a software engineer who has spent much time with intelligence, artificial and other. They reside in Berkeley, California, where insane is simply ordinary. Their dog Rosie is the inspiration for Kiki, also a corgi. They love to chat about books, travel and life.


Q: What inspired you to start writing?

A – D: Imagination. I just can’t shut it off. Beyond that we have something to say. Life and love can be lived in a higher state of awareness, we are inspired to bring that to our books.

T: Reading to my children, especially Harry Potter. I used different voices for each character, and it was really fun and natural for me. Together with our dear book club we explored many genres of literature. I never really thought of myself as a writer, but the process of writing with David happened organically, and I am tickled to find myself here.

Q: What was your childhood career dream?

A – D: Professor of Political Science, which I am (emeritus). But at some point I found politics deeply dissatisfying. Writing is delightful.

T: To be a well-travelled wife and mother. Our children grew, and I needed another project to fill my time. We bought a van, and increased our wandering in this country and around the world. Somewhere in Canada (there is a lot of Canada) I said to David “Where you really want to be is Spanktown” and we began drafting this novel for our own amusement.

Q: What do you like to do when not writing?

A: Love my wife Teddi, play with our dog Rosie, take our van Silver out on long trips, hike about 2,000 miles a year, enjoy the San Francisco bay area, laugh at Berkeley, laugh at Democrats, groan over Republicans, sail the amazing places, sail around the world teaching for Semester at Sea, eat great, cook, read, listen to music, find hot springs, boat, bike… OMG there is so much to do! Bored is not an issue, unless it’s mandatory by duty. Guard against that!

Q: Which Author(s) inspire you and your writing?

A: Anne Rice, Roger Zelazny, J.R.R. Tolkien,

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Philip Pullman, J.K. Rowling, Mary Shelley, Mary Doria Russell

Q: What is an everyday writing life for you like?

A: A perfect day cuddling in bed an hour, we have already started chatting the book, a conversation that lasts the day long, having coffee in the hot tub, reading the news as she sets breakfast, then settling to write about two hours. First draft is always most fun, that’s when ideas flow and all is possible. Teddi sets up in her day room, me in mine. She begins reading and changing what I wrote. We take a break together and take our corgi for a walk. We talk about many things, but the novel is always delicious to brainstorm about. We may lunch out, Berkeley for all its weirdness is second to none in cuisine diversity. Second writing session, often we do a little dance in celebration of a good twist or amusing prose. Now we are looking for a good end moment for the day’s effort. We make love and center ourselves, chatting many things but always back to the novel, we may go out for theater or music that evening, certainly another walk. Writing adds to all the day’s joys.

Q: What is the hardest part about writing for you?

A: Stopping. I get so lost in the imaginary world it’s hard to get back to what’s called real. Balancing how much we want to move the story against how much we want to reach for consciousness sharing moments with the reader.

Q: Which book was your debut release?

A: Cheeky’s Legacy is David’s fourth book. The other three are academic publications and while we are all too glad to chat about them, probably not of interest to all. Cheeky is the computer that runs a health, love and spanking spa in California. She gets big ideas of what is next, and gives the President the spanking he so richly deserves. It’s a sensuous fun romp. It marks the beginning of a new phase in our life.

Q: Which troupe would you never write?

A – D: Never say never. We are curious where this change in life brings us. Looking forward to new experiences.

T: Our lives are touched by so many. We have friends and family of many races and religions, straight, gay, bi, trans, furry. Vanilla is probably the only troupe too boring to write about.

Q: Tell us about the book published by Avid and your writing process for it.

A: Teddi and I have spent much time in the hot spring communities of California. These are interesting alternative life places with people who deeply believe that they can change the world with meditation, or psychedelics, or massage or something. We based our spa on spankings, which add so much depth to relationships. From there the characters each had their say. At the heart of writing is getting the characters to the point where they speak for themselves. Then you sit back and let them perform. When they get stuck, writer returns to set up the next vignette, waiting again for the characters to seize control. Never tell us they aren’t real, we hear them all the time.

Q: Which character was the hardest for you to write in the book published by Avid.

A – T: Brandy. We really didn’t focus on the romance between Nick and Brandy until late in the process. She was the important social media communication to let the world know about Center.

D: Lilly. She is the softest and most vulnerable character. She is the sensitive who most genuinely feels the dormant magic and opens the door to wonder.

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