Thumbwars E-book Cover



RELEASE DATE: August 20, 2018

GENRE: Avid Book, Contemporary MF, New/Young Adult, Urban Fiction

WORD COUNT: 66,480 words

PAGE COUNT: 242 pages


Thumbwars is a fictional story about Richard, a young American adult who, believing himself responsible for his brother’s shooting, flees to Ghana, his parents’ native African country. Before leaving home, Richard ends his relationship with his girlfriend, Sheila.

Through the interplay of dreams and flashbacks, he confronts not only his problematic family dynamics, but also a life-altering romantic liaison with his white female English teacher.

Believing himself to be James Dean, Richard finds false comfort in a fleeting view of himself. He, in turn, projects an image of his English teacher upon Sheila, preventing him from “seeing” and loving her. In Africa, Richard abandons the mythical perceptions he holds of both himself and Sheila. Empowered with both a new conception of his self-image and his own definition of love, Richard returns home with the hope he and Sheila will be able to reconcile their differences.


It was my opportunity to say what only one other person in my life had ever told me before. Up until that point, I’d never said them to anyone before. However, before the turn on the dance floor was complete, I self-consciously looked away from Sheila’s eyes towards my feet.

Looking up, I hoped to recover Sheila’s eyes, once more. However, the eyes that now stared back at me belonged to another woman. Sheila had vanished completely, and in her place stood Ms. Opal, my high school senior English teacher.

It was the weekend following my high school graduation. Of the many Saturday night graduation parties, I attended Ms. Opal’s.

No longer in the presence of the other students who’d long since gone home, I was under the dimly lit sconces of Ms. Opal’s sitting room. Awkwardly, I moved not to the rhythm of the music but to the stern direction of her voice and the steady grip of her hand as she guided me through my first waltz. As always, the song came to an end and I was left standing alone. The silence frightened me.

Still alone in my apartment, I searched furiously for a new radio station. Beginning to bob my head back and forth, I listened to the inspiring sounds of Desiree as she sang, “You gotta’ be bad. You gotta’ be bold…” This song was so popular it was used as the theme song for a morning talk show.

“You gotta be.” What a strange string of words. The concept of being and existence has been under debate by philosophical pundits throughout the ages. I’d always wanted to believe that I couldn’t want to be; I just was. I could only be myself. How could I say that I’ve gotta be this way or that way if I was already one way?

On the subject of “being,” Sheila had said one thing, and Ms. Opal had said another. The words to the songs on the radio seem to fade as I tried finally to come to terms with what my mother had told me today.

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Published in the New York Times, Philadelphia-native Sam Nortey, Jr. is the author of Thumbwars, a literary novel of which excerpts have been published in SkyLine Magazine, American Fiction and Hackwriters, an exclusive literary journals/reviews.

Sam is also the co-author of American Showcase published in 2010 in Paris, France. This book has and continues to receive international coverage in the following print and e-publications: LE MONDE MAGAZINE, PHOTO, AZART PHOTO, IMAGES MAGAZINE, Le Chasseur d’Images, Humanistic Report, Parispopcorn, reportages photos, histoires deux vous et moi, Elmer-Photo, l’, Pikeo Blog, Suite 101, Culture Zap, Nikon Passion, Ma Belle Photo, Blog de la Photo, Blog Kodak, ActuPhoto.

A Harvard and London School of Economics graduate, Sam worked as an investment banker in New York and London before moving to Paris in 2001 to begin a new life in film and television production. He is currently working on several television and film projects as well as a new novel. An avid writer and storyteller, Sam has always been committed to education. A volunteer professor/professional coach of underprivileged youths in the USA and France, Samuel decided several years ago to leverage his love and passion for education, professional coaching, mentorship, writing, and business expertise by joining one of the world’s top MBA admissions consulting firms in 2012. Sam helped hundreds of successful MBA applicants, predominantly Asian and South East Asian natives, to gain admission via his one-on-one, highly personalized

application review/editing and interview coaching. He honed craft and skills that would later inspire him to found his own admission consultancy in 2014. Today, his college and MBA admission consulting training center proudly boasts a 95% applicant acceptance rate.

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